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How to Quit Drinking?

More often than not, alcohol and alcoholic beverages are seen as solutions to problems and stressful situations, but the truth is, alcohol is nothing but trouble. However, as alcoholism is an addiction, it is likely to take more than just strong will power to quit drinking. The addiction surely affects your social life as well because it encourages irritability and violent behavior, thereby giving rise to a number of social problems like losing a job, domestic violence, separation of family members, divorce and a lot more on a general basis.

There are a lot of people who are solid drinkers and for them, alcoholism is the way of living life, but they don’t understand that by doing it they are only ruining their life every single day. The American Medical Association reports that about 18 million people in the U.S. Abuse alcohol and more than 70 million Americans have dealt with alcoholism in their family. Whether you are an alcohol addict looking for solace or just hoping to make healthier choices in life, natural remedies are the best way to quit drinking. They also inexpensive, easy, and introduce a lot of positivity to your routine.

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Drinking: Know More

Recognized as a disease, alcoholism has taken most of the U.S and the world by a storm. Alcoholism can cause both physical and mental health problems. Ranging from frequent to daily to binge drinking, it can differ differently from one person to the other. It is a well-known fact that alcohol addiction is not good for health as it causes several long-term health problems like liver damage, cirrhosis, kidney problem, pancreatitis, heart disease, anxiety disorder, impotence, reduced immunity, etc. some bodily conditions such as a headache, insomnia, diarrhea, malnutrition, lack of coordination and judgement are some short-term issues caused by alcoholism.

Signs and symptoms of alcoholism include an inability to limit alcohol consumption, strong urges to drink, tolerance to alcohol (requiring more of it for the same physical effect) and being annoyed when alcohol is not available.

Ways to Quit Drinking:

The below methods are the best when you have decided to quit drinking. All you need here is just a bit of patience and determination for them to work:


Enjoy a nice sunny day with a brisk walk every day for at least 30 minutes. If you don’t enjoy walking, then go for a run, swim or just a cycle. All these are good cardiovascular exercises which help to refresh you and tend to increase the happiness hormones in your body. It is mandatory that you exercise daily to keep your mind occupied and to increase the energy which is vital when you have decided to quit drinking. This is just as necessary as your daily dose of water.

An early morning walk or an evening walk will do a lot of good in increasing your breathing pattern and helping you focus on the good things. Do this as a necessary habit to quit drinking. Exercise keeps the body healthy, reduces stress, improves mood, fights depression and reduces cravings. In order to reduce the long-term effects of alcoholism, regular physical exercise will help a lot. When battling alcoholism, include exercises like brisk walking, running, biking, swimming or aerobics in your daily routine.


It is one of the best natural treatments in order to quit drinking and help you kick away this bad habit at the earliest. There have been a lot of cases where regular drinkers have seen tremendous benefits after availing of acupuncture to kick this dreadful habit. Acupuncture is a natural and healthy treatment in order to quit drinking faster. In addition, acupuncture helps reduce anxiety and depression, two main reasons behind excessive drinking and also promotes wellness on the other side.В Not many people are aware of the fact that acupuncture on the correct pressure points on the ear can help reduce the desire for alcohol to a great extent. You should find an expert here who can help you out with the best technique to help you treat with acupuncture.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga helps people re-establish the connection between their bodies and minds while improving physical strength. In addition, meditation helps relax your mind and soul. These two can be extremely helpful when dealing with significant stress and emotional struggles. A combination of these two works really well to quit drinking and to help you control the anxiety and the withdrawal symptoms. Some Magical yoga poses can also effectively treat alcoholism.However, these require time and dedication from your side. If you are willing to be patient and determined to quit drinking, then these poses if practiced on a daily basis will help eradicate your habit totally in a few months.В Working with a yoga expert is highly recommended here in order to quit drinking effectively.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil, being rich in antioxidants and saturated fats, helps nourish and heal the brain. It works best in order to curb stress and quit drinking. Alcohol consumption leads to oxidative stress, which contributes to insulin resistance and interferes with brain glucose metabolism. Therefore coconut oil is an excellent natural remedy to help treat alcohol addiction. Plus, this super food is good for lowering cholesterol, providing energy, and maintaining a healthy weight. Not many people know that coconut helps kill yeast in the body, it also helps reduce sugar and alcohol cravings because yeast feeds on sugar, there is no doubt in saying that this wonderful oil is one of the best oils to help you quit drinking really fast. All you have to do is take a few tablespoons of extra-virgin coconut oil daily. You can simply add it to smoothies or while cooking your dishes as well.


In order to treat the side effects of drinking in excess, dandelion works really well. It has been observed that a lot of people, who are on their way to quitting drinking, opt for dandelion in order to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. The ingredient improves the production of bile and stimulates its flow besides rejuvenating the liver tissues almost instantly. In order to benefit from dandelion, you can also take 500 mg of dandelion root capsule 2 or 3 times a day. Before taking these, do consult a doctor. Another way is to Steep 1 teaspoon of dried dandelion root in a cup of boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes. Strain and drink 2 or 3 cups of this tea daily for a couple of months in order to quit drinking completely.

Bitter Gourd

This bitter vegetable is a natural antidote that aids in eliminating toxins from the body; it is also called bitter melon generally. Taking bitter gourd juice every day is one of the best ways of treating alcoholism and helping you quit drinking totally. In order to heal the liver damage due to alcohol consumption, bitter gourd works like magic on the body. You may not like the taste, but if you adapt to it, you will certainly succeed with the results you want. To do this extract the juice from a few bitter gourd leaves. Mix 3 teaspoons of this juice in a glass of buttermilk and drink it once daily on an empty stomach. Follow this remedy for a couple of months. This is one of the most effective ways of quitting drinking at the earliest and for giving you a healthy liver and digestive system.


In a 2013 study published in the journal Psychopharmacology, researchers found that a standardized kudzu extract can help people cut down on drinking. There have been instances when people have seen magical results after using this herb for a few days in order to quit drinking quickly. The isoflavone compounds in a Chinese herb called kudzu can be of great help in reducing alcohol-related hangovers and cravings. However, it is important here that you consult your doctor before taking these medications, so that it does not interfere with any other medication that you would be taking. In order to benefit from kudzu, take an extract containing at least 30 to 40% kudzu at least twice daily. Do this for a couple of months to quit drinking totally.


Dates have abundant antioxidant properties and are packed with tannins that are great for detoxifying the liver. This is an age-old remedy for treating alcoholism. These replace lost nutrients besides helping reduce cravings most of the times. This wonderful product is also sweet in taste and is an effective way of helping you quit drinking in a couple of months. To benefit from dates, Soak 4 or 5 dates in 1 cup of water for 1 hour. Mash the soaked dates in the water and remove the seeds and drink this brew twice daily. Repeat this remedy for 1 to 2 months in order to quit smoking naturally. This remedy is one of the most favored remedy for quitting drinking all over the world.


This ingredient will help reduce your desire to have alcohol with regular consumption. Celery juice acts as a natural cleanser that effectively clears toxins from the blood. It improves overall health besides clearing toxins from the body and the liver. Moreover, this amazing juice also helps minimize the desire for sugar because it has no alcohol and helps to give you a healthier body in some time. To benefit from celery, mix ВЅ a glass of celery juice with ВЅ a glass of water. Drink it twice daily for a few months to quit drinking effectively with this amazing product. Celery also helps to cool down your body and helps to rejuvenate you to a great extent, making you feel happier and brighter without depending on alcohol for the same.

Licorice Root

Licorice herb will make you stop drinking for good because it is packed with antioxidant properties. This is an extremely effective home remedy that will help you fight the battle with alcohol. You can simply chew the licorice root as it is or make yourself some hot licorice tea to benefit from this. A lot of people have seen some wonderful benefits in their mood and overall health with regular consumption of this. There is no doubt that licorice is one of the best products to help you quit drinking really quickly. Licorice is also used for treating various ailments, especially those of the liver and respiratory system and helps to benefit your body in a number of ways while we are on the road to recovering from alcoholism.


Grapes will help to curb your desire for alcohol and alcoholic beverages; but at any point, during the diet, if you feel unwell, break the diet until you are back in good health. Grapes are a common fruit used to win the battle against alcohol and help you quit drinking naturally. Whenever you feel the urge to drink alcohol, just drink a glass of grape juice. It is one of the best ways of quitting drinking and for bringing your body back in good health. These grapes are also high in potassium which helps a lot in liver detoxifications. They are actually considered the best natural cure for alcohol addiction by many of the doctors. Drinking grape juice daily will help you cleanse off all the toxins from the liver and help you to quit drinking effectively.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is very important because alcoholism reduces appetite and the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and this is true in every case. Diet plays an important role in one’s ability to remain sober and reduce the effects of heavy drinking. In order to overcome the side effects of excessive alcohol consumption, our body needs a lot of vitamins and minerals. It is best to eat whole grains, cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables and other fiber-rich complex carbohydrates to help maintain steady blood sugar levels and to help you quit drinking really easily.

Other Tips

  • Eat foods high in vitamin C to improve brain functioning and reduce your interest in alcohol.
  • Avoid caffeine, sugar and nicotine, which can contribute to the urge to drink.
  • Eat foods high in vitamin B12 to help improve liver functioning and to help stop alcohol cravings.
  • Eat foods high in amino acids to help stabilize your mood, which in turn will help break the addiction cycle.
  • Things to Remember:
  • Keep the below things in mind as well when you want to quit drinking completely:
  • Spend time doing things that help distract your mind from drinking.
  • Make it clear to your friends and family that you want to quit drinking.
  • Get a pet or find some other passion that greatly interests you.
  • Spend more time with your family, especially children, to keep yourself motivated.
  • Get 6 to 8 hours of sound sleep daily.
  • Avoid smoking as it increases cravings for alcohol.
  • Avoid socializing with friends and family who drink a lot.
  • For the removal of toxins and waste products from the body, even a massage can help a lot.
  • Spend more time with your family, especially children, to keep yourself motivated.
  • Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration and help your body recover.
  • Listen to music. It can relieve stress and calm you.
  • When things get tough, talk to a near or dear one rather than turning to alcohol.
  • Celebrations are often accompanied by a large quantity of alcohol. If you really want to stay alcohol free, politely refuse and do not fall for temptations.
  • Clear your immediate surroundings of all bottles and instances that trigger the thought of alcohol