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How to Whiten Teeth Naturally?В В В В В

Sure, you want to look good when you smile but what do you do when those yellow stained teeth have refused to whiten up in spite of repeated efforts? A shinier pair of white teeth not only highlights and brings an added dimension to your face, but helps in enhancing your self-appeal as well. It also makes you attractive, healthy and younger. Who said it’s tough to have a nice bright wide smile? I say, it’s as easy as tough as it sounds. Read more to know how teeth gets yellow and how can you whiten teeth naturally.

Why Do Teeth Get Stained?

A lot of incorrect stuff that we do in our life daily puts a lot of our body parts at risk. We are unaware of how every small thing puts a pressure on the most vital elements of our body. But luckily yellowing of the teeth is not a sign of a serious medical condition. Of course it may be disheartening to feel like you have lost your flaunting whites, but you can definitely get your bright, white teeth back. Keep a track on what gives you those yellow teeth:

  • Medication – Some antibiotics and anti psychotic medications have side effects of staining your teeth
  • Old Age – As we age the strong white enamel on our teeth ages too, and leads to yellowing of the teeth.
  • Genes Factor – Genes and heredity factors play a big role in some people having more yellow teeth than others.
  • Oral hygiene – when you don’t routinely brush, floss and rinse your mouth, it leads to natural discoloration of the teeth.
  • Smoking Habits – Tobacco products stain teeth and darken them over time.
  • You have an illness – Sometimes treatments like chemotherapy affect the teeth enamel and discolor them in the long run.

How to Whiten Teeth Naturally

Home Remedies to Whiten Teeth Naturally:

Let’s look at some simple remedies that can give us that white bright smile:


Activated charcoal is a super remedy to help whiten teeth. It is perfectly safe to ingest and helps to remove those yellow stains caused by coffee, wine, plaque, etc. However, caution should be taken not to brush the teeth with charcoal every day as it can erase that enamel off your teeth. The best trick is to use charcoal with water to form a smooth paste and then let it sit there for 3 minutes. Doing this will whiten your teeth in about two weeks.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a very good antibacterial solution which helps remove the plaque from the teeth and helps whiten them. Just use some coconut oil every day and do an oil-pull, keeping the oil in your mouth and pushing it throughout in your mouth. Do this once every day for 5 minutes. See how quickly you whiten your teeth.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is an excellent agent to help whiten teeth, which is the main reason why it is widely used in the production of many types of toothpaste. When using baking soda, make sure you use it as just an extra polish once or twice every week. Using it to rub a lot can irritate your gums and take away the natural enamel. Use it mildly over your teeth and see how it helps whiten your teeth quickly.


You may think turmeric can only lead to turning your teeth yellow. But turmeric is a natural astringent that helps tighten gums and remove plaque from your teeth. It is also abrasive like baking soda so it helps to polish as well. You can use turmeric without any hesitation, once daily and see how quickly it helps whiten teeth.

Orange Peel

Orange peel has a high content of vitamin C, which helps fight the microorganisms and remove the plaque from the teeth. If using an orange peel sounds difficult, you can also use dried orange peel powder. Just rub orange peel mildly over your teeth before going to bed every night. Let it be there overnight before washing off with water in the morning. Do this every day and see how it helps whiten teeth and gives it a natural glow.


Salt is one of the most commonly used dental cleansing agents since ages. It also helps to replenish teeth with the lost mineral and helps to whiten them naturally. However, while using salt, make sure not to rub it excessively over the teeth as it can remove the natural enamel of the teeth.

Just use common salt to brush your teeth every morning rather than toothpaste. You can also brush your teeth with a mixture of salt and baking soda or salt and charcoal. Use it once daily and after 10 days you will be surprised how it helps whiten teeth almost instantly.


Lemon is a natural bleaching agent that helps to whiten off those teeth and removes any yellow discoloration that might have happened. To use a lemon, just mix a teaspoon of it with a little salt and rub it mildly over your gums and teeth. Let it sit for sometimes then wash off with water. You can twice daily. After two weeks you will be amazed to see it whitens teeth in such a simple way.


Eating a crunchy apple is as good as using a toothbrush to brush your teeth. Try and eat one or two apples every day to help remove the stains from the teeth and whiten them. Just try to eat it thoroughly so that its acidic nature and the fiber rich flesh get more time to work on the teeth. You can also eat other crunchy food items like carrots, cucumbers, and broccoli to help whiten teeth most naturally.


The leaves of basil are excellent in treating any gum disease apart from just whitening teeth. Basil leaves also help people get rid of pyorrhoea, an advanced form of periodontal disease. To use bail, just take a few leaves and dry them in the sun. After they have dried, just blend them to make a smooth powder and then mix the powder with your toothpaste to brush daily. You can also make a smooth paste of basil leaves and use wit with mustard oil to massage your teeth. Doing it daily will help whiten teeth in about 10 days, giving it a natural shine.


Using margosa is one of the best remedies to enjoy white, healthy teeth. It has amazing astringent and antiseptic properties which help get rid of bad breath as well dental cavities. The best way is to sue margosa twigs to brush your teeth every day. You can also mix margosa oil with your toothpaste and then use this mixture to brush your teeth every day. Margosa is one of the best remedies being used since the olden days and doctors swear by it to help whiten your teeth and protect it from any tooth problems.

Banana Peel

It will sound weird, but you can use banana peels in place of those whitening strips to whiten teeth the way you want. Banana has a large amount of potassium, manganese, and magnesium, which protects the teeth and helps to remove any kind of stains from them.

To use a banana, just take a perfectly ripe banana and cut a small rectangle from its peel. Not use this peel to rub your teeth mildly for two minutes every morning. Brush your teeth with toothpaste after this. Do this once daily for two weeks and you will be surprised to see the results on your teeth. It helps whiten teeth easily and naturally.


Strawberries have a high content of vitamin C which helps whiten teeth almost naturally. Just take a few strawberries and blend them together to make a smooth paste. Now rub this paste gently over your teeth twice daily for two weeks.В After two weeks see how your teeth glow and brighten, strawberries help whiten teeth by taking off the yellow stains completely from them.

You can also mix one or two strawberries with baking soda (1/2 teaspoon) and then apply this paste to your teeth. Let it sit for some time and then wash it off.В Follow this by brushing your teeth with toothpaste. See how your teeth glow after a week and you will get rid of any yellowish tinge most effectively.

Hydrogen Peroxide

The mild bleaching effect of hydrogen peroxide helps to get rid of the yellow stains and whitens teeth in a short time. Use a mouthwash which contains hydrogen peroxide daily. Gargle with it well and take care not to swallow it. You can also make a paste of hydrogen peroxide with baking soda and mildly rub it over your teeth. Do this once every day. See how it helps whiten teeth giving it that perfect glow.

Take precaution not to use hydrogen peroxide in excessive amount, as it damages your gums and makes your teeth sensitive.

These simple remedies will go a long way in strengthening your teeth and whiten them naturally. Before opting for any other artificial methods, try your hand at these simple do’s and see how your teeth shine and glow better than they ever were.