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How to Pop Your Ears?

Don’t we suffer from clogged ears and the built up pressure in the ears so many times when we travel? This is typically very common we are in flights irrespective of the short and long time. Practically everyone suffers from it and there is no relation to any particular age or gender for this. When our ears are clogged, we have a problem hearing and there is a slight pain that happens on the ear because of the built up pressure. Keep reading to best ways to pop your ears.

What generally people don’t know is that there are some easy ways that can be tried instantly to pop your ears when they get blocked. However, it is important to always take precautions here as your ear is a delicate organ and anything done forcefully or harshly can do a lot of damage to the ears. It is also important to understand that your ears can be popped out without any visit to your doctor, the remedy lies in your hands itself.

Popping Your Ears: Know More

This generally happens when we are traveling and happens to all of us. The build-up of pressure inside the ears also makes us suffer from hearing problems. There is a Eustachian tube in the ear, which is in charge of making sure that there is enough pressure on both sides of the ear. But when there is a lot of pressure inside the ear the Eustachian tube gets blocked and this causes an uncomfortable feeling and a tingling pain. It is also important to note that if you don’t pop your ears after the Eustachian tube gets blocked it can cause a number of diseases.

Causes of Ear Blockages:

  • However, apart from travelling, the below are also some reasons for ear blockages:
  • Certain ear allergies.
  • Ruptured or perforated eardrum.
  • Meniere’s disease.
  • Congenital defects.

How to Pop Your Ears

Ways to Pop Your Ears:

The below remedies work best when you when you want to pop your ears fast and instant:

Use Swallow

Swallowing is one of the best ways to pop your ears and doesn’t require much effort from your side as well. It is just the most natural process, you anyways do subconsciously many times a day. And most of the times it is a natural remedy that we have been practicing for many years to pop our ears even without anyone telling us to do so.

Well, swallowing actually causes enough pressure inside your body to force the Eustachian tube to become again. It really helps to equalize the pressure that has been built up in your ears. However, you should remember that it may be a little harder to swallow sometimes because of the excessive pressure in the ears. You can also try to swallow some water in that case to pop your ears. This will help as well.

Pinch Your Nostrils

Sounds weird, but sound fun, isn’t it? Well pinching your nostrils can be one of the best ways of popping your ears. There are many people across the globe who do this typically on flights to pop the ears instantly. Here you should breathe out while pinching your nostrils; you might hear a pop followed by comfort because you can hear again. Here both your index finger and your thumb will be used.

Place the tip of your index finger and your thumb on your nose and then try to breathe out. Do not blow too hard. You will hear a gentle popping sound in both ears, and when you hear this, you have popped your ears. Anybody can do this and this is one of the best ways to unblock your ears from the excessive pressure that might have built up over there.

Take Hard Candy

If you love candy, then just make sure you keep some of them handy when you travel. Eating a candy is one of the most effective ways to pop your ears quickly. It works because you actually swallow many times when a candy is inside your mouth. If you have a sugar free candy, then it is best as these candies usually have a lot of sugar component. Here the more you swallow the more are the chances that the pressure will go away.

Try and use hard candy here that you like because this can make you swallow faster because you like the taste. You should ideally try not to have too many candies as they can be harmful to your teeth. You can give this to your kids in order to pop their ears; just having one candy can do the trick here.


Well, yes, yawning is one of the most common and effective ways to pop your ears really quickly. Usually, all these actions work the same way – they help to release the excessive pressure that builds in the Eustachian tube and hence you start feeling better instantly. It is commonly known that you cannot force your way to yawning, but the thing is you happen to yawn when you see other people yawning.

The trigger may be as simple as seeing the word. A simple thing as yawning can be extremely beneficial in releasing the pressure that has built up inside the ears and popping your ears really fast. Here you can try and make yourself yawn while looking at a person who is already yawning. It may sound weird, but not breathing enough can also make you yawn. At other times, try hiking about it when you want to yawn and pop your years easily.

Use Nasal Spray

Carrying a nasal spray with you will certainly be a good thing when you want to pop your ears effectively the next time. A nasal spray is practically good for any kind of ear blockage or ear infection. Since the nose is connected to the ear, making use of a nasal spray can help to get rid of the air that has been built up inside the ears. However, take precautions here, particularly when you are on a flight. Using too much of nasal spray can block your ears because of overuse. You can purchase a nasal spray from any chemist or make your own by mixing salt and water. Just put the tip of the nasal spray on the nose and spray when your Eustachian tube feels blocked, it will help to pop your ears really quickly.

Take Hot Shower

Now this is a little difficult to do when you are on a flight, but it is one of the best ways to pop your ears, you can always do it otherwise when you are not traveling. There are times when the steam from the hot shower can make you breathe better and as a result, it can also help your ears to open up as the build up pressure is lessened because of this. Here you can either take a warm shower or bathe in a warm bath.

Make sure you take the steam or let the water fall on your head for this. Do this for about 10-20 minutes. You will almost feel the pressure drop considerably as you do this. A lot of people consider this as one of the best ways for popping your ears effectively. Try doing this the next time your ears are blocked, you certainly won’t be disappointed.


A simple act like chewing can be one of the best ways of popping your ears when you experience the heavy pressure inside your ears. However, you have to remember that when you chew, you would have to chew properly. As you do this, you will start to feel the pressure go away.

This is a safe method to be used for kids as well. You can just choose to chew on food that you are eating or you can simply chew a gum. Sugar-free gum will be best here as it won’t harm your system as well. You can also depict the movement of chewing when you are not chewing anything. Do this repeatedly till the pain goes away, you certainly won’t be disappointed here.

Avoid Sleeping

Just avoid sleeping when your ears are blocked due to the excess pressure in your Eustachian tube. The reason is when you are sleeping you are not able to do any action in order to reduce the pressure and pop your ears instantly. Sleeping will only make things worse when there’s pressure in the ears. Many people have the habit of sleeping during travel, but the thing is you should just avoid sleeping when the car is ascending or descending or when the plane is about to land. This will only cause the pressure to keep building up in your ears and stay there and will prevent to pop your ears more easily.

Ear Drops

Era drops work really well in popping your ears. It is best to carry some ear drops while you travel in order to benefit from them. These help to lower and release the pressure in your ears while you are on a flight or traveling and is one of the easiest ways to pop your ears really quickly. Here just tilt your head and put a few drops of the ear drop in your ears. Keep your head the same way for a few minutes. Then tilt the other way and let the excess liquid come out. Do the same for the other ear as well. Clean your ear thoroughly now. You can do this for your kids as well to pop their ears.

A Feed or Pacifier

Babies too experience build-up pressure, isn’t it? Just that they can’t speak doesn’t spare them from this. In fact, they can have a worse time than we experiencing the pressure in their ears. But you can certainly save them from this when it happens. Here many people have experienced that giving a baby a feed or a pacifier while taking off or landing on a plane really helps to release the pressure in the ears and makes them pop their ears easily. The action is similar to that of chewing or yawning. Try it the next time your baby suffers from it, you will swear by this action.

Try the above methods the time your ears get blocked when you are on a plane or simply traveling on different terrains. These are all instant ways to pop your ears and won’t have any side effects as well; they are pretty safe to be practiced.