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How to Make Yourself Sneeze?

Sneeze – that’s one thing which comes totally uncalled for and tends to hit us when we least expect it to. It is also a very natural process and it comes in an instant, there are no warning signals and a sneeze does not depend on age, we all are equally prone to it – right from small babies to elders. If you count the number of sneezes in your lifetime, I am sure it would go to around thousands of numbers. Till today I am sure not even 1% of the people know the reasons behind a sneeze. Read more what sneeze is and how can you make yourself sneeze ado.

Though a sneeze does not mean that there is an underlying serious issue in the body, it certainly tends to irritate us for a few seconds when it’s about to come and when we can’t get it out through our mouth. In order to make yourself sneeze, you can simply get hold of some natural and simple tricks. Many times a sneeze signifies the cold, flu or an allergy, but most of the times it just doesn’t signify anything and there’s no significant aftermath of it later.

What is a Sneeze?

Sneezing is nothing but a technique in which any unwanted and foreign particle is removed from the respiratory passage. As a result, the mucous membranes are irritated when the foreign particle enters the nose. This irritates the mucous membrane and specific nerve in pulse is sent to the brain, which then responds by triggering a sneeze reflex. When we sneeze a large volume of air is expelled from the lungs and it is also a defense mechanism which prevents the entry of pathogenic microbes in the body.

Causes of Sneezing:

  • It is important to know some reasons behind a sneeze as well:
  • Common Cold & Flu
  • Allergic rhinitis (Hay fever)
  • Rhinitis (Inflammation of nasal cavity lining)
  • Nose Injury

How to Make Yourself Sneeze

Ways to Make Yourself Sneeze Naturally:

Get hold of the below methods in order to make yourself sneeze within a few seconds. These are really easy and can be done anytime, anywhere:

Look at the Sun

One of the easiest and fastest ways to make yourself sneeze is by looking at the sun. And aren’t we all aware of this? Since childhood, we dread looking at the sun because we just know we are going to sneeze the moment we look at it even for as little as two minutes. Looking at some bright source of light when your eyes are accustomed to darkness causes sneezing. And this is called the “phobic sneeze reflex” and occurs between 18 to 35% of the entire population due to a hereditary gene. Looking at the bright light stimulates the optic nerves of the eye, which run close to the tri-germinal nerve that causes sneezing.

Pluck Nose Hair

When you simply pluck out any nose hair it will make you sneeze really fast. This stimulates the tri-germinal nerve and causes you to sneeze in a span of a few minutes. The trick is to pull out each hair slowly. Don’t pluck out all the hair at once as this might cause harm to you. Simply start plucking out one by one; this is one of the most common methods to make yourself sneeze in a few minutes. However, you should always take precautions here, never insert the plucker too much inside of your nose and don’t be too forceful with your action. Go slow and watch how this helps you to sneeze with a simple way.

Breathe Cold Air

Breathing cold air is a sure shot way of making yourself sneeze in a few minutes. The cold air does a lot of irritating our respiratory passage and causing us to sneeze in a few minutes. Inhaling cold air after spending some time in a warm place does the trick here. And this applies to 90% of the people. You can simply open a door or a window when the weather outside is cold, or by taking a bath and then going outside in cold weather. If it’s warm outside you can even try inhaling cold air from the freezer or some air from the air conditioner, this will do the trick as well here. However, don’t try and inhale too much air as this can cause you harm and you might get the cold if you do it for too long a time.

Use a Tissue

A simple tissue does the trick here. Using a tissue is one of the most methods if you want to make yourself sneeze quickly. A tissue is really soft on the skin as well and most safe to use for this purpose. Here, take a tissue and roll one of its corners into a cone. Gently insert this into your nose and wiggle it around to stimulate the sneeze reflex in the brain by causing a tickling sensation. It might take some time and if you want to, you can change the tissue if it becomes soft due to the moisture. To make this method more effective, make a humming sound or vibrate your upper lip by blowing air through your mouth. Try this the next time you want to make yourself sneeze; you certainly won’t be disappointed at all.

Eat Rich Chocolate

Sounds like a good plan, isn’t it? Well, not many people are aware of it, but eating rich chocolate is one of the best methods to make yourself sneeze really fast. The idea is to just keep some rich bars of dark chocolate handy when you want to sneeze. The more the cocoa, the darker the chocolate is and the more bitter it is, the better it is for this purpose. Eating a bar of dark chocolate is known to cause sneezing, especially at the beginning. Though this method works only for a handful of people, it is believed that a few cocoa particles which enter the nose might be responsible for the sneezing effect. Though not a common remedy, but you can still give it a try to make yourself sneeze.

Chewing Gum

Love chewing gum? Well, then you are certainly going to love this method as well whenever you want to make yourself sneeze easily. Chewing a strong peppermint-based gum is a popular way to bring forth the sneeze reflex. It’s a different story that it’s got nothing to do with the act of chewing itself, but the stronger peppermint flavor and odor. There are a number of stories regarding a chewing gum. There are many people who report to sneezing as soon as they pop in a chewing gum in their mouth. If you feel like you can also try candy and mints like Altoids for a good sneeze.

Tilt Head Backward

Just tilting your head backward can make yourself sneeze really quickly. Sneezing is a process in which simple gestures and movements can trigger the effect and make yourself sneeze in a few minutes. For some reason, those who are learning how to make themselves sneeze might have great success simply by tilting their head backward. This works really well if you want to sneeze but you just can’t get there. It is just as simple as it sounds, just tilt your head backward moving your neck slowly and make yourself sneeze faster. Try this the next time you want to sneeze; you certainly won’t be disappointed after doing it. It is really safe and easy as well.

Sniff Spices

Just sniffing some strong spices can make you sneeze when you really want to. And this is really simple and easy as well. We all have those strong smelling wonderful spices in the kitchen and the trick is just to inhale their vapor as much as you can. Here you can use cumin powder, coriander, pepper or ginger for this purpose. Holding an open container of a strong spice near your nose, or sniffing a folded paper containing the spice fro 10-15 seconds in a closed room can easily make you sneeze.

However, it is important to keep a few things in mind here. It is important not to inhale larger particles of the spice, especially pepper as this can cause a burning sensation in the nose, rather than make you sneeze. Try and do this with pepper and then move on to ginger if you don’t see any results here. This is a good method if you want to make yourself sneeze really quickly.

Mouth Roof Stimulation

This is one method which really works for a whole lot of people. Here you simply need to use your mouth and tongue and forget everything else. One of the best remedies for making yourself sneeze it really does the necessary in a few seconds itself. What’s more? You don’t need to spend a single penny on anything and you can simply do it anywhere and anytime. Here, licking the roof of your mouth can stimulate the tri-germinal nerve and cause you to sneeze. You simply have to touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of the mouth and take it all the way back to create a tickling sensation. You can also stimulate the soft tissue at the rear of the roof.

Tweeze Eyebrows

Yeah, this works most of the times and is one of the most common methods of making yourself sneeze in a few seconds. Haven’t we all seen how we sneezed within a few seconds when we got our eyebrows done for the first time? Well, the answer lies here. There is a nerve that runs underneath your eyebrows which also runs through your nose and when you pluck your eyebrows you certainly disturb that nerve which causes you to sneeze immediately. Well, its time you watch yourself in the mirror and see which errant hairs are in the need of some plucking.

Drink Carbonated Water

Well, this has worked for a few people and it’s not certain what it does, but it can work wonders in making yourself sneeze quickly. Though not a common method, it’s safe to practice and easy as well. There are many people who have reported how inhaling taking the first sip of carbonated drinks, soda water, lemon water or alcohol makes them sneeze in a few seconds. Some people also happen to do that by only taking a sniff of the drinks. Though not much is known as to how this reacts and makes us sneeze, you can certainly try it the next time you want to do that and see the difference it makes.

Massage the Nose Bridge

Simply massaging the nose bridge can do the needful here. A sneeze is deeply linked to your nose and stimulating the nose even a bit can make you sneeze when you really want to. Here just massage the bridge of the nose between the thumb and the index finger or by using a back massage. It might work for you or not work for you, but it is really convenient to do and does not require much of an effort from your side. It is said to stimulate a certain “tickle spot” on the nose, which targets the tri-germinal nerve.

Touch a Cold Wall

Touching a cold wall can really help when you want to sneeze, yes, it may sound weird, but it is definitely not a method you should not try. Touching a cold wall or a metal surface is said to cause sneezing almost immediately in some people. It might be rare, but there are people who have reported about the positive effects of this. When you want to sneeze simply get hold of a cold metal surface or a cold wall and touch it till you sneeze. It is just as simple as that and doesn’t require any time on your end as well.

All these methods are certainly known to make yourself sneeze and are the best and safest methods as seen by a whole lot of people. These require minimal effort and help to make you sneeze in the most effective manner. You can opt for any of these if any single of them don’t work for you. At least it’s certain that half of them will.