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How to Remove Super Glue From Skin?

Removing super glues from the skin seems like a really hard task, super glue getting stuck on the skin can instantly make us worrisome and tensed. There is no denying that super glue gets stuck to the skin really badly and there have been many cases where carelessness has given rise to some harmful consequences here. Super glue is one of these glues which have a really high binding content. Removing superglue ideally is next to impossible until and unless you get hold of the right methods to remove super glue from skin.

Trying to remove superglue harshly can damage your skin badly and make you suffer even more. One should be extremely gentle and patient when you are trying to remove super glue from skin while it gets stuck. While running off to a doctor or getting hold of a professional expert is one idea, there are some natural methods which work well to remove super glue from skin without damaging your skin. However, one must take all precautions while practicing these remedies as they all require attention to detail and a lot of patience.

to remove super glue from skin

Super Glue: Know More

Super glue in medical terms is also known as cyanoacrylate. It is actually a name given to all types of glues that dry quickly and stick together anything from broken cups to wooden boards in a matter of seconds. While the super glue is really good with objects of all kinds it can be a pain in your hands and fingers. Since it is made of strong substances and chemicals, if it comes in contact with your skin directly it can really have some long lasting damages if precautions are not taken and the right remedies are not applied.

It is important to know here that a little amount of Super Glue can hold more than one ton of weight. The fact that it bonds pretty fast, removing it becomes an extremely daunting task in itself.

Best Remedies to Remove Super Glue From Skin:

Opt for the below remedies to remove super glue from skin. These are pretty safe and easy to be applied:


Acetone has long been used in a lot of skin problems where hard glues have got stuck to the skin. It is a strong liquid which works really well in removing super glue from skin here from your fingers. Make sure you are using a good brand of acetone here as there are many other cheap ones which don’t show results and tend to harm the skin more. However, you should take care if you have sensitive skin.

Here simply soak your hands in a warm soap solution and add a dash of vinegar to it. This will cause the glue to loosen up and it will become easy for you to remove super glue from your fingers. If this doesn’t work, just get hold of a nail polish remover which contains acetone and rub off the acetone on the glue. Never use a cotton swab for this as it can react badly with the glue. Let the area dry up and then sue an emery board to remove super glue from skin. You can also use a pumice stone kept in warm water for this purpose. Let it peel off on its own. It will turn white but it will not hurt you, and the glue will eventually come off.


Salt is effective to remove super glue from skin in just a few minutes. This super thing from the kitchen makes the skin smooth as well and normally you won’t feel the dryness after using this. Here simply take 2 tbsp of salt and add a little water to it to make a thick paste out of this. Now apply this paste to the affected area. Keep rubbing the salt and water paste on the affected area for some time till the glue starts to loosen up. Rinse off a little.

However, don’t add more water to your hands. Keep rubbing without adding water, this may take a few more minutes. Repeat until the salt has dissipated. Mostly, the glue will lift off too at this stage. This is really a good remedy to remove super glue from skin easily and has long been used by a lot of people.

Hand Lotion

We all have hand lotions and hand creams mostly in your handbag and homes, isn’t it? These lotions work well in removing super glue from skin quickly. These don’t damage the skin as well and can work for people with sensitive skin also. Simply apply the cream or the lotion to the affected area and keep rubbing it till the super glue reacts with it and starts to come off from the skin. This may take a few minutes. When the glue starts coming off, remove it all slowly and then remove the excess cream or lotion from your hands or just massage it well into your skin. You can also use any cocoa butter based lotion for this method as it works well to remove super glue from skin completely.

Soap and Warm Water

Warm soapy water works best here. Just make a solution in a small bowl of some hot water and 1 tbsp of a mild soap and soak your fingers in it. Let them soak for at least two minutes and then try and remove super glue from skin slowly. If you find it difficult to still take it off, try using a spoon or any other object which can help lift off the thin layer from the skin. You may have to try several attempts, though, to find some success.

If you still feel that it’s difficult to be removed, soak your fingers for some time more. You can also use lemon juice instead of water for this purpose. Or mix one part of lemon juice and one part of water, which also works effectively. The acid in the lemon juice helps to remove the glue easily from the skin and makes it easy for you to get rid of it.

В Peeling

This is one of the first ways we all use to remove super glue from skin effectively. However, there is a trick while doing this. Also, this is not recommended if you have a highly sensitive skin. This method also works best if the super glue is stuck to one finger instead of sticking two fingers together. You should try and remove the glue slowly and steadily here and never be forceful with it if you ever feel pain or see the skin lifting off, stop it immediately. You should first wait for the glue to dry up into a thin layer on the skin and never try to take it off when it’s still sticky.

Try and use your fingernail or tweezers and begin lifting from the edge of the thin layer and pull it off gradually from the skin. People with sensitive skin need to be extra careful with this.


The detergent from your kitchen or bathroom would work well here. Since detergents are really strong agents, you should take precautions of not using them in excess as they can seriously damage your skin. Here to make a solution of some hot water and detergent. You can use ¼ cup of detergent and 1 cup of water for this purpose. Mix the detergent in the hot water really well and then soak your fingers in it. Keep the fingers soaked and keep rubbing them slowly till the glue starts to loosen up, at least for 20 minutes. If you feel it’s still hard on the skin, try soaking your fingers for a little more time. It should now be easy to remove super glue from skin totally.

This is one of the most common methods for removing super glue from skin easily. You can get hold of some moisturizer or a good hand cream and apply on your hand after this as it may leave your hands dry.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is good to remove super glue from skin effectively. It doesn’t harm the skin as well and keeps the skin soft and moisturized after you have used the remedy. Here first wash off your hands nicely in a solution of some good soap and hot water. Now dry off your hands and put petroleum jelly on the affected area. Keep rubbing the petroleum jelly well on the skin for some time. Use a nail file to rub the affected area for about a minute. Or keep rubbing it off till you see the glue coming off from your skin. Repeat and then dry your hands.

It is one of the best methods of removing super glue from skin and can work well for people with sensitive skin as well. Try using it the next time the super glue gets stuck to your skin, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Butter or Oil

Some margarine or any olive can work best for this purpose. This method is good if you have a sensitive skin and removing super glue from skin with other methods can be harmful to the skin. Simply get hold of a little margarine. Rub it off on the super glue for a few minutes till it dries up. When it dries up just remove it all slowly with the help of your fingernails. If you don’t have margarine, you can also use any vegetable oil or olive oil to remove super glue from skin here.

This really helps to loosen the bond and helps the glue to come off slowly from the skin. It also doesn’t harm your skin at all. Instead, it helps to keep it soft and moisturized instead of making it dry or brittle.


All you have to do is scratch glue as much as possible, then instead of water use lemon juice to wash your hands. It helps to remove even the stubborn glue from your skin. Thus, another home remedy that can help you to get rid of the super glue is our very own lemon. It has acidic agents that come in the flavor. For a fruitful result use salt along the lemon juice. Salt has abrasive properties that promote the process.

However, do not use this method if your skin burnt or has cut. Lemon is one of the most effective remedies for removing super glue from skin. It is one which is highly recommended by doctors too to remove super glue from skin effectively.

Super glue on your skin is somewhat irritating. Because of its strong bonding nature, it tends to stick things almost permanently. However, the strong adhesive nature of super glue makes a problem when you accidentally drop it on your skin.

Other Tips

In order to remove the super glue from your skin or to dissolve the super glue from your skin, there are some really nice and easy ways at your disposal. The above methods are applicable for skin, fingers, nails and hairs too!

Also make a note of this – The best skin moisturizer in the entire universe is Argan Oil, which comes from a tree. It’s natural andВ safe for those of you with crazy allergies. Apart from that, it has some magical healing properties, which work well with our skin. So after washing your hands well after every remedy make sure you make use of argan oil to moisturize your skin well.