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How to Stop a Bloody Nose? (Home Remedies)

Suffering from a bloody nose can leave one in a lot of discomfort apart from feeling distressed and depressed as you see those red drops of blood falling off from your nose. Nose bleeding is not a common scenario, but there are still a lot of people who suffer from it more frequently than others. There are people who try and every remedy they can get hold of to stop a bloody nose whenever it happens, going in for allopathic treatment as well. Keep reading to know what nosebleed is and how can you stop a bloody nose.

However, it is imperative to know here that some simple and easy remedies done at home can help to stop the nose bleeding effectively. What is important is to keep a cool head and do not get scared whenever you bleed from the nose, this is not a disease, simply a condition you can control.

Nosebleed: Know More

Any kind of injury and trauma to the nasal area is one of the most common causes of a nosebleed, though it can also appear due to other diseases or other health issues.В It is also known as epistaxis in other terms. The nasal cavities are lined with many blood vessels and they bleed when injured, thus a nosebleed occurs where most of the blood flows through the nostrils and some of it can go down the throat as well. Know the common causes of nosebleed before you opt for remedies:

  • Nasal surgery
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • High blood pressure
  • Common cold
  • Excessive sneezing
  • Prolonged exposure to excessive dry heat
  • Vascular formation in the nasal passage
  • Foreign particles getting stuck in the nasal passage
  • Formation of nasal polyps
  • Overuse of nasal sprays
  • Sudden change in altitude
  • Exposure to irritants like ammonia
  • Formation of tumor in the nasal passage

How to Stop a Bloody Nose

Home Remedies to Stop a Bloody Nose:

Opt for the below home remedies to stop a bloody nose at the earliest:

Use Nasya Oil

Nasya oil is an excellent remedy for stopping a bloody nose and it doesn’t have any side effects as well. This oil is especially useful to stop a bloody nose that occurs from congestion or dry sinuses. This oil is easily available at chemist shops all across and it used in a variety of herbal treatments and spas as well. To sue this oil, take some hot water and put this oil bottle in it for about 5 minutes till the oil becomes little warm. Now pour a few drops of this oil into the nostril and use your fingers and thumb to massage your nose from the outside. This has been widely recommended by doctors as well to get rid of a nosebleed really quickly.

Nettle Leaves

Nettle leaves work really well in promoting blood clots and strengthening the capillaries.В It also helps to stop a bloody nose by strengthening the capillaries and curing allergies that trigger a nosebleed. To benefit from Nettle, inhale some nettle leave powder or put a few drops of nettle leave juice into the nostril. You can also make nettle leaves tea and consume it every day when you suffer from nose bleeding in the dry months.

Get Hold Of Cayenne Pepper

You may think otherwise because of its spicy nature, but this cayenne pepper works really well to stop a bloody nose.В It helps to adjust the blood flow through the vessels and promotes faster coagulation. It also helps in strengthening the blood capillaries and stimulates cell formation and prevents nosebleed in the future as well. To benefit from cayenne pepper, just add a teaspoon of cayenne powder to a glass of warm, water and have this daily if you suffer from nosebleed frequently. This is an excellent remedy against nosebleed and provides you a lot of relief almost instantly.

Onions Are Powerful

They have been used in a lot of body treatments due to the bioflavonoids and the vitamin C content they have. Onions not only help in stopping a bloody nose but also help in strengthening the capillaries and making them less susceptible for nose bleeding in the future. Just smelling an onion can almost help the blood clot instantly and provide you a lot of relief. To benefit from an onion, just slice an onion, press it near your nose and now inhale its fume deeply into the nose. You can also put 203 drops of the onion juice into the nostril to stop a bloody nose quickly.

Include Petroleum Jelly

That petroleum jelly from your closet comes handy for this purpose. The dry nostrils sometimes aggravate the nose bleeding and this where petroleum jelly helps to cure it. It helps to moisten the inside of the nostrils and helps to stop nose bleeding really fast. The best way to use petroleum jelly is to take a little amount on your fingers and then put it well into the nose. However be cautious that you don’t put it in excess quantities or you might inhale it.

Squeeze Some Lemon Juice

The lemon from the kitchen comes handy for this purpose and lemons are widely used all over the world to stop a bloody nose in people who happen to suffer from it frequently. Lemons not only help in strengthening the capillaries but also help to make the clotting process faster. The best way to use lemon juice is to pour a few drops of lemon juice into the nostrils. Do this several times a day at least for two weeks if you suffer from nose bleeding frequently. Watch how your nose bleeding stops completely after this period.

Coriander Is Highly Effective

Coriander helps a lot in stopping a bloody nose really quickly because of the high content of minerals and vitamins it has. It also helps to balance the pressure of the blood vessels and helps to protect you from the allergies that cause nose bleeding. To benefit from coriander, coat the inner linings of the nose with a few drops of essential coriander oil or put a few drops of coriander fresh coriander juice into the nose. Also, include a lot of fresh coriander in your diet if you suffer from nose bleeding frequently.

Bring In The Holy Basil

Holy basil is a great remedy for stopping a bloody nose really fast, it also helps to soothe the blood vessels and the stressed nerves and helps provide a lot of relief against the nose bleeding. To sue holy basil leaves, just chew a few basil leaves when you suffer from nose bleeding. You can also crush a few basil leaves and take out its juice and put a few drops of it into the nostril. This is an excellent remedy for older people as well as kids and is used widely by people who suffer from nose bleeding often.

Get Hold Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been used widely as one of the most effective remedies for stopping a bloody nose. It helps to prevent excessive blood loss by sealing up the broken walls of the blood vessels. To use apple cider vinegar, pour two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup of warm water and have this three times a day. You can also soak two cotton balls in apple cider vinegar and put it in your nostrils to stop a bloody nose. Let the cotton balls sit in the nose for at least 5-8 minutes to see the maximum benefits.

Get Some Goldenseal

Goldenseal has excellent antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. It not only helps to stop a nosebleed, but also helps to prevent it from occurring in the future. Goldenseal repairs the stressed capillaries and soothes the blood vessels in addition to keeping infections at bay. To benefit from goldenseal, just boil a cup of water and add two teaspoons of goldenseal powder to it. Steep for about 10 minutes and now take it fumes for at least 5 minutes. This helps a lot to make the blood clot and stop nose bleeding.

Sit Straight Up

When you suffer from a nosebleed, it’s essential to either sit up or stand straight to stop a nosebleed instantly to prevent it from aggravating. Lying down on your back can make the situation even more complex. Sit up straight or stand so that the blood doesn’t flow down your throat causing you to gag. This is an essential step to keep in mind the next time you suffer from nose bleeding. Many people normally tend to lie down when they have a nose bleed and that is where they make a mistake.

Cold Compress Works Great

A cold compress is one of the most common and effective remedies for stopping nose bleeding. The cold compress helps to clot the blood and prevents the swelling besides providing a lot of relief against the stressed blood vessels and capillaries. To use a cold compress, just put some ice cubes in a soft fabric and then apply it to the nasal passages and on your forehead. Do it several times during a day to treat the nosebleed. People, who suffer frequently from nose bleeding, should make this a part of their daily life to stop nose bleeding completely and get rid of it altogether.

Things to Remember:

  • Never smoke or drink when you suffer from nose bleeding. These tend to aggravate, it further. Stay away from aspirin and any other blood thinners as well as they can only make it more complex for you. Stay away from polluted areas as well and avoid any heavy and spicy meals when you suffer from nose bleeding.
  • You should always keep having a lot of water when you suffer from nose bleeding. Having adequate water can also help prevent nose bleeding to a great extent. Keep calm and stay from anger, these characteristics can worsen the condition if you suffer from nose bleeding often. Having 7-8 hours of essential sleep is highly important as well.
  • Keep a check on the time when you suffer from nose bleeding, if you are not able to stop a bloody nose even after 30 minutes of having a nosebleed it’s time to rush to a doctor as loss of blood can be extremely detrimental. Never opt for any medicines without proper guidance of a doctor.