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Negative Calorie Foods List

We eat all kinds of foods in our diet, and most of the times we certainly don’t know how each of them affect our body. While some foods may help increase our metabolism and help us to lose weight, there are some others which could increase any risk factors in our body. As such, it is important to take total control of your diet and eat the right benefits which help enrich the mind, body and soul and keep us healthy. When it comes to negative calorie foods, these are those foods which are almost so low in calories that their calories simply don’t count.

These foods help us to lose the excess fat from our body and help us to lose weight. These negative calorie foods are really less in calories and contain less carbohydrates and fats, thereby keeping our health in check. These foods are important to be included in one or other ways every day in our diet to benefit the most from them. Being rich in nutrients, these foods are super foods in themselves.

negative calorie foods

Negative Calorie Foods: Know More

Negative calorie foods are those foods which need more food energy to digest than the actual food energy they provide. Each of these foods have fewer than 50 calories per 100 gram serving and consuming them burns more calories in chewing and digestion process as compared to the calories they end up adding to the body.

These foods help us in following ways:

  • Increase your overall energy.
  • Lower blood cholesterol levels.
  • Improve digestion and cleanse the colon.
  • Rejuvenate your skin, make your hair shinier, strengthen your nails.
  • Promote and increased mental focus and clarity.
  • Are gentle diuretics, eliminate excess water from the body.
  • Have an anti-inflammatory effect, improve your blood circulation.
  • Cleanse your liver so it can burn fat more efficiently.
  • Help you get a sound-restful sleep.
  • Control appetite, reducing your hunger pangs.

Negative Calorie Foods List:


Cucumbers contain so much of water in them that they are practically nothing but just water in vegetable form. You can simply have them full or add to your salads and make delectable salads out of them. Make it a point to include cucumbers in every meal of yours throughout your day. Combine this sort of eating with a more active lifestyle, and you start to tip the scales in your favor, literally and figuratively.


Kale is really low in calories and on top of it; it is really rich in vitamins, protein, fiber, minerals and phytonutrients. They do a whole lot of good for the body. You can simply include it in snacks or include it for making salads and vegetables as well. Try baking some kale chips in assorted flavors and that just serves as the best snacks in between meals. Even doctors highly recommend eating kale and specially advise it to patients who suffer from diabetes and blood pressure problems. You should simply just include kale in your diet as it definitely one of the best negative calorie foods you can ever consume.


Most of us aren’t going to bite into an onion as a food source on its own, so it’s nice to know that they aren’t adding much in the way of calories while being cooked with other foods. They can really help you reach your weight loss goals and contain flavonoids that benefit the body in several ways. You can simply add them in your salads as well everyday or just eat them raw along with your main dishes. It is definitely one of the most favored negative calorie foods you van include in your diet.


Well, if you love spicy food, then this is definitely a must for you. Including hot peppers in your diet is a wonderful way to lose weight faster. Hot peppers like chipotles, jalapenos and habaneros indirectly help us burn fat and are one of the best negative calorie foods to be included in our diet. These contain capsaicin, which gives benefits that are related to losing body fat and the overall fat burning process. Having these regularly increases our body temperature and speeds up your metabolism which aids in the weight loss program and helps us lose those extra pounds quickly.


Haven’t we all grown up on watching Popeye getting all his energy from the super food spinach? Well, it’s certainly not a myth. Spinach is one of the best negative calorie foods which helps us not only in losing weight, but it also lowers the bad cholesterol, increases metabolism and stimulates the conversion of fats in our body. Cook spinach in a number of ways in your diet. Make salads, cook curries, or just make vegetables or vegetable pancakes. Spinach is a must have in everyone’s diet.

Lemons and Oranges

Lemons and oranges have a high content of citric acid and are one of the best super foods to be included in our regular diet. These works as a liver detoxifier and enhance the body’s ability to digest and burn fat more quickly. These citrus foods are also low in calories and the fiber in them helps us to maintain the blood sugar levels in our body. Have them raw to extract the maximum benefits out of them. You can also include them in your salads to benefit most.


Blueberries not only help in the general weight loss, but also help in making us lose the body fat in a highly effective manner. The compounds present in blueberries help to break down the fats and sugars in the body. Therefore it is one of the best negative calorie foods we all should have. However, remember not to add any kind of sugar with them. Just eat them plain or have a fresh blueberry juice made at home every single day to benefit most from blueberries.


Cinnamon is one of the best negative calorie foods and including it in your diet can do you a lot of good. Add just about one teaspoon of cinnamon in your diet and see visible results in your weight loss regime. Cinnamon helps to regulate the levels of blood glucose and also helps in preventing cravings. Add it in your morning tea to extract maximum benefits out of this super food. It is indeed one of the best negative calorie foods you can include in your diet.


Ginger aids a lot in the digestion process and benefits us in a number of ways. It has long been used since ages in a lot of ways to benefit our body naturally. Include ginger in your tea and your dishes to extract the most benefits from this super food.В It helps us lose that extra fat really fast.


The allicin in garlic is one of the best nutrients that our body needs. This super food called Garlic is not just a super negative calorie food, but it also helps to flush out the fat from the body. Include a lot of garlic while cooking your dishes. You can also simply take two or three garlic cloves every day on an empty stomach. These don’t just help in weight loss but also give us a lot of other benefits like lowering our cholesterol, and diabetes etc.


Lentils are excellent fat burning foods, they are rich in fiber and keep us full and satisfied in between our regular meals. They also help in maintaining the fluctuation in blood sugar levels and are highly recommended for all age groups. Lentils are a really good source of proteins as well and are the right source of protein for vegetarians. They also help in processing carbohydrates more effectively. Simply have lentils as a side dish, have a lentil soup or add them in curry and eat with rice in your daily diet.

Lean Meat

The high thermogenic effect is found in lean meat. This simply means that you will burn at least 30% of the calories from the food you eat during your digestion process. If you love non-veg and want to cut down on the body weight and fat in your body, simply include lean meats in your diet. Include them in your salads, soups or just make simple and light dishes out of them.


Watermelon is one of the best negative calorie foods you can add to your diet. This fruit is sweet in taste being extremely low in calories. In fact, watermelon is actually lower in calories, this fruit simply loaded with water and that’s why it is ideal to be in your meal. The great news is that it has antioxidants that help our body in many ways. One of the great benefits is also that it really helps to boost our metabolism to a great extent. You can simply eat watermelon as it is or add it to your salad, smoothies, or yogurt to benefit the most. It is indeed one of the most favored negative calorie foods we can include and benefit from.


Apples are no doubt one of the best negative calorie foods. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, haven’t we all been hearing this since a long time? Well, these apples don’t just load a lot of water in them, but are also extremely rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. They help to benefit us in a whole lot of ways. These also make a great snack between meals to hold you over. Apples keep you from eating junk food or fast food in a moment of hunger-induced weakness. What else? You can simply add them to any damn thing or have them plain if you like and watch the numerous benefits on your body.


Broccoli is an essential negative calorie food, you should include in your diet if you want to lose weight really fast. It is actually a wonder food; it’s a cancer fighting food that is also really low in calories. This broccoli also contains plant-based proteins which help in building muscle if you are into resistance training. This super food is also packed with phytonutrients and fiber. This will keep the digestive system in check and help in maintaining weight. You should simply just boil them and sprinkle with a little salt and pepper.

All the above negative calorie foods are simply magical in their own ways. Not only they help in losing weight but also help us in becoming healthier. They help to maintain the right body balance. Simply dish them out in exciting ways to enjoy these negative calorie foods.