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Survival kit for students

Survival kits for students have become very popular these days. These kits are essentially paper bags full of goodies that are full of fun and help in making a student relax and cope with all the stress that awaits him during the first few days of school of college. Ingredients in a survival kit can vary from life saving drugs to delicious cookies and from crayons to tissue papers. The main purpose behind gifting survival kits to students is to cheer them up and to make them happy and comfortable when they are going to a school or college. Here is a list of some of the most popular items found in student survival kits.

Coffee sachets - These coffee bags are meant to help a student in combating the stress and to prepare him for his early morning classes.

Paperclips - Paperclips are given to students to hold their important papers and files together. These paperclips help students in becoming more organized and also to make sure that they do not lose their important documents when going to the college for the first time.

Crayons - A pack of crayons is mostly found in a student survival kit. These crayons are symbolic in nature and meant to uplift the spirits of students. They remind them of their bright and colourful future.

Latex balloons - Latex balloons are there inside a student survival kit to cheer up and to remind that graduation day is not too far away. These balloons keep students motivated to complete their studies and be ready for celebrations.

Safety pins - A packet of safety pins in a student survival kit is a handy tool for students for zipping a short or a trouser. It cna be used for many other purposes and reminds students about their safety in the school or college.

Rubber band - Rubber bands are always found inside a student survival kit. These rubber bands are not only very useful but also remind students to remain flexible in trying and challenging situations in life.

Laffy Taffy - Laffy Taffy is a chewing gum that is placed inside a student survival kit. It is not only tasty but also reminds students that they should not forget about fun and laughter during their student life.

Mega Smarty Lollipop - These are lollies that are sweet and tasty. In a student survival kit, these lollies are there to remind students that they are smart.

Gum - A gum tube is mostly found in student survival kit. It is not just a handy tool to stick things together but also to remind students that should stick it out with others.

First aid kit - A first aid kit is an essential part of a student survival kit. It not only comes handy when a student is injured but also reminds him that life is full of surprises and that he should always be prepared.

Throat sweets - Throat sweets are there to provide relief from sore throat. They remind students that they cannot escape from having a sore throat because of shouting during parties and in matches involving their favourite sporting teams.

Condoms - Condoms are a must in a student survival kit. These condoms come handy for students during an emergency and also remind them that need to think about personal safety during chance encounters with opposite sex.

Paracetamol and ibuprofen - These are common pain killers and tablets to get relief from fevers that are a common part of student life.

Pack of cards - Card games are very popular among students and they are also a great time pass.

These are just a few of the things that can be kept inside a student survival kit. There are many more that you can include depending upon your budget and liking.