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How to Stop Biting Your Nails?

In this article, we will discuss ways to stop biting your nails. We’ve tried, tried and tried again to kick this habit, but nothing has seemed to work. Nail biting is one of the most common things we all do at any point of time, of course, there are people who do it more often than others. Whether you’re a constant nail biter or just bite when you’re stressed, you’re not alone. This particular habit is characterized by bleeding, infections or destruction of the nails and surrounding skin and can evolve into the more serious compulsive form as well. Both children and adults bite their nails for many reasons, including anxiety, excitement, and boredom.

It is often seen that nail biting becomes a practice and the person biting his/her nails would be completely unaware of it at most times. At large, youngsters are mostly affected by this habit due to a variety of reasons. It is important to know here that excessive nail biting can also lead to a lot of damage to the nails as well as the cuticles. There’s no sure cure to stop biting your nails, but you can try to break the habit with home remedies. These remedies are extremely effective in order to stop biting your nails at the earliest.

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Nail Biting: Know More

Nail biting is an oral compulsive habit that is very common in children and adults, medically, it is known as onychophagia. However, nail biting can become a more serious problem if ignored for a long time. Nail biting can also harm your teeth. As the appearance of bitten-down fingernails can be embarrassing, this can add to your anxiety and stress. In addition to this, the act of biting your nails is socially unacceptable and gives a negative impression to others. Nail biting is an extremely hard habit to break, but not an impossible task.

It’s important to note here that excessive nail biting can cause severe damage to the nail, cuticles as well as the surrounding skin. The area around the nails can become red and sore and may even bleed and get infected badly.

Reasons for Nail Biting:

  • Stress
  • Boredom
  • Frustration
  • Anxiety and loneliness
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Oppositional defiant disorder
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Separation anxiety disorder

Remedies to Stop Biting Your Nails:

The below remedies are effective to help you stop biting your nails at the earliest. Opt for these:

Azadirachta Indica Oil

Being an antiseptic, this oil will keep your nails free from infection. Azadirachta oil is very bitter in taste and contains antiseptic properties. The bitter taste of this oil can help you to stop biting your nails really quickly. Use a cotton ball to rub this oil on your nails. Allow it to dry on its own. Here the bitter taste will compel you to remove your fingers from your mouth when you unconsciously bite your nails.

It is one of the most popular and safest remedies for stopping your nail biting habit and for preventing you to bring your nails and fingers near your mouth altogether. Moreover, this oil won’t harm the skin as well. It is one of the best medicinal oils available which help to do a lot of good to your skin. Make sure you are using the purest azadirachta indica oil here, because that’s the only one which will help you kick the habit here.


This wonderful spice is a natural antiseptic; it will also strengthen your nails and help to prevent any kind of infection from setting in. Garlic is another natural ingredient that can help you in the battle to fight nail biting. Many people dislike the garlic’s strong taste and aroma, but it is really one of the best natural ingredients to help you stop biting your nails effectively. You can use both raw garlic and garlic oil here; however, make sure it’s the purest form of garlic oil always.

To benefit from garlic, cut a clove of garlic into halves and rub the piece over your nails liberally, leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off. The lingering garlic taste will stop you from biting your nails. Alternately, you can also rub some garlic oil on your nails with a cotton ball to stop biting your nails easily. Do these remedies at least twice a day in order to bring maximum gains here.

Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd is one of the best vegetables to stop biting your nails really quickly. As its name suggests, it is known for its bitter taste, but it is really a very effective remedy to help you get rid of this habit at the earliest. To benefit from bitter gourd, make a paste by crushing one bitter gourd. Put the paste on a sieve to extract the juice and apply the juice on your nails and fingers before allowing it to dry.

It is the taste of this vegetable which will prevent you from biting your nails here. Make sure you don’t wash off your nails here, let the juice stay. With this remedy, you would be able to kick this habit and stop biting your nails really fast. Many people across the globe follow this remedy in order to get rid of this habit.

Nail Biting Polish

In order to help people quit the habit, there are many bitter nail polishes available in the market today. With a bitter taste, these polishes will discourage you from continually biting at your nails and cuticles. To coat your nails here uses a bitter-tasting nail biting polish. The bitter taste of the polish will prevent you from biting your nails and help you kick this habit for good. Even a regular dark-colored nail polish can be used for this purpose.

When the nails are covered in a dark color, they look bad when chipped from nail biting. And this may easily motivate you to break the habit endure to flaunt your nails. A bitter nail polish is one of the most effective ways to stop biting your nails and to help you get rid of this habit. For youngsters this habit really works, as it not only helps to flaunt their nails, but also helps to stop them from biting their nails.

Trimming Nails

Trimming nails is the best method to make you stop biting your nails easily. When your nails are naturally short you won’t be inclined to bite your nails as then there is nothing much left to bite there. Besides that trimming your nails will also keep them looking neat and tidy. A good option to stop nail biting is to trim your nails on a regular basis. Choose the right clippers for the job and after trimming, polish the edges with a nail filer. This essential for giving a neat finish to your nails and for giving up this bad habit in a few days time.


If your nails have a fresh coat of polish you’ll be less likely to bite at them and mess them up. The more beautiful your nails look, the more it will function as a deterrent and that’s why a manicure is a very effective way to stop biting your nails faster. A professional manicurist can apply acrylic nails over your natural nails, or add nail décor like jewels, patterns and textures. Go for a professional manicure as often as you can to help you break the habit of nail biting most easily. Gel manicures are also a great way to eliminate this habit. Since they last longer than just a week, your nails will have plenty of time to grow long and strong. This habit would help you to prevent you from biting your nails always.

Wearing Gloves

If you’re writing or doing something else that is particularly tough to do while wearing gloves you’ll be more motivated to quit biting. Gloves work as a good barrier method that can help you stop biting your nails effectively. Of course, many people won’t be comfortable with this habit, but if you are open to trying it out, it will help you kick this habit permanently in just a few days time.

You don’t need to wear gloves all your life, just a few days is what you need in order to condition your mind and help you to stop biting your nails totally. Keep telling yourself that there will be no need to wear the gloves if you stop biting your nails. This works as a motivational tool. You can try and opt for some synthetic ones instead of the woolen ones if it’s summer time.

Artificial Nails

For girls who are constantly biting fake nails can work wonders. Once you see how fabulous long nails look, you’ll never want to go back. To keep your nails covered so that you cannot bite them, wearing artificial nails is a great way. It is a good method to stop biting your nails easily. These nails thicker than real nails, making them difficult to bite and last longer, giving your nails ample time to grow.

There are different types of artificial nails available in the market like acrylics, wraps, gels and press-on nails. To reduce the risk of falling off, always opt for the right size of artificial nails. Also, artificial nails will hide the bitten nails in a stylish manner. Moreover, you will simply love to flaunt these nails and these artificial nails will help you carry off the desired look as well.

Adopting a New Habit

Some hobbies that you can try are making clay models, knitting or crocheting, drawing, cooking, painting and music. In order to stop biting your nails, participating in these activities will really help as these reduce the emotional distress that is contributing to the nail biting. If you bite your nails when you are stressed, depressed or bored, pick up a new habit that will keep you distracted. In order to prevent you from biting your nails opt for a hobby that will keep both your hands and mind busy. You can just go for anything that you are fond of and anything that you enjoy most for this purpose.

Adhesive Bandages

Applying self-adhesive bandages on your fingertips is another good barrier to prevent nail biting. However, you may have to keep a lot of bandages handy for this remedy. A lot of people adopt this method in order to stop biting their nails really fast and it actually works in giving up this habit for good. Also, as bandaged nails do not look good, they work as a motivator to stop nail biting.

Every time you shower, or every time they become wet or dirty, you can apply fresh bandages. Keep the bandages on your fingers during the day and take them off at night. You don’t need to keep them at night as then you won’t be biting your nails. Just make sure to keep them on your nails throughout the day every single day.

Cayenne Pepper

Well, you may be scared to use cayenne pepper, but let me tell you this remedy will really help you to stop biting your nails permanently. Moreover, cayenne pepper won’t harm your skin as well as you may think. Taking a little of it and simply rubbing cayenne pepper on or around your nails, and nail bed is the best thing to do here. You can easily get some cayenne pepper from any general stores for this purpose.

Drug stores also carry topical solutions to help you break the nail-biting habit. Some ointments contain cayenne pepper as the deterring flavor. When using this remedy keeps it away from your eyes, as it can irritate open lesions or sensitive skin. When you bite your nails, the foul taste acts as a deterrent and helps you to stop biting your nails at the earliest. You should still avoid using this remedy for kids as one can never be sure how the kids would handle this cayenne pepper powder.

Yoga and Meditation

Biting your nails can come from stress and finding and adopting a healthy habit like yoga can help you relax and take your mind off stress. Yoga may actually be the cure for beautiful nails and help you to stop biting your nails naturally. Yoga is one of the best practices for calming your entire body, mind and soul. It helps to give you a healthy body besides helping you to add strength and become stronger as a person.

On the other hand, mediation gives you a focus, makes you positive, helps you to concentrate on the right things in life and give away everything negative or unwelcoming. You should ideally practice yoga for at least an hour everyday in order to stop biting your nails really quickly. Along with this, meditate ideally ear in the morning for about 20-30 minutes in fresh air to help kick this habit and welcome positivity back into your life.


Take the below precautions as well:

  • You can also chew gum or suck on mints or candies throughout the day.
  • Carry a water bottle with you so that you can take a sip of water instead of biting your nails when you have a weak moment.
  • Visualize yourself with strong, healthy nails. In order to motivate you to have beautiful nails put a picture of healthy nails on your wall, or even carry it with you.
  • Maintain a healthy diet to help your nail repair, and grow well. To help repair your nails and grow well eat a lot of calcium and magnesium-rich foods.
  • Reduce stress so that you can become more relaxed.