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How to Make Your Lips Bigger? – Best Tricks for The Perfect Lips

Whenever we talk about beauty, lips are something we cannot ignore. Our lips are such an integral part of our face and it’s important to look after them with care in order to make them look beautiful and attractive. While some people are born with nice, fuller and thicker looking lips there are others who are born with comparatively thin lips and have to apply a lot of artificial tricks in order to make their lips look bigger and fuller. Today, women around the world dream of having plumper. Straight teeth might get you hired, and dark eyes might tempt someone to tell you all their secrets; but out of all our body parts, research shows that full lips are the key to a woman’s sensuality. While today there are surgeries and many artificial methods in order to make your lips bigger, there are some natural remedies as well, which can be helpful in enhancing the size of your lips and giving you those natural glowing luscious lips. These methods will not only help to make your lips bigger, but you will be surprised how plumper and more kissable your lips will become!

to make your lips bigger

Bigger Lips: Know More

The shape of the lips that suit you depends on upon the shape of your face. Not only beauty, in today’s world of social media, clicking pictures with a ‘pout’ is an establishing rage. If they are too thin, they may be a reason for embarrassment while perfectly shaped lips definitely manifold the beauty of any face. But the good news is that today are many options like lip plumper, lip injections, permanent makeup, yoga exercises, makeup techniques, etc., which can give you the desired results and make your lips bigger though the time variation between all may vary.

However, don’t expect yourself to become another Angelina Jolie after applying these techniques, lip injections and surgeries can, of course, get you there but otherwise be realistic and be patient. All the other natural methods will help to make your lips look luscious, healthy and glowing without any side effects besides not giving you that artificial look like Kylie Jenner.

Best Methods to Make Your Lips Bigger:

Look below for the best methods to make your lips bigger:

Step 1

Drink a glass of water and moisturize your lips with lip balm before beginning facial exercises. Keeping your skin hydrated improves the overall appearance of your skin. Moisturizing the lips prevents cracking of the delicate skin on your lips and is one of the most crucial steps to make your lips bigger.

Step 2

Suck in a mouthful of air so your cheeks is half full and swollen. Move the air inside your mouth from one cheek to another. This action can reduce the tiny lines, called marionette lines, around your mouth. Do this five times in order to make your lips bigger.

Step 3

Blow kisses to yourself in a mirror for 30 to 60 seconds. The ring muscles around your lips are activated and your lips appear slightly swollen with the puckering and pursing action of the lips.

Step 4

Open your mouth as widely as you can and hold it for 10 seconds. Relax your lips and repeat three to five times.

Step 5

Suck on the sides of your mouth to make a fish face. Work your lips up and down. Do this 10 to 20 times. This is a great exercise in order to make your lips bigger.

Step 6

Close your lips tightly, press them inward. Make a popping noise with your mouth, then relax the lips. Repeat as many times as you like.

Facial Exercises to Make Your Lips Bigger:

There are 10 groups of muscles which make your face and scalp. One of these muscle groups is the lips, which are surrounded by three muscles that make you smile, frown, pucker or chew. The skin and muscles of your lips begin to droop, causing your face to look older as you begin to age. Facial exercises for the lips may help increase blood flow, reduce sagging skin and tone your lips’ muscles besides helping to make your lips bigger.


Facial exercises do the work of a facelift, minus the surgery. And this is what facial yoga is all about. This face exercise is designed to use the muscles around your lips in order for you to have the appearance of firmer, stronger lips. Sit up straight and purse your lips. And now stretch your mouth into a smile. Kiss your lips as if you are throwing air kisses.


This exercise tightens and tones the muscles in and around your lips. Place your pointer finger in your mouth and suck on it as hard as you can. There should be a contraction of your cheek muscles and your lips as you do this. Hold for five seconds, then slowly relax your mouth and remove your finger. Repeat 10 times in order to make your lips bigger within a short time.


This exercise helps eliminate the tiny wrinkles located at the sides of your mouth. Now form your mouth into a small “O” shape by pursing your lips. Keep your lips tense and smile as hard as you can so you feel your cheek muscles contracting.

Orbicularis Oris

This is the circular muscle situated at the mouth. In order to get a firm, fuller lips and eliminate fine lines this technique is essential. Lubricate the area around your mouth with water or a small amount of oil so your lips don’t crack. Pull your lips gently by placing both index fingers on either side of your mouth. This movement will contract your orbicularis oris muscle and that will help to make your lips bigger. Hold for two seconds, then pull a little bit further, contracting the muscle more. Repeat 25 times. If you do this exercise right, it is an isotonic and isometric exercise, changing the length of the muscle due to holding the contraction during your repetition.


Sit straight and purse your lips together gently. Now try and lift your pursed lips up towards your nose as much as you can. Lift as high as you can and hold for five seconds. Relax and repeat five times daily to make your lips bigger.

Home Remedies to Make Your Lips Bigger:

The below remedies act as a natural lip plumper, as they are not expensive, have no side effects, so use them without any hesitation. Maybe their results are not last for weeks, but you can use them if you are in a hurry or for any important occasion, one more important thing that you can carry them with you can you can use it anywhere and make your lips bigger in less than 5 minutes.

Peppermint Oil

As peppermint oil is easily available at any store, it acts as a natural lip plumper. It helps to improve blood circulation in the lips. When you apply peppermint oil to your lips it irritates them and you see a slightly swelling, not only this your lips are also tinted rosy red naturally due to peppermint oil so don’t worry it’s no more harmful. It has a very nice cooling effect on the lips, which doesn’t stay more than an hour. This oil can be applied directly or you can mix it with your favorite lip balm in order to make your lips bigger.

Capsicum Oil

Capsicum is a part of red pepper and it’s the only component which gives spice, but you don’t need the powder you need its oil, you can easily get capsicum or cayenne pepper oil at any store. This oil can also be used to make your homemade lip gloss and lip balm. To make the lip balm, take one of your favorite lip balms or you can use Vaseline as well, mix one or two drops only, mix them well. If you use red lip balm the results are even better.

So in case you don’t find capsicum oil, you can use powder as well for them you a very tiny amount and mix it with water, apply on your lips and wait for 5 minutes after that rinse it off. These both methods help you make your lips bigger, but remember, don’t use more than one or two drops.

Cinnamon Powder or Oil

This oil helps to improve the blood flow and make your lips bigger and fuller, so mix one or two drops cinnamon oil to your lip gloss or any lip balm, apply it whenever you need bigger and red lips. You can also use cinnamon powder if you don’t have the oil, just add a tiny amount to olive or almond oil, mix them well, apply it and wait for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse it off, you may feel some hurting or irritation but it will vanish in a few minutes.


Exfoliation is one of the best methods you should use in order to make your lips bigger. It is recommended that you try exfoliation twice or thrice a week to prevent dull or dark skin as exfoliation not only increases the blood flow, but it also helps you to get pink or red lips. For exfoliation you need brown sugar and olive or coconut oil, mix both of the ingredients together and start exfoliating your lips but be gentle.В In order to increase their volume and to make the lips bigger, fuller and rosier, exfoliate daily for 5 minutes.

Honey or Beeswax

Many of the Hollywood celebrities do bee venom treatment to get bigger lips, but you don’t have to do that because it’s too expensive. Simply go and get honey or beeswax, it’s cheap and easily available in the market. You just need to apply a thin layer of honey or beeswax, let it stay for overnight and wash it off next morning in order to make your lips bigger.

Sugar Scrub

Take sugar powder and mix it with water and add 2 to 3 drops of lemon juice to it. Rub the paste on your lips. It will leave your lips fuller and pink after rinsing off so ignore the little irritation you may experience here.


Scrubbing with a toothbrush will do wonders, so just take the toothbrush, dip it in warm water and rub it on your lips gently in a circular motion. But before you do any of this make sure that the toothbrush you are using has soft bristles because you definitely do not want to have wounds on your lips. You may also spread sugar scrub on your brush, this provides you with a better cleaning or you may spread honey or Vaseline if you want shinier lips.


This method is not as effective as the others, but is much simpler indeed. It’s just like removing your lipstick. Wet a cloth with warm water and rub gently on your lips. Be very gentle on your lips while exfoliating.

Massages to Make Your Lips Bigger:

Probably now you would have known that it is important to increase the blood circulation in order to make your lips bigger. So this is another very effective way to do so.


Wrap a cube of ice in a clean piece of cloth. Massage on lips for about ten minutes a day. This will make your lips look redder and definitely fuller.

Lemon juice

Before applying lemon juice, add a few water drops on it for the purpose of dilution. This is not only one of the best methods to make your lips bigger, but it also helps in removing any kind of dirt, grease or oil present on your lips.

Aloe Vera

Doesn’t Aloe there seem to be the solution to everything when we talk about beauty? Well anyways, an Aloe Vera massage gives you fuller and softer lips and also treats fine lines. The secret behind Aloe Vera doing so great is the antioxidants present in it.


Lips which are not moisturized appear to be dry, rough and small. So use moisturizers to make your lips look beautiful and big. Nowadays, many moisturizers and even scented lip balms are available in the market. But if you want to go natural here are some ways.

Olive Oil

Vitamin E helps to moisturize the skin and also makes it softer and smoother. A good source of vitamin E is olive oil. You can apply olive oil on your lips

Milk Cream

Another remedy is milk cream. It is really helpful in treating rough and dry lips.

Artificial Ways to Make Your Lips Bigger:

These are the remedies you can easily perform at home to get bigger, fuller lips. Thanks to our film industry, today who hasn’t heard of lip plumpers? Well, lip surgery and lip injections are a sure but expensive way of getting bigger lips. Dermal fillers are used to improve lip shape. While, if you consider taking lip injections here are some suggestions.


Once very common, nowadays it is not very widely used because of its adverse effects found out later.

Hyaluronic Acid

This substance is already present in our body and therefore this is the safest procedure.

Fat Grafting

As some of you might know fat grafting means transferring fat from some part of the body to the lips through liposuction. This method is very invasive and requires a long time to heal.


Makeup obviously does not increase the size of your lips; it just helps to create an illusion. Given below are the ways to apply lipstick which will do the job for you and help you to make your lips bigger easily.

Use dramatic shades like red or magenta; they make your lips more prominent.

Use a lip liner along with the lipstick. Now the selection of lip liner is a serious job. The color of the liner you select for a particular lipstick should be one or two shades within each other. Also, make sure that the liner is smudged with the lipstick because creating an odd boundary around the lips is definitely not a healthy practice.

Before you apply a liner, apply a lip gloss over your lipstick. This will help the liner to smudge and give you natural looking lips.

Try to avoid brown colors while choosing lip liners, especially when they do not go with the color of your lips. Make sure the liner is only one or two shades deeper than the color of your lips. Pink and red colors of the liner are always soothing.


Below is some advice for you to maintain a good lip shape. This is important to give you attractive and beautiful lips:

  • You will get a bad lip shape if you bite your lips, so avoid it altogether.
  • Keep your lips clean.
  • Follow regular lip exercises.
  • Try to follow natural techniques as they do not have any side effects.
  • Before going for any kind of medical procedure, be sure to consult your skin specialist and do a lot of research.
  • At least cover them with makeup and just look gorgeous.
  • Here we have covered every possible way both natural and artificial to make your lips bigger and give you those envious lips within a few days.