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How to Pass a Drug Test?

Passing a drug test can be a hard task for people who tend to take drugs on a regular basis. Though everybody has different reasons and purpose for the same, taking a drug doesn’t necessarily mean that you may be harming your system, sometimes a mild dose of drugs also tends to have a positive effect on the body besides working on the mind. However, the effects may die down after some time, but the samples remain in your body, which can easily be detected through a drug test. It is important to know here that there are some methods which can prevent the detection of drugs in a drug test and how to pass a drug test.

Drugs and Drug Test:

Normally a drug test requires a sample of your urine, blood, hair or saliva. It is in your best interest, however, to show negative for any drug test. But to understand the techniques it important to know how long certain drugs are present in the system, although the first step is always to stop the drug which you are taking regularly.

If you have been hooked to marijuana, it’s highly important to know that it stays for the longest time in your blood. However, if you have smoked marijuana infrequently, you can easily stay clear for about a week.

If you are a regular smoker, you can easily stay clear of it for about a month, if you stop it immediately. It all depends on the frequency and the amount of drugs you take every time.

How to Pass a Drug Test

Ways to Pass a Drug Test:

However, if there is an impending drug test, some methods can easily help you stay clear of a drug test, if you apply them carefully in your daily routine.

Balance pH Level of Mouth

Proper oral hygiene is every essential. Keeping your mouth clean and reducing the PH effect can help a lot in passing a drug test. Some household products here come handy for this purpose. Use hydrogen peroxide or lemon water for this purpose. You can also use a little vinegar to give your mouth a good rinse. All these products help in reducing the pH level in the mouth, which helps a great deal in passing a drug test easily. Rinse your mouth with these products at least 3-4 times in a stretch of 3 days prior to the test.

Use A Detox Mouthwash

A detox mouthwash is a life savior here. It not only helps to clean the mouth, but also helps to remove any drug traces that may be left in the mouth. Buy a good quality mouthwash for this purpose. Be careful because there are many cheap and fake brands available in the market too. Use a mouthwash you can trust. Give yourself a thorough mouthwash with this product and notice how it helps you pass that drug test most easily.

Don’t Take Any Drugs For 72 Hours

This is the most important step and the most crucial one. None of the methods will help you pass a drug test if you don’t stop taking those drugs. When a drug test is nearing stop taking those drugs completely. Stay clear of them, at least for a week prior to a drug test. When you have a long time between the stoppage of drugs and the drug test, it reduces the amount of drugs in your body. The longer the time the better it is. Be hard on yourself during this stage, keep patience, think positive and say a no to those drugs. You are sure to be proud of taking this step and it surely will help you pass a drug test without any hassles.

Brush Your Teeth More

This is highly essential. Brush your teeth at least three times a day at regular gaps. If you have a habit of brushing your teeth only the morning, take that extra effort and do it two times more. Brushing is a really good way of removing any drug swabs or traces of drugs that may be left over in your mouth. During brushing, pay close attention to the gums, cheeks, and the tongue as well. Use a tongue cleaner to clean your tongue well after every round of brushing your teeth.

More importantly, use a good quality toothpaste and one which is a natural herbal toothpaste and free of chemicals. This is surely going to help you pass a drug test if you stick to this routine at least a week prior to your drug test.

Chew Ice

Chewing ice does not only appeal to a number of people, but it also helps to dilute the saliva and keeps your mouth rinsed. If you love chewing those ice cubes from your freezer, then this is really a great method for you to pass a drug test. Chewing ice helps to reduce the drug swabs to a great extent from your mouth and it provides a cooling effect to your mouth as well. Do this as many times as you can for passing a drug test most easily. You can chew ice candy also.

Avoid Anything With Poppy Seeds

Just stay clear of poppy seeds or anything that contains poppy seeds. Opium is obtained from poppies; therefore, avoid poppy seeds at any cost, as eating them will naturally lead to the detection of opium in your blood. Don’t eat those muffins made by using poppy seeds, avoid those poppy seeds puddings and stop any poppy seed milkshakes or other products.

Avoid Nicotine

Stop smoking and stop any other products that might contain nicotine. Nicotine will make a false positive when you undergo that drug test. Stop smoking completely, at least one week prior to your drug test and be careful not to take any other product that might contain nicotine. Put extra attention to the ingredients in every food product that you buy from the supermarket. Consuming anything with even a 1% trace of nicotine is likely to trouble you in passing a drug test.

Eat A High Fat Meal

Eat a high-fat meal and eat just about everything that you love which is fried and fatty and contains carbohydrates. Doing this will increase the rate at which drugs are absorbed into the system. You should try and do this at least in the last two meals you have before taking a drug test. Eat those fries and burgers and hot dogs and butter chicken that you love. They might help you add a lot of calories, but will surely help you pass a drug test most easily.

Consume Water

Have lots and lots of water, as much as you can. Water is not only good for your entire well being but is the most effective and easy way to pass a drug test. Just keep sipping water the whole day. This is the best way of flushing out the unwanted toxins in the body and passing a drug test. This combined with healthy eating and regular exercise will help you a lot to pass the drug test without any worry. Have at least 16 ounces of water every day and then go slow just a day before the drug test.

Be Active

Be active and stop being lazy. Exercise and keep your metabolism high. Go for those brisk walks, take a jog every day. Run on the treadmill, do weight training, pilates, cycling, swimming, just about anything that you love. If all these things don’t interest you just go up and down those stairs a number of times every single day. A great metabolism leads to detoxification which will ultimately help you pass a drug test easily. Just make sure to go slow on this and don’t exercise 24 hours prior to a drug test.

Do Not Diet

Do not diet at all. Don’t go in for any those diets, even though you might be tempted to do them for your own reasons. Eat things that give energy in the right way. Have a lot of fruits, vegetables, greens, and fresh juices. But avoid intake of coffee, sugar or redbull totally. Having an excess of these items increases metabolism which is not healthy. You need to have a metabolism rate which is faster but at the same time normal for your body.

Take Some Aspirin

Although this is not a proven method but taking few aspirin tablets before the drug test may help you pass that drug test without much worry. It is understood that aspirin can mask certain chemicals that are detected by a drug test in the blood samples. Take at least 4 aspirin tablets a few hours before your drug test. However, please don’t take those aspirin tablets if you are taking any blood thinners, it can be extremely dangerous.

Shave Your Body

For that hair follicle test, just shave your body at least a week prior to the test. You can shave your head as well. For the head, if you don’t prefer shaving it, you can just wash your hair every day with some vinegar or other laundry detergents. This can, of course, damage your hair, but it is the only possible way of removing drug traces from your hair. Another way is also treating your hair to any cosmetic treatments as it reduces the traces of any of the drug components from your hair.

В The above remedies can be highly effective for you to pass a drug test most easily. Most of these remedies are widely used by a large amount of people who take drugs occasionally or habitually. Although there is no guarantee, but not adopting them anyway will definitely lead you to fail that drug test. If you want to avoid that, adopt these methods today!