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How to Take Off Acrylic Nails Yourself at Home?

How we all love to get these acrylic nails done up at the salon every now and then, they definitely are the crazy trendsetters of the season. Whether it’s a festival, a birthday, a party or an opportunity to go on a vacation, we just need one single excuse to flaunt those acrylic nails on our fingers. The best thing about them is you can just choose any design and color that you want and even the headache of re-coating them again and again doesn’t exist anywhere. However, it is here that the problem lies. They are put on the fingers with strong adhesives and the coating is so permanent that it becomes really difficult to take off acrylic nails.

Acrylic Nails: Know More

Acrylic nails are available in various shapes and sizes and you may choose any design and nail color that you may like. These nail colors are permanent too, and it is not easy to get rid of them. These acrylic nails stick to the original nails with a special glue or adhesive and stick really hard with the strong glue used to bind them. This is the reason why taking off acrylic nails can be really troublesome and can damage your original nails as well if proper care and precautions are not taken.

Problems With Acrylic Nails:

When your natural nails grow a gap can develop between your acrylic nails and your original nails, since this gap is moist and open it can lead to infection if care is not taken.

  • An infection can also occur if the nails are too long or rigid or applied with unsanitary tools.
  • If care is not taken, you might also have an allergic reaction to any of the adhesives used to stick acrylic nails. Redness, swelling and pus are some of the indications of a serious nail infection.

How to Take Off Acrylic Nails Yourself at Home

Ways to Take Off Acrylic Nails Yourself at Home:

Apply the below home remedies which are to take off acrylic nails at home. Believe me, there are really not hard to practice:

Dental Floss

For this method you need a helper with you, ask your friend or your family members to come across and lend a hand.

  • Ask your helper to hold the dental floss and enter from between your acrylic nails and originals nails. Keep moving your finger as the helper tries to penetrate the dental floss through the nails.
  • Given an upward movement to the nails and the dental floss and pull it up in a slight manner. Ask your helper to be a little gentle and not to push the dental floss too hard or apply too much pressure.
  • Keep doing this till the nails come off. It might take you 10-15 minutes. But this is a very quick and easy method to take offВ those acrylic nails. It has widely been used by most people to get those acrylic nails removed without visiting a salon.

Warm Water

This is an extremely safe and easy method to take off acrylic nails. Just take some water and heat it. However, make sure that it’s not too hot. Just heat it enough so that it’s comfortably warm to your skin. Now pour the water in a bowl and soak your nails in it. Soak for about 10-15 minutes. The water helps to dissolve the adhesive used to stick the acrylic nails and helps to loosen them up. As you remove your hands out of the water and take those nails out, they will come off easily from your original nails.

It is important to apply a good moisturizer or a cream, on your nails immediately after this method. The warm water makes the nails dry and makes them suffer. Do this the next time you want to take off your acrylic nails and notice how easily they come off.

Petroleum Jelly

This is an effective method to take off acrylic nails as well.

  • First, start by trimming your nails well. Trimming helps them to loosen up and quickens the process of taking off those acrylic nails. However, take care not to hurt yourself.
  • Now take some acetone and fill a bowl with the acetone. Set it aside.
  • Take a file and buffer your nails and remove the gloss. Don’t focus on one spot, but move it through all around on your nails. Remove all the dust after this process.
  • Take some petroleum jelly and use it well on and around your nails. Apply it well on the skin around your nails so that your nails are protected. Dip your hands in the acetone solution now and let them be there for about 15- 20 minutes. This process helps to loosen up the adhesive and stimulates the removal of acrylic nails.
  • When you take your hand out from this solution take off those acrylic nails gently. If they are still having trouble coming out, put your hands back in the acetone solution.
  • Wash your hands well with water after this. If you see any gel in your nails, you can easily take it out with the help of a buffer stuck here. Apply olive oil well on your nails and hands after this method. This is a wonderful remedy to take off acrylic nails.

Acrylic Nail Kit

If you don’t like to try home remedies at home, then just go ahead and buy an acrylic nail kit for yourself. It is easily available at any chemist shop and is well equipped with all the necessary items like clippers, acetone, cotton balls, buffing stick and hand cream etc.

When taking help from an acrylic kit, make sure you have towels handy to continuously wipe your hand after removing the nail polish from all the nails. After the removal method, make sure you use a good quality moisturizer of lotion to apply nicely over your nails and hands. Taking off acrylic nails can leave your hands and nails dry, so always use a lotion or hand cream to massage your nails well after using any remedy.


Using acetone to take off acrylic nails is a very affordable, effective and easy method to be tried at home. If used the correct way, it is one of the best ways to take off acrylic nails easily, at home without shelling a huge amount at the salon.

  • Take 10 small pieces of foil, big enough to wrap your nails. Now take a few cotton balls and wet them with the acetone. Make sure you are using a good quality acetone and not a cheap brand as that damages the nails.
  • Now place the cotton balls over your nails and wrap them nicely with the foil. Let the foil and the cotton balls sit over your nails for at least 20 minutes. Do not open them at all at this time.
  • Now remove the foil and the cotton balls softly and take an orange wood stick to pickle the acrylic nails off your original nails. As they come off apply a good quality cream or moisturizer to your nails.
  • Ideally, in one sitting the nails should come off, but if some traces are left you can redo this method the second time to take off all the acrylic nails.

Clipping Nails

Start by trimming your nails as much as you can. Start doing it slowly and steadily. Make sure you don’t harm yourself if the nails are too thick. You can use a nail file to trim those nails if trimming a thick nail is a problem with a nail cutter.

  • Now use a buffer tool and file down each of your nails using the coarse side. Continue to file off till the acrylic nail become a thin layer and continue this process till you have filed off as much as possible. You have already stimulated the nail removal process with these steps.
  • Now, take a cuticle stick and use it to pry up the edge of your acrylic nail. Once you pry up, place the cuticle scissors under the edge and try to remove the nail slowly. Don’t take it all out forcefully as that could harm you. Continue the process till the nail comes off and continue doing it for each and every nail.
  • Use a nail buffer to remove and left over of the adhesive and trim and file your nails to get the desired shape. Apply a little olive oil after this method. This is one of the best methods to take off acrylic nails fast.

Precautions to be Taken:

  • Always make sure you visit a good quality salon to get your acrylic nails applied. There are many cheap parlors in the market as well these days which charge really less and use bad quality products and adhesives to apply those acrylic nails. More so these salons don’t use proper hygiene and visiting them can only do more damage to your nails.
  • When you try to take off acrylic nails at home, be patient and learn about the method well. Don’t try to take off those acrylic nails forcefuly. That is just bound to do more damage to your nails. If you ever see any kind of infection, swelling or redness developing near your nails, don’t waste time to contact a doctor immediately.
  • Never ever try to snap off the tip of your acrylic nails just because you have grown too tired of them. Never try to file away the hardened acrylic paste too all at once. That can damage your original nails and can take out the natural enamel and shine from your nails.
  • If you think you are not confident with the above home remedies and you are allergic to acetone as well, then it is best advised to visit the same salon you visited to get them applied. It may be a little heavier on your pocket but then anyways, you spent a considerable amount getting them done as well. And spending here to take them off is just for your own good.