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How to Stop Smoking?

In this article, we will discuss ways to stop smoking. It is estimated that between 44 and 46 million people smoke and this is known as one of the most difficult habits to kick. It is one of the worst habits to affect us and tends to suck out the happiness out of lives, affecting not just our personal relationships but also our mind, body, and soul to a great extent. Almost all smokers admit to trying to quit at least once without success and many have attempted to quit two or more times. Cigarette smoking is a habit that a lot of people succumb to due to peer pressure, media influences, misinformation of physical effects, etc. in today’s high stress, fast paced environment.

Once it becomes habitual in nature, smoking becomes very hard to give up. But the best thing is there are many different natural ways to stop smoking that you can try without thinking twice. It seems like a hard task, but smoking is actually one of the easiest habits to give up. The natural methods work best in order to stop smoking because these do not involve pumping more nicotine into your bloodstream and as an added bonus, these can be combined so you can use as many as necessary to kick the habit for good.

ways to stop smoking

Smoking Addiction: Know More

Smoking is an awful habit to adopt in your life. It is not something that will affect our system a few years after we start smoking, but the harmful effects start as soon as we get into the habit. Whether you are a light smoker or a chain smoker, you are bound to suffer from the various health hazards equally sooner or later. It is important to understand the withdrawal symptoms of smoking as well when you are on your way to kick the habit for good:

  • Increased appetite
  • Cigarette cravings
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Irritability, frustration or anger
  • Decreased heart rate
  • Constipation or upset stomach
  • Insomnia
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Tremors
  • Increased coughing
  • Cigarette cravings
  • Anxiety or nervousness

Best Methods to Stop Smoking:

Get hold of the below methods in order to stop smoking at the earliest. These methods may not give you the results overnight, but with your determination, you will see the results sooner than you imagine:

Cayenne Pepper

Add a lot of cayenne pepper to your diet or add it in a glass of water at least 2-3 times a day and drink it. Cayenne pepper has been used widely by a lot of people who are on the way to stop smoking. It will not only help in reducing the urge of smoking, but also help to desensitize the lungs of all the addictive things like cocaine, etc.В Include cayenne as a part of your daily diet and notice how quickly it helps you quit smoking altogether. However, when you notice, you have almost stopped smoking completely, exclude it from your diet.

Licorice Stick

When you stop smoking you might feel the urge to smoke or take a piece of an item and chew on it. It is here where the licorice stick comes handy. Licorice helps in reducing the toxins from the body and reduces the urge to smoke again as well. Just take a licorice stick and chew on it whenever you feel the urge to smoke. It is one of the most opted natural remedies used by a lot of people in the world who want to stop smoking quickly. You can chew on it at least 3-4 times a day to fasten the process and get you rid of that habit quickly.


Oats is an age old and one of the most effective remedies for stopping smoking.В It helps in releasing the harmful toxins from the body besides reducing the natural tendency to smoke. To benefit from oats, just add a tablespoon of oat and add it to two cups of boiled water. Now leave it overnight. The next morning boil it again and now have this drink daily after every meal. Avoid taking it in the night, though. After a few days, you will realize how you would never want to touch that cigarette again. Oats also help a lot in easing up the withdrawal symptoms of smoking.

Grape Juice

Grape juice is a very popular remedy to stop smoking. It also helps to supply the body with a lot of essential nutrients and is good for the skin too. Take fresh grape juice without adding any sugar daily. Take it at least two times a day. It will flush out the toxins from the body and will prevent the urge of smoking. Studies have shown how grape juice has helped a number of people all over the world stop smoking completely after regular consumption.


Honey is an excellent remedy to help you stop smoking really fast. It helps to kick the habit with ease and also supplies the body with essential nutrients besides giving you a sweet good taste. However, make sure you are using the most natural form of honey. There are many artificial brands available in the market as well. Honey contains a lot of vitamins, proteins, and enzymes which will help you recover from the long round of smoking as well. Add honey to a glass of warm water and have it daily at least 3-4 times a day. You can also take a tablespoon of honey after every meal during the day to stop smoking.


Ginger is really effective in helping you stop smoking easily. Besides taking its juice or you can also chew on it a number of times a day whenever you feel the urge to smoke. This wonderful ingredient from the kitchen also helps in treating nausea which is an aftereffect of smoking. Taking ginger juice once in the morning and once in the evening daily, for some days will help you stop smoking altogether, such that you would never feel the urge to smoke again in your life. You can also include a lot of ginger in cooking, which is going to be an additional help anyways towards stopping smoking.


This amazing ancient technique helps to control the psychological stress that smokers undergo after quitting cigarettes. This technique can help you to stop smoking effectively and help you to control your mind in a much better way. In order to help a smoker to quit and encourage the individual to start healthy habits such as exercise and improve well-being, meditation is really essential. Ideally you need to meditate for at least 45 minutes here every day in order to see the best results.

Practicing meditation can provide an individual to access to calm, cool and collected state of mind. You can also opt for a yoga expert here who can help you with the best meditation techniques. If you would ask me about how to stop smoking really fast, then this is purely natural and harmless way to quit smoking.


One of the best natural treatments all over the world, acupuncture works best if opt for it the day you quit or within the first 72 hours of stopping smoking. In order to provide relief from the symptoms which are associated with withdrawing nicotine, such as restlessness, jitters, and irritability, this treatment really work well. According to specialists, acupuncture is one of the effective natural methods to stop smoking naturally and to live a healthy life thereafter.

Fortunately, acupuncture produces serotonin in the brain, and it can be used to reduce all sorts of cravings. With this treatment, the feel-good chemicals that smoking induces, get produced again in the body. The therapist evaluates the smoking habits of every person before they begin the treatment in order for it to be most effective. This treatment should be done around your ear and after a total of six treatments; you have a 30 percent chance of kicking the habit for good. No doubt, it is really a good way to stop smoking completely.


With a good hypnotherapist, even one session can have an impact — but you need to really want for it to work. Hypnosis is one of the best ways to stop smoking totally and has done wonders for some people who tried it. Though you may actually have to sit and search and ask a few of your friends to help with genuine and good hypnotherapists who can help you here. A few years back, a study in Texas followed smokers who underwent eight hypnotherapy visits over a two-month period, at the end of which 40 percent had quit smoking altogether. Hypnosis can be very helpful and apparently works best for men. You may, of course, hesitate to try hypnosis, but if you do there is no turning back. You may just succeed in your mission and it may help to make you stop smoking permanently within a few sessions.

Practice Tai Chi

Tai chi is one of the best things you can learn and practice in order to stop smoking effectively. People who have tried it have seen miracles while giving up this bad addiction. Tai chi has long been praised for the balance it creates in our mind, body, and soul. This ancient Chinese art form can help smokers quit and stay off cigarettes and never get back to it again.

The practice, which comprises continuous slow, meditative movement, is known to reduce stress, increase circulation, and promote feelings of calm and wellbeing besides helping smokers to stop smoking completely in a few days. It has been found out that participants who did tai chi three times a week, and no other cessation interventions, quit smoking within three months of practice. Do this every day under supervision so that you can extract the maximum out of this technique.

Be Active

You would discover that it helps to enter into this journey seriously, with clearly defined goals. A good way to stop smoking easily is to have an action plan. Write down what you want to achieve and how you would go about it. Define new goals and do whatever you want to do. Take up a new hobby, go for hiking, learn a new sport, listen to music at night, meet a new friend and make a new ambition for yourself. All these will help a lot to keep you occupied and to help you to focus your energy on the right things rather than the bout of smoking. This step is really crucial to stop smoking and to bring your life back on track, besides just to keep you happy always.

Find a Healthy Snack Food

When you are on your way to stop smoking, make sure you divert your mind towards some other snack which can help to satisfy your cravings and divert your mind as well from the cigarette. It is important to find a healthy snack food which benefits your body and gives you a good taste as well. In place of smoking cigarettes, try sunflower seeds, sugar-free lollipops, or gum, or carrot or celery sticks if you’re concerned about weight gain.

This way, you’re using your hands and your mouth, getting the same physical and oral sensations you get from smoking. You can eat four nuts in their shell for every cigarette you want to smoke and switch your cigarette habit for a neat habit this way. This is really a very effective method for stopping smoking really fast and will give you everlasting results here.

Some Motivation Factor:

In order to stop smoking, you should also know about the various ways in which smoking affects our body. This should be your primary motivation factor:

  • Reduces fertility in women and reduces their chances of being able to conceive or having a normal baby.
  • Primary reason for Cervix cancer.
  • Leads to irregular menstrual cycle and early menopause in many women.
  • Smoking weakens the immune system, reduces the body’s ability to fight against various diseases and ailments.
  • It leads to low sperm count and other reproductive disorders in men.
  • Increases heartbeat and blood pressure.
  • It affects the respiratory system badly, especially the lungs.

Once you have decided to stop smoking, the only potential obstacle in your path is you. If followed correctly the above home remedies are quick, easy and highly effective while you are on your way to kick this habit. Combining two or more of these remedies has also proved to increase the rate of change in terms of the urge to pick up a cigarette. The important thing to remember is that as much as your mind may believe that you need to smoke, your body deserves better from you.