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How to Stop Itching? (Natural Remedies)

In this article, we will discuss remedies to stop itching fast. Having itchy, irritated skin is no fun, and being constantly reminded to “stop scratching!” is probably not as helpful as your mom thinks. Itches are a problem that everyone experiences and can be localised (limited to one area of the body) or generalised (occurring all over the body or in several different areas). Itching is an irritation of the skin that elicits an urge to scratch. There may be different reasons for an itch and everybody can experience itching of varying frequencies – some more and some less.

However, there is no need to worry a lot about an itch, as most certainly it won’t be life threatening, but what is an important is to never to ignore an itch at any cost. In order to stop itching you don’t need to rush to a doctor as a first option, what works best are some simple remedies that can work well to stop itching and providing you relief and soothing the skin at the same time. Itching is a common problem and is more common during humid weather; taking precautions are a must here.

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Itching: Know More

Itching can have varied causes like allergic reactions, dry weather, skin infection, insect bites, soaps and detergents, and even some medications. In medical terminology, itching is known as pruritus. Depending on the severity, it can be mildly annoying to intensely aggravating, disrupting daily activities and sleep. While scratching gives momentary relief, it can also lead to injuries and infections. It is also important to note here that itches can also occur with or without skin lesions and sometimes the visible signs take some time to develop on the skin.

Causes for Itching:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Dry skin
  • Prolonged exposure to UV radiation
  • Metabolic and hormone disorders
  • Cancers
  • Reactions to drugs
  • Interruptions in bile flow
  • Diseases of the blood

Home Remedies to Stop Itching:

Some home remedies work best here to stop itching at the earliest. These remedies help to soothe skin and provide you instant relief from the nonstop irritation on the skin.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has a soothing effect due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It is the most common home remedy for itchy skin as well as skin rashes. Plus, it acts as a natural acid neutralizer that helps relieve itching and helps to stop itching really fast. However one must always take precautions never to use baking soda on broken skin or open wounds as that can cause a lot of pain and can be extremely harmful to the skin.

The best that works commonly here is by making a paste by mixing three tablespoons of baking soda with one tablespoon of water. Now apply this paste over the affected part and leave it on the skin for some time, at least for 10-15 minutes for maximum relief. Do this once daily. You can also add one cup of baking soda to a bathtub filled with cool water and mix it well in the water. Soak in this water for about half an hour and then use a towel to dry yourself properly. Do this once daily to stop itching totally.

Colloidal Oatmeal

It contains anti-irritating, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that provide instant relief from itching. If colloidal oatmeal is not available, you can use unprocessed oat flour or whole oats that have been ground in a food processor.

To benefit from oatmeal, add a little water to one cup of colloidal oatmeal and leave it until it thickens to a paste-like consistency, then apply this mixture on the itchy skin, cover it with a cloth and leave it on for half an hour. Do this once daily to stop itching and to get relief. You can take an oatmeal bath up to three times a day, depending on the severity of your condition. Add one to two cups of colloidal oatmeal to a bathtub filled with lukewarm water and then soak in this water for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Both these treatments work really well to stop itching completely and to soothe skin to a great extent.

Cool Water

Nothing works like cool water to soothe the skin and to stop itching whatever the reason may be. Applying cool water on the affected skin can bring instant relief from itchiness as the cool water helps in settling the tension in the nerves really well. Run cool tap water over the affected skin for as long as necessary. Here simply rub an ice cube wrapped in a cloth over the affected area and take a cool shower to help the treatment be more effective.

After this, applying a cold compress on the skin for sometime will be effective to soothe skin to a great extent and help you get rid of itching. Doing this is one of the safest and easiest ways to stop itching and to provide relief to the irritated skin. You can do this many times a day in order to get rid of itching and to keep the skin prevented from any kind of skin allergies.


Lemon is acidic in nature and its string properties works like natural medicine on the skin. It has great antiseptic, anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and anti-irritating properties and works well for stopping itching in a short time. However, this remedy is not suitable for those who have sensitive skin. Extract the juice from one to two fresh lemons. To benefit from lemon, use a cotton ball and apply the juice on the affected skin. Wash off with lukewarm water after you have left it to dry for some time. Repeat twice daily until the condition improves and your itching stops. It is one of the best remedies to stop itching really fast and helps to repair the skin against any kind of damage as well.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The antiseptic, anti-itching, antifungal and antibacterial properties of apple cider vinegar help to stop itching effectively. It’s also popularly used for pets with dry, itchy skin as well, by adding a few cupfuls to their bath water. To treat more localized itching, apply apple cider vinegar on the affected areas using a cotton ball and leave it on for half an hour and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. You should do this for a few days at least once or twice daily for maximum benefits. Alternately, add two to three cups of apple cider vinegar to lukewarm bath water and soak in this water for 15 to 30 minutes. Then dry yourself well and moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer. Do this once a day to stop itching and to relieve your skin from all the symptoms.

Juniper Berries and Cloves

This ingredientВ has great anti-inflammatory properties, and cloves contain a powerful essential oil that helps numb the nerve endings to reduce itching sensations. Juniper berries and cloves used together make an excellent home remedy for itchy skin and is a wonderful combination to stop itching and provide comfort to the skin. Here melt six tablespoons of unsalted butter in a saucepan. In another saucepan, melt two tablespoons of beeswax. Add the melted butter to the melted beeswax and stir well with five tablespoons of ground juniper berries and three tablespoons of ground cloves. Let the mixture cool for sometime before applying on the skin. Apply the mixture on the affected skin and leave it on overnight. Take a bath in the morning and remove this mixture from the skin. This is one of the best remedies for stopping itching and for soothing the skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains vitamin E that helps keep the skin moisturized and in turn reduces itching. It is probably best-known for its ability to heal sunburns, but it’s extremely versatile as it soothes the skin and relieves swelling and irritation. To benefit from Aloe Vera simply make a paste by adding one tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel to two tablespoons of natural clay. Wash off with lukewarm water after applying the paste gently over the skin and letting it dry. Do this once daily to stop itching totally and to provide relief to the skin. You can also scoop out the gooey gel inside, and rub it directly onto irritated skin. For this break off a leaf from the plant, and cut it open lengthwise from top to bottom with a knife. Do this once to twice daily to stop itching and to repair your skin.


Basil contains a high amount of eugenol, a potent essential oil and topical anesthetic and helps to stop itching magically. Plus, it has compounds called camphor and thymol that effectively combat itching. To benefit from basil just crush a few basil leaves. No gently rub them over the affected area and let it sit on the skin for some time. Rinse it off with lukewarm water after letting it dry for some time. Do this as many times till you find relief on the skin and feel comfortable. Alternately add one tablespoon of dried basil leaves to two cups of boiling water and cover the pan for a few minutes. Allow the mixture to cool and then apply it on the affected area using a cotton cloth. This is a wonderful method to stop itching faster and helps to repair the skin really well.


Thyme contains significant amounts of thymol, which has anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties. Using thyme is one of the best ways to stop itching, to a great extent and it also helps to provide comfort to the skin besides healing it off. Here the Thymol can numb the nerve fibres as well as reduce inflammation caused by excessive scratching. Just add one tablespoon of dried thyme leaves to two cups of boiling water and cover it and allow it to cool. Strain the solution and use a clean cloth to apply the solution directly on the itchy skin. Doing this at least twice daily will help to stop itching naturally and provide you a lot of comfort.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, analgesic and soothing properties that help relieve itching caused by dermatitis, scabies or stress. It is great as it provides a cooling sensation that’ll give you welcome relief and will help to soothe your skin providing you a lot of comfort. To benefit from peppermint oil, add three or four drops of peppermint oil to one tablespoon of carrier oil like coconut or almond oil and then use it well over the skin. Massage gently so the oil penetrates deep into the skin and helps to treat the condition effectively here. Do this once or twice daily to stop itching and to get relief. Alternately add several drops of peppermint oil to a bathtub filled with lukewarm water and soak in this water for half an hour. Then dry yourself well and moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer.


Clay is very helpful for itching and a number of other skin issues such as acne. Green clay (often called montmorillonite or bentonite clay) is the most powerful type. To benefit from clay, just mix the clay in a bowl or cup with a bit of filtered water until it has a creamy consistency. Then just apply it gently to the itchy areas on the skin and let it dry, then rinse with lukewarm water. This is a really easy remedy to stop itching effectively and helps to provide a lot of comfort to the skin. It is almost magical in treating the skin and helps to soothe skin against any kind of damages.

Fruit Peels

Fruit peel work really well to stop itching and to get rid of any kind of skin infection. Banana peels and watermelon rind work really well here to soothe the skin and to provide relief against any kind of damage. This is one of the best natural ways to stop itching quickly and to heal the skin. Here just rub the peel or rind into the affected area and leave it as it is for some time. But, this method does have a potential drawback: the fruity scent may attract bugs. So it is advisable to stay indoors once you have used this remedy.

Next time you suffer from itchy skin, simply try one of these home remedies instead of scratching like crazy. Every remedy listed here is made from plants or from plant-based or food-grade substances and therefore it is really safe to use on the skin in order to stop itching. Many of these methods can be used to ameliorate a variety of skin complaints: rashes, poison ivy, eczema and other itch-inducing skin problems. These are all totally natural and straight from nature and there’s no addition of any harmful chemicals here which may harm the skin.