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How to Speed Up Metabolism?

In this article, we will discuss ways to speed up metabolism. We all have different metabolic rates; our bodies have a tendency of their own. While some people are naturally blessed with a high metabolism rate, others have a slower metabolism rate and therefore these people have to do a lot more to speed up metabolism. A good metabolic rate prevents you from piling up a lot of weight and keeps your calories in check. On the other hand, if you have a poor or slow metabolic rate you are bound to suffer from weight problems and you will have to work a lot harder to keep your weight in check.

However, it is not a hard task to speed up metabolism naturally. There are some methods which, if practiced daily can help you to increase your metabolism rate and keep your health in check. All these will go a long way in helping you to maintain a healthy body weight for the longest time and keeping your digestive system in check. These apply to both men and women and are a good blend of healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes which will help you a lot to speed up metabolism.

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Metabolism: Know More

Metabolism is the set of life-sustaining chemical transformations within the cells of living organisms. It is that important factor which can help you to reach your weight-loss goals efficiently and your fitness goals faster. A good metabolism plays a great role in body weight and the fat burning process that takes place in your body. When you increase your metabolism, you are bound to lose more weight because of the increase in fat burning rate. And if you have a bad metabolism, you will face difficulty to lose weight and decrease the rate at which fats burn inside your body.

All you need to adopt are some easy and simple lifestyle changes and dietary changes which can help you do that. Be patient and keep positive and watch how you boost your metabolism in a few days time with these simple changes.

Method to Speed Up The Metabolism:

All the below methods work well to speed up metabolism. Adopt these:

Drink Before You Eat

Water is just so good for your body and drinking water before a meal is an ideal thing you can do. Drinking at least two glasses of water before a meal will actually help you to lose five pounds more than otherwise. Taking quick hydration breaks throughout the day is important too if you want to speed up metabolism effectively. Try and have some water before every meal if you want your metabolism rate to reach its peak.

Please don’t get adventurous and add sugar or any other syrup to it. Just have plain room temperature water and watch how in a few months your metabolism rate starts giving you amazing results.

Increase Water Intake

Well, just fall in love with water. More and more water should be your goal every day if you want to speed up metabolism easily. Water plays a big role in our body; in fact, a major chunk of our body is water. It is just an essential thing for remaining healthy all your life and preventing any kinds of disease as well. Water not only helps to maintain an ideal body temperature, but plays a really big role in keeping your digestive system healthy and for maintaining a healthy metabolism rate as well.

Sugary Drinks Are a No-No

Now, this is really important to be done. You totally have to give up those sugary drinks if you want to rev up your metabolism. Sugary drinks are simply dangerous to be included in your diet. They only help you pile calories and make you sluggish thereby making you gain more weight. Stop drinking all those soft drinks, other sugary canned juices, and other sweet drinks. If you feel like having a sweet drink the best thing you can do is making a glass of lemon juice and adding just a little honey and gulping it down. This is the best way to speed up metabolism naturally.

Peppers Help

Eating peppers is the trick here. If you love peppers and love everything hot and spicy then well you are just on the right track for boosting your metabolism. It’s a well-reported fact that fiery capsaicin can rev up the metabolism rather quickly. You can simply add peppers to anything, be it your vegetables, salads, toasts, etc.

You can also just try to eat whole chilies with your main meals every day, however, avoid too much of them as an excess of anything is bad. Many studies have suggested how eating peppers every day is a great way for boosting metabolism and that’s definitely not without a valid point.

Mustard is Good

Well, you probably didn’t know that mustard can do a lot of good for your health, right? Mustard can actually go a long way for increasing your metabolism and helping you maintain an ideal body weight. Add mustard to your meal and feel the burn – yes, literally. Just taking 1 tsp of mustard can boost your metabolism by up to 25% for several hours after eating. People who love to eat mustard can actually benefit a lot from it. You can simply add it to your toppings, salads or just about anything. Just including it in any form in your diet is a must in order to speed up metabolism really fast.

Full-Fat Milk

Include full-fat milk in your diet in order to speed up metabolism quickly. So even if you don’t like full-fat milk, including it is necessary if you want to boost your metabolism. It is the calcium in the milk, which does the trick. Calcium makes the fat to come out of the body instead of sticking inside your body.

You should ideally have one full glass of milk daily at least two times a day if you want to speed up metabolism really quickly. Try to have this milk as it is or just add a simple flavor to it if you want to benefit most from it. Having a milk tea or banana milkshake is not the solution. Have, the milk in its simplest form and watch the benefits it does.


Yogurt is a must to be included in your diet if you want to speed up metabolism quickly. In fact, it is imperative for everyone to adopt yogurt as a part of their daily diet and eat a little yogurt with every meal. Yogurt is rich in probiotics which help a lot in giving you overall good health and a strong digestive system. It is not only a good source of protein and calcium, but eating it as a part of the reduced-calorie diet can really help you to boost your metabolism rate.

Yogurt helps good bacteria in the gut process food more efficiently which in turn helps to prevent any kind of digestive ailments and helps in maintaining weight as well.

Eliminate Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol and smoking tend to interfere with the fat burning process in the body and slow down your metabolism. Moreover, alcohol only helps you add a lot of calories and it makes you pile a lot of weight in a short span of time.

Smoking also disturbs the natural flow of nutrients in your body and slows down your metabolism. Remaining unhealthy is one of the prime reasons for piling up more weight and smoking and alcohol intake does more harm than good to the body. Avoid them altogether if you want to lose weight fast and speed up metabolism effectively.

Keep Snacking

Having small meals or quick, healthy bites through the day prevents you from slowing down your metabolism. Aim for smaller meals (300-500 calories) a day rather than 3 large meals if you want to speed up metabolism fast. Have something every two hours. You can definitely take some milk, fruits, and digestive biscuits, nuts, Salads or a plain sandwich to keep yourself full. Avoid having any starchy or calorie rich foods or fried foods in between. Doing this is one of the fastest ways to speed up metabolism and will give you astonishing results.

Pump Iron

Doing weight training really helps in the calorie burning process and on the others hand also helps to speed up metabolism effectively. Pumping iron helps to increase your resting metabolic rate which is the number of calories you burn while doing nothing, actually even while you are not working out. It gives your metabolism an added boost after your exercise and is one of the speed up metabolism in a few days time. Several weight training exercises like bench press, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and planks will go a long way in giving you the desired body and weight really quickly.

Drink Green tea

Drinking green tea is one of the best ways to speed up metabolism instantly. In fact, it is necessary to include green tea in your diet daily if you want to boost your metabolism and want to lose weight. There have been some studies which have proved that people who drank more than two cups of green tea daily burned about two pounds more than other people. A component called catechins in green tea, triggers the release of fat from fat cells and helps speed the liver’s capacity for turning fat into energy. So for speeding up metabolism really fast, including green tea is the way to go.

Adequate Sleep

Have at least 7-8 hours of sleep when you are in the process of speeding up metabolism. Sleep helps you to stay away from tiredness and stress. When you are exhausted, your body lacks the energy to do normal day to day functions including burning calories. Giving adequate sleep will help you in keeping your metabolism in check and will also help you digest food in a better way. Sleep early and get up early when you want to shed those extra kilos. Believe me; this will go a long way in getting the desired results.

Add Protein

Protein is the king of nutrients and adding more of proteins in your diet will go a long way in helping you shed that extra weight from your body parts and will also help to speed up metabolism quickly. High protein diet can really help a lot in boosting your metabolism, which will help you from piling up weight too quickly.

Your body burns more calories in digesting and metabolizing the protein, which is why you will end up feeling fuller for a long time. Eating a breakfast rich in proteins like eggs can have a powerful effect and can prove to be one of the fastest ways of speeding up metabolism.

Eat Lentils Daily

Eating lentils daily is one of the best ways to speed up metabolism and to help you lose weight as well. Being deficient in essential minerals can show up in all kinds of ways, but an iron deficiency can also be a blow for getting into your skinny jeans with relative ease. A cup of lentils is all you need to get enough of protein intake that your body needs.

These also help to drive our bad cholesterol and any blood pressure problem with utmost ease. You can simply eat two or three bowls of cooked lentils every day if you want to speed up metabolism naturally and ensure you get a good dose of protein as well. These lentils are really low in calories and high in protein, which is enough to do a lot of good to your body with every single intake.

Stand for at Least 3 Hours Daily

Standing at work for at least 3 hours every day will do a lot of good to your body. Most people spend another seven to ten hours sitting at their desk and that means most of us spend the overwhelming majority of our time sedentary. Standing at work burned 50 more calories per hour than sitting. If you stand for just three hours of your day, in one year you’d expend more than 30,000 extra calories — which amounts to about 8 lbs of fat!

In a way our bodies are not designed to spend all our time sitting at our desks. It needs to walk and it needs to be involved in some sort of activity in order to work at its optimum best and in order to speed up metabolism. Walking 5000 to 10000 steps every day and keeping a tab on that will do a lot of good to your body.

Few Useful Tips:

Keep the below in mind as well to speed up metabolism effectively:

  • Try and have some small meals every two hours. This does not mean you have large meals, but just try and have fruits, salads, a few nuts or just a plain sandwich between your 3 essential meals of the day.
  • Never skip your workout any single day. You should work out six days a week compulsory.
  • Keep variations in your workout. Focus on your entire body. Focus on compound exercises as well and as the days pass be progressive in your workouts.
  • Never have anything after 7pm every day. Your dinner should be eaten by 7pm max. Having anything after this will only lead you to pile more weight.
  • Have a glass of lukewarm water mixed with the juice of one lemon and a little honey every day in the morning once you get up. This really helps to boost your metabolic rate.