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How to Remove Gel Polish?

We all love to adorn and flaunt our nails. Especially with the application of gel nail polishes, various kinds of designs and all the types of nail art techniques that are a crazy trend these days. It is important to understand here that these various nail art techniques are permanent in application, meaning they are not easy to be taken off. Because of their stubborn nature, it is important to remove gel polish safely as they can damage the nails and the natural enamel present in them. It is also important to visit a good salon and get the polishes applied under through expertise in order to prevent any kind of damage. Read more to know various ways to remove gel polish.

Gel Nail Polish: Know More

How we all love getting those gel nail polishes applied to our nails every time? And now with all those at home gel nail kits available, it’s super easy to get those long lasting polishes applied to your nails. Matt or shiny, plain or with interesting motifs, applying gel manicure is just too easy these days. However, removing gel polish is as difficult as easy it is to be applied.

Know Some Facts before you Apply Gel Polish:

  • Removing gel polish can sometimes lead to brittle and weak nails and leads them to thin out gradually. If the right technique is not used or anything goes wrong in the removal methods, it could leave you with weak nails that tend to break every now and then.
  • Gel nail polish sometimes also leads to discoloration in the nails where they become yellowish and brownish and lose their natural color and shine.
  • You could also develop painful nail beds if the removal methods have not applied according to the right instructions.

How to Remove Gel Polish

Ways to Remove Gel Nail Polish:

The below methods work really well to remove gel polish. Opt for these the next time you get gel polishes applied on your nails:

Soaking Your Fingers And Nails:

This method takes a little longer and is not a preferred method to remove gel polish, but nonetheless try it the next time; you won’t regret it at all.

  • To start off, just heat some water on the direct flame. Make sure the water is not too hot; just warm it enough so that you can soak your hands in it. Now take another pan and put this pan of water on top of it, much like a double boiler effect. Put acetone into this and leave it for 5-6 minutes. Turn the heat off.
  • Take a nail file and start chipping the top layer of the gel nail polish like in the previous method. Be gentle and don’t be aggressive. Try to take it off slowly. Removal of the top layer will ensure that the gel nail polish will come off smoothly from the nails. Make sure you take it off from all the corners of your nail.
  • Take some petroleum jelly now and coat your nails and the skin around your nails so that the harsh acetone doesn’t damage your skin and your nails. Make sure you are using only a good quality petroleum jelly.
  • Now soak your fingers in the bowl where you poured the acetone. The water should be warm enough to speed up the process of weakening of the gel nail polish. Make sure you don’t burn your fingers by putting your fingers in a water bowl which is too hot. Keep your fingers soaked in for about 15-20 minutes. Let them be, don’t remove your hand in between. The acetone, when mixed in warm water, will help the gel nail polish to weaken and will make it easy to remove it from your nails.
  • After 15-20 minutes. Take an orange stick and start removing the gel polish. You can start from one end and then go across to the center and then reach the end. Just remove it softly and don’t push too hard. It should come off easily. If you still feel that the gel nail polish is difficult to remove from some parts, you can soak your nails again in the solution for next 10 minutes. This should help you to remove gel polish easily.
  • Once the gel nail polish has been removed from your nails, wash your hands well with a good hand wash and apply a little olive oil or any other good hand cream. Soaking your fingers and nails in the harsh acetone can make the nails weak and can damage your skin as well. It is essential to use an oil based solution or a good lotion to nourish the skin and prevent it from any damages. Massage your nails well and massage the skin around it as well for about 5 minutes.

Silver Foil Comes to The Rescue

This is one of the most effective methods to remove gel polish at home. It may not be the most instant way of removing gel polish, but be assured using this method is not just safe, but it gives you the best surety of removing that stubborn gel polish from your nails.

  • The first step is to take a nail file and start filing off the top glossy layer over your nails. If you file this layer off your nails, it is easier to remove the entire gel polish then and get rid of it altogether. Start filling the top layer slowly and steadily from all over your nails. Don’t push too hard though, as it can damage your nails. Be gentle but cover your entire nail while removing the top layer off.
  • Take some petroleum jelly now and apply it all around your nails. Be greedy here and use a generous amount. The petroleum jelly will help to protect your nails and skin against the harmful effects of the acetone.
  • Now take few cotton balls enough for your fingers and soak with them acetone. Make sure you are using a good quality acetone as a poor quality acetone will only lead you to damage your nails. Soak the cotton balls thoroughly with a good amount of acetone and then place them well over all your fingers.
  • Now cut out little pieces of that aluminium foil and use the foil to wrap those acetone balls over your nails and wrap it well around your nails. Aluminium prevents the acetone from evaporating and it helps soak the gel polish well, speeding up the chipping process. Keep the foil wrapped over the fingers for a good amount of time, about 30 minutes. Read a book, watch TV or call your friend, do anything for those 30 minutes, but just don’t try to take those foils off.
  • After 30 minutes, take the foil and the acetone balls from the nails and start removing the gel polish slowly. Use an orange stick or your nail to check if it’s getting removed from the nail. If you still feel that the gel nail polish is too stubborn to remove in some areas, you can soak the nails again for about 10 minutes and continue the process. After this, the entire polish can be removed easily.
  • Once the polish comes off, wash the hands and fingers well and apply some olive oil or a hand cream to moisturize your nails. Acetone and clipping off that polish can damage, your damage and remove the natural gloss from your nails as well. Washing your nails thoroughly will help you get rid of the harmful residue and help you get your natural nails back.
  • Use this method to remove gel polish at home next time you get them done, I am sure you are not going to regret it any cost.


Take the below precautions when you want to apply gel nail polish to your nails next time. These are important to know:

  • Visit a good salon and get gel nail polish applied on your nails only when you can trust the person doing it. Get it done only from experts. Take an opinion from fried s or see reviews for salons and visit the best one near your place. Visiting unknown salons may result in more damage, as there are cheap parlors using fake gel nails polishes and procedures which are definitely not good on the skin or the nails.
  • If you still feel that any of the above methods will not work to your advantage or you are not ready for them, then visit a good salon to get it removed. These people are experts and can help to remove gel polish in a quick, easy and safe way. You may certainly have to shell out a lot of money, but you will get rid of that gel nail polish totally and get your natural nails back.
  • While removing the gel polish yourself, never do anything in excess. Do it only according to the rules mentioned. Soaking your hands for a long time or chipping the nails for a really long time will only lead to more damage. Practice these house methods precisely and help of your family members or friends if you want.
  • Always wait for at least two weeks if you want to get another round of gel nail polishes applied to your nails. Don’t coat them again as soon as you have removed the gel nail polish. Let your nails breathe and let them get some natural oxygen. Waiting for two weeks is a good option.
  • Everything discussed here will help you a lot whenever you make up your mind to apply gel nail polishes to your nails. Your nails are your asset as well, treat them with care.