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How to Stop Binge Eating? – Adopt Healthier Eating Habits

In this article, we will discuss ways to stop binge eating. We’ve all heard the lunch room chatter about people’s latest diets and weight-loss escapades. While some people are always moderate eaters and rarely do they indulge in binge eating, there are others who are continuously on one or the other diet and more often indulge in binge eating than others. Unlike small and sustainable changes you can live with, diets are usually restrictive in nature and short-lived. Many times, a dieter overindulges in every “sinful” treat she had been avoiding because dieting can lead to out-of-control binge eating episodes in which the dieter gets so fed up with restricting herself for a long time.

In order to stop binge eating you need to have a lot of control over your mind, tongue and your body. Without control, there’s nothing you can achieve here. Binge eating is also a psychological disorder that affects some people. It affects about 3.5% of women, 2.6% of men and 1.6% pre-teens in the U.S alone. It’s interesting to know that women experience it in early adulthood and men typically experience it at midlife. However, some effective methods can definitely help you to stop binge eating sooner or later.

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Binge Eating: Know More

In simple terms, this disorder is often accompanied by feeling out of control over the eating takes place and is an uncontrolled ingestion of large quantities of food within a short time period. The act of binge eating is to consume a large amount of food during a short time period. Binge Eating Disorder is recognized as a clinical diagnosis of an eating disorder in the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). The disorder produces both physical and psychological health issues. Breaking this habit can be difficult but necessary to have a wholesome and healthy relationship with food.

Symptoms of Binge Eating:

  • Eating in private due to the embarrassment of how much is being eaten.
  • The eating is more rapidly than normal.
  • Feelings of distress after binge eating episode.
  • Eating copious amounts of food, even though not feeling physically hungry.
  • No purging to compensate for the binge eating.
  • Eating to the point of becoming uncomfortably full.

Ways to Stop Binge Eating:

Take account of the below methods in order to stop binge eating and help treat yourself of the wrong eating habits. A lot of people worldwide have seen success with these methods:

Simplify Your Meal Plan

Instead of counting calories and following stringent macro ratios, opt instead for some simple, flexible nutritional guidelines that can be sustained in the long term. Simplifying your meal every single day is the key to stop binge eating as early as possible. In my experience, following an all-or-nothing approach to nutrition can indirectly lead to binge eating. Simplifying your nutrition program is the key to stop binge eating effectively.

You need to take into account the following things:

  • Eat slowly (seriously, slow down).
  • Eat real, whole foods most of the time.
  • Enjoy your favorite not-so-healthy foods when you truly crave them (approximately 10-20 percent of the time).
  • Eat when physically hungry.
  • Stop eating when satisfied but not stuffed.
  • All these are really important if you want to kick this habit and control your diet and weight for the longest time.

There’s no Quick-fix

Don’t think about beating your binge-eating habit immediately. It should always be a gradual but steady process to stop binge eating effectively. It’s imperative to understand that we don’t develop disordered and binge-eating habits in a single day, so we can’t expect to break free from them in a day or a week. Focus instead on the actions you can take on a daily basis to get you to that outcome.

If you plan for some backward steps, you can rest assured that you’re still making progress, even if it momentarily feels like you aren’t. If you have a bad day, don’t freak out. The most important thing to remember is to stay consistent. Consistency builds momentum and leads to long-lasting results and habits besides helping you to stop binge eating easily within the right time frame. This is one of the most crucial steps you should take here in order to bring the most benefits to your body.

Train to Get Strong

If you hit the gym and train to get stronger and perform better, it will help you recognize that your body is an amazing machine capable of incredible feats that you are not even aware of. Stop using workouts as punishment and start making them about becoming the strongest version of yourself. The way you look is just a small part of being fit and healthy and it really should never be the focus. Don’t worry about burning calories, and instead focus on your performance and what your body can do. It is essential here to use your workouts as opportunities to better your performance.

It will also help you to understand that food is a necessary fuel, not a problem that has to be solved.В If you continuously train for strength, it will show you that workouts can actually be fun, inspiring, and interesting apart from helping you to reprogram how you look at fitness. All this is very important in order to stop binge eating quickly and to treat yourself in a better way. Remember, you need to treat your body right!

Reach Out for Help

Who says asking for help is a shame? It isn’t. To help kick this habit and to find a healthy relationship with the food, it’s imperative to look for someone who is qualified to help individuals who may struggle with this dreadful addiction for years. Seek the assistance of a qualified professional in order to stop binge eating easily. In order to help people struggling with binge eating, some professional therapies have been every useful.

It’s interesting to know that cognitive behavioral therapy is considered by many experts to be the gold-standard approach to treating and managing eating disorders because of how it addresses underlying thought patterns and beliefs. It’s important to know that this type of therapy can help address underlying emotional issues and deeply held beliefs that have been with you for long. And most of the times these have nothing to do with food but still drive the desire to overeat, restrict and continue the cycle for the longest time. Seeking help is important in order to stop binge eating and to help treat yourself at the earliest.

Reduce Stress

It’s understandable that learning to manage stressful situations or tough emotions without turning to food can feel overwhelming and like a long road if it’s a very ingrained behavior. Compulsive behavior and the inability to handle difficult feelings, situations and thoughts are the underlying issues driving, eating disorders and binge eating, as agreed by most experts.

It is really essential to establish and practice several other ways to soothe yourself and relieve stress during difficult times in order to boost your odds of recovery. It’s imperative to know that stress can often trigger the need for people to comfort themselves, and as we all know, “comfort food” is widely available and often used in this way. Try and do different things in order to reduce your stress and stop binge eating naturally through this effective technique.

Try Meditation, Deep Breathing and Yoga

There have been many researches which have proven that meditation reduces activity in the sympathetic nervous system (responsible for the fight or flight response and anxiety) and increases activity in the parasympathetic nervous system. This is highly responsible for us staying calm and in line with our goals all the time. All of the above can be used as ongoing tools for relaxing, reflecting on tough feelings, boosting creativity, feeling happier and gratitude, and even getting better sleep besides helping us stay away from stress. These natural techniques can also improve confidence in someone’s body by increasing appreciation and gratitude for what the body is capable of.

Research has demonstrated that practicing yoga and meditation in conjunction with pharmacological and psychological interventions could be a complementary therapy that creates some of the following benefits for people with eating disorders. There is no doubt in saying that it is one of the best ways to reduce stress and to stop binge eating really fast.

Don’t Skip Meals

Never every skip your meals if you want to stop binge eating naturally. All this can cause you to overeat at the next meal, and eating just one (or two) big meal per day can wreak havoc on your blood sugars besides interfering with your weight loss programs. Don’t ever skip meals and this is more important than you think. Skipping meals won’t do you any good but instead it will only lead you to pile on more weight and slow down your metabolism.

When your metabolism is slower you will naturally tend to add more weight to your body and that on the other hand affects your eating habits also. Aim for three meals per day plus one or two (based on your calorie needs) healthy snacks in order to stop binge eating effectively.

Use Some Tricks

Some simple tricks and mind games will help you a lot on your way to stop binge eating at the earliest. These tricks if applied on a regular basis help to condition your mind so that you control your hunger in a better way and never over-eat. For e.g. A half a cup of ice cream or pie will look like a lot more food if you put it in a small bowl, rather than a large bowl with lots of extra empty space.

Similarly for sweets and treats, use small (4 ounce) bowls and cocktail spoons or forks in order to eat them whenever you want to. In order to make smaller portions last longer and slow down your eating use smaller spoons and forks. This method really works on your brain and helps to control your conscious and subconscious in a better way, while you gorge on the stuff you simply love. Even a lot of doctors recommend this in order to stop binge eating faster.

Take Time to Eat

Have a conversation, chew slowly, etc. There is no hurry to eat any of your meals. You don’t have to run and catch a train here, right? Eating slowly and chewing every bite to the maximum not only helps to control your weight, but also helps to stop binge eating quickly. Put your fork down in between bites and take small bites every time you eat. Set a kitchen timer or monitor the clock and try to extend meal times to 15-20 minutes.

These strategies will allow your body to have enough time for its fullness cues to kick in. It is also important to note here that it takes about 15-20 minutes for your tummy to send a single to your brain that you are full. It’s a miserable feeling, but eating slowly is the best defense to prevent the feeling of the tummy exploding after eating in a hurry.

Differentiate Between Hunger and Cravings

Learn to decipher between cravings and hunger and listen to what your body tells you. This is highly important if you want to stop binge eating easily and quickly. Cravings are usually for something specific (brownies, French fries, bread, candy, etc.) while feeling hungry is a totally different thing, so never confuse the two. Remember, if you are truly hungry, you will most likely eat anything, including raw veggies dipped in hummus or a small handful of nuts.

The moment you start to learn the difference between these two, you will be able to solve half of your eating disorders. The lines between hunger and cravings are often blurred, especially with the abundance of food options we have in today’s times, but the key is to listen to yourself carefully and to care for your body, which needs to be treated right always in order to stop binge eating.

Understand Your Response

To stay present while eating if you want to stop binge eating at the earliest. Never switch on the TV or computer while you are in the mood to eat. Don’t read, study, write or talk on the phone while you eat. Always make sure you know what you are eating and in what quantity. It’s all about your presence and your control here. When you engrossed in something and eating at the same time, you will naturally eat more than you think you should and your body needs.

Focus on your food and minimize any other distractions of all kinds in order to stop binge eating really quickly. By eating more mindfully, you will enjoy your meals more, noticing fullness, flavor and satisfaction better than ever before, and feel less of a desire to overeat. So clear off the kitchen table and never read, study, walk or talk on the phone while eating.

Stop Punishing Yourself at the GymВ В В В В В В В

Even after you have indulged in binge eating, there is no need to punish yourself at the gym the next day. This is really important if you want to stop binge eating most effectively. Maybe go for an extra walk or do some other light activity in addition to your workouts, but try to avoid the mindset of “working off” the calories you consumed. You don’t have to kill you if you had two cups of ice-cream or a large tub of cheese popcorn, right? Stop killing your body after treating it so well to a sumptuous treat. Understand that this, too, can lead to an unhealthy cycle of binging and over-exercising. Stick to your usual exercise routine always. You need to love your body more here if you want to kick this habit for good.

Things to Remember:

Many people with binge eating disorder experience second-hand physical, emotional and social symptoms related to their overeating, including:

  • Higher risk for obesity
  • Higher risk for heart disease, diabetes and hypertension
  • Increased anxiety, depression and irritability
  • Trouble sleeping and insomnia
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Muscle and joint pains
  • Digestive issues, including IBS
  • If you want to prevent from these and always remain healthy, stop binge eating today and start loving yourself more!