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How to Stop Smoking Weed?

In this article, we will discuss ways to stop smoking weed. As many as 51 percent of Americans has smoked weed at some point in their lives, making it the most popular recreational drug in America. It is because of the euphoric feeling it gives that a lot of people smoke pot on a daily basis. But that’s only for a short while. It gives a great feeling of intoxication for a short while and maybe even helps users to forget about some of their challenges and feel better. But the thing is if you can control your mind and use your willpower, well you can do it all by yourself rather than depending on a drug to make you feel high on life.

Because when the effect wears off; everything returns to normal, but not the user’s health, physical and mental state. We have all heard a lot many stories about young guys with bright futures who ended up badly because they got addicted to weed badly. Doesn’t matter whatever is your age or what is your story behind smoking weed, you take some effective steps to stop smoking weed in a span of a few days. All you need is the determination to stop smoking weed and to make your life brighter.

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Smoking Weed: Know More

It’s important to know that THC, the active chemical in marijuana, affects the brain by forcing cannabinoid receptors in the brain to react. The “high” that you get after smoking marijuana is because of this. If you have been smoking weed for a while and smoke every day, you are most likely accustomed to being stoned and being in that mindset. Smoking marijuana can be just as unhealthy and addictive as smoking cigarettes. You could have a strong psychological belief that you need to be high in order to function normally in life. A physical addiction can be much more serious and a doctor might need to be consulted for guidance and monitoring.

Ways to Stop Smoking Weed:

Understanding your addiction and the required steps for quitting can help you make a plan and ultimately stop smoking weed. The below steps will help you a lot once you have made a decision here to stop smoking weed and lead a normal life:


With a good hypnotherapist, even one session can have an impact — but you need to really want for it to work. Hypnosis is one of the best ways to stop smoking weed and has done wonders for some people who tried it. Though you may actually have to sit and search and ask a few of your friends to help with genuine and good hypnotherapists who can help you here.

A few years back, a study in Texas followed smokers who underwent eight hypnotherapy visits over a two-month period, at the end of which 40 percent had quit smoking weed altogether. Hypnosis can be very helpful and apparently works best for men. You may, of course, hesitate to try hypnosis, but if you do there is no turning back. You may just succeed in your mission and it may help to make you stop smoking weed permanently within a few sessions.


One of the best natural treatments all over the world, acupuncture works best if opt for it the day you quit or within the first 72 hours of stopping smoking. In order to provide relief from the symptoms which are associated with withdrawing nicotine, such as restlessness, jitters, and irritability, this treatment really work well. According to specialists, acupuncture is one of the effective natural methods to stop smoking weed and to live a healthy life thereafter. Fortunately, acupuncture produces serotonin in the brain, and it can be used to reduce all sorts of cravings.

With this treatment, the feel-good chemicals that smoking induces, get produced again in the body. The therapist evaluates the smoking habits of every person before they begin the treatment in order for it to be most effective. This treatment should be done around your ear and after a total of six treatments; you have a 30 percent chance of kicking the weed for good. No doubt, it is really a good way to stop smoking weed completely.

Massaging Yourself

A few minutes of massage in a day will do you a lot of good and help you to stop smoking weed. Well, it certainly does sound weird, but let me tell you it really helps. Massaging will help to relax your body, mind, and soul and will help to rejuvenate you to a great extent from all the exhaustion your body may be suffering from. Just gently rub each ear between your fingers for 1-2 minutes a day while you’re at work, watching TV, or better yet, get someone else to do it for you.

You can easily use this technique to supplement any other therapy you’re trying: two minutes of self-massage. When you keep yourself busy here, you reduce your cravings too, and that really helps to stop smoking weed totally. Try doing it, you certainly won’t be disappointed. You can do it as many times a day as you want, it totally depends on you and no one else.


Since a long time, many types of research have been done to understand the effects of essential oils on nicotine cravings and how they can be used to help smokers. Aromatherapy works well here in order to stop smoking weed really quickly. Just sniffing essential oil can send happy hormones to your brain and send those essential signals you mostly need to stop smoking weed.В

It’s important to know that the vapor of black pepper essential partially reproduces the sensations experienced when smoking, thereby reducing the craving for cigarettes and weed to a great extent. You can easily get this oil at any aromatherapy store; just make sure it is the purest form that you get for this purpose. It has been found to be very effective to completely kick out the bad habit of smoking and is a healthier option you can opt for.

Herbal Help

There are some amazing herbal companies that have created herbal supplement kits designed to help smokers stop smoking weed really fast. Let me tell you, these herbal products do work and are one of the most effective ways to stop smoking weed naturally. A company called The Organic Pharmacy has a kit made up of three distinctive components, including Ashwagandha Complex, Super-Antioxidant Capsules and Tabaccum Complex for helping smokers.

These work really well to fight addiction and support the body in the stressful adjustment period giving you some amazing results. You’ll need 2-3 weeks for the effects of the herb to start building up in the brain, so take it 2 weeks before you decide to quit. There have been instances where smokers have seen amazing results after using these products and it has made them stop smoking weed quickly. Add a few drops to tea or just put drops on your tongue as directed, buying a tincture would be best for this.


Homeopathy is one of the most natural forms of medicine and one of the safest ways in order to stop smoking weed effectively. These medicines are all in their natural form and though they take time to work on the body, the results are everlasting and help treat the problem from the root. Certain natural substances can stimulate the body’s own healing systems, allowing the body to heal itself and this is the theory behind homeopathy.

Some amazing medicines here and natural ingredients like Black Spruce, Lung Wort and Evergreen bark to help build up lung strength and reduce cravings. It’s a unique system of medicine that uses ingredients at levels that are generally understood to be non-toxic, with no negative side effects. However, make sure you visit a good homeopathic doctor here to stop smoking weed and to help your body recover in the most natural way.


This amazing ancient technique helps to control the psychological stress that smokers undergo after quitting cigarettes or weed. This technique can help you to stop smoking weed effectively and help you to control your mind in a much better way. In order to help a smoker to quit and encourage the individual to start healthy habits such as exercise and improve well-being, meditation is really essential.

Ideally you need to meditate for at least 45 minutes here every day in order to see the best results. Practicing meditation can provide an individual to access to calm, cool and collected state of mind. You can also opt for a yoga expert here who can help you with the best meditation techniques. If you would ask me about how to stop smoking weed then this is purely natural and harmless way to quit smoking weed.


Yes, the super healthy oats if eaten daily can help you a lot when you have made a decision to stop smoking weed completely. Making a point to eat every single day is a good step here. The oats help to flush out harmful toxins from the human body and also help to erase the symptoms after quitting. Oats is an old remedy which can be used to stop smoking weed quickly.В

One just needs to take a spoon of ground oats and then mix the oats with two cups of boiled water and leave it overnight. Boil the mixture for ten minutes the next morning when you get up. This mixture of liquid is to be taken after every meal other than at night. Do this and see some wonderful results for yourself.


Drink water whenever you feel like smoking weed. Water helps to detoxify the human body. The ultimate and easiest remedy to counter smoking habits is by drinking plenty of water on a daily basis. This will decrease the carving as well as reduce the irritation. Water also helps to take out all the toxins from your body and will really help to make you feel better and rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.

Simply taking some sips of water early in the morning every day when you get up is one of the most crucial steps here. It helps to refresh you to a great extent and makes you more positive helping to calm your mind and body to a great extent. Make it a point to have a minimum of 15 tall glasses of water daily when you have decided to stop smoking weed totally.

Onion Juice

You may not like the taste of onion juice, but let me tell you it works wonders on the human body and helps you to stop smoking weed naturally. In order to kill the poison created by tobacco in your body, drinking onion juice is a must. Take 25gm onion juice every day. You can simply grate some onions or blend them in the mixture and drink this juice. Try and drink it in the morning, though for maximum benefits. A lot of people have known to drink onion juice daily and have seen some magical results here. Do this for a few weeks and see how it helps you to stop smoking weed magically.

Carom, Fennel, and Black Salt

This mixture is magic in itself. It is a really effective way to stop smoking weed faster and to help your body to recover from the long bout of smoking. Chew half tablespoonful of this mixture whenever you feel the need of tobacco or smoking. Within few days you will stop smoking weed naturally, a lot of people have used it and swear by its use. For problems like gastric trouble, improving digestion system, cleansing blood, etc., this mixture works really well. Take 100gm carom seeds, 100gm big fennel seeds, and 60gm black salt.

Now grind all and mix the juice of 2 lemons. Leave this mixture for a whole night. Next morning, put this on an iron plate on low flame to remove moisture and store in a glass bottle. Do this 4-6 times a day to help you stop smoking weed really fast.

Set an Active Plan

You would discover that it helps to enter into this journey seriously, with clearly defined goals. A good way to stop smoking weed easily is to have an action plan. Write down what you want to achieve and how you would go about it. Define new goals and do whatever you want to do. Take up a new hobby, go for hiking, learn a new sport, listen to music at night, meet a new friend and make a new ambition for yourself. All these will help a lot to keep you occupied and to help you to focus your energy on the right things rather than the bout of weed. This step is really crucial to stop smoking weed permanently and to bring your life back on track, besides just to keep you happy always.

Useful Tips to Stop Smoking Weed:

They say it’s one of the hardest things for most people to do, but quitting smoking weed isn’t impossible–and what’s more, quitting smoking is the single most important step smokers can take to improve their health. By kicking the habit, you will almost immediately:

  • Improve the quality of your skin
  • Lower your risk of cancer and heart disease
  • Improve circulation
  • Reduce inflammation in the body
  • Improve the absorption of nutrients
  • Reduce the number of free radicals attacking your body

This amongst many other benefits. How awesome is that? You’ll smell better, too!