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How to Lucid Dream?В В В В В В В В В В В

Our dreams take us to another world altogether, a world that does not exist. Some dreams give us that burning desire to transform them into reality. While others make us get up with a faster heartbeat and it’s almost like coming from hell. Have you ever thought, how exciting would it be to control your mind and influence your dreams? Or just to remember them better? We almost spend one-third of our life dreaming. It would just be great if we knew how to control our mind to bring positive outcomes and experience new things in life. Here, we tell you the ways to lucid dream.

How to Lucid Dream: Some More Facts

Lucid dreaming in simple terms is defined as being aware of your dreaming in deep sleep. This mostly happens when a person dreams something which makes them question their reality; they realize they are in a dream. The more you are aware that you are dreaming, you can actually select the content of your dreams and dream about whatever you want to.

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming:

Find solutions to real life problems – With lucid dreaming, you can test how you would react to a particular problem in real life. You can also practice anything that’s stressing you out.

  • Fall asleep easier – Lucid dreaming can help you fight insomnia. It makes you sleep better and improving your sleep quality.
  • Live out your fantasies. – Imagine whatever you want and fulfill all your fantasies in your dreams, yes, literally! With lucid dreaming, you can imagine just about anything and make them come true in your dreams.
  • Feel revived throughout the day – After knowing how to lucid dream. Reality becomes more acceptable. It makes you more courage to face situations in daily life.

How to Lucid Dream

Easy Techniques to Lucid Dream:


There is a very strong link between meditation and lucid dreaming. Experts say it helps us in increasing our awareness. It is a thoughtless procedure where you only see, feel, sense and listen.

To lucid dream through meditation, just lie flat and keep your eyes closed. Feel the breath that enters your body and the process as you breathe out. Fell your stomach going in and coming out. Feel the vibrations on your body and don’t interact with anyone. You will start enjoying your existence with full presence. Doing this for several minutes before bedtime will help you lucid dream.

Keep a Sleep Journal

Keep a small diary and a pen next to your bed at all times. Whenever you wake up in the morning record each and every detail about dreams in this journal. Try to remember everything about that dream and record them. It will help identify patterns in your dreams. Look for things that appear on a regular basis. It will help you recognize when you are dreaming. After this exercise daily, see how you remember each and every dream you had in the night. It helps a great deal to help lucid dream.

Reality Check

When you see dreams in the night remember to do a reality check. By this I mean anything which makes you realize you are dreaming. Try and pinch yourself or just write your name with your fingers. You can also try getting the index finger of one hand pass through your palm. If it passes through means you are still dreaming. When you develop this habit in your dreams you won’t see this sign and you will know that you are dreaming. Do this every day and see how it helps lucid dream.

Special Objects

When you are dreaming try and remember all the special objects you see. Pay a lot of attention to those books, mirrors or specific things in your dreams. These things usually appear as blurry in your dreams. Evolve a habit of paying attention to these things when you are awake during day time. Let thus habit continue to develop with time. It is a wonderful habit to help lucid dream.

Tell Yourself

This is a very effective exercise. Just before going to sleep, tell yourself that you want to aware when your are dreaming. Also tell yourself that you want to remember the dream when you wake up. Saying a simple thing to your brain like “I want to lucid dream” will do half of the trick for you. It sends signals to the brain and conditions it to realize when you are dreaming. Do this for 5 minutes every day and see how you lucid all the dreams you see.

Set Your Alarm Half An Hour Earlier

Set your alarm time a little earlier when you want to wake up. Because this will help you to go back to sleep again and enter the REM phase (rapid eye movement). It is learned that when you see a dream in this phase which is the first phase, you remember all your dreams and remember each and every detail about them. Practice yourself and see you begin to lucid dreams with this simple technique.


Everything that happens in our daily life finds a place in our dreams more often. Thoughts, places and people we encounter more likely enter our dreams without consciously doing so. To lucid dream, try and do a little bit of daydreaming too. Fantasize and think about situations, people and places you want to. Do this every day; you are more likely to see those things repeating in your dreams. Visualizing helps a lot in lucid dreaming and is one of the most common methods used by people who want to lucid all their dreams.

Don’t Get Overexcited

If you become too overexcited with emotions during a sleep then it is mostly likely to shut that dream faster than you think. Getting too anxious or excited or feeling any strong emotion will most likely dissolve that dream early. Try rubbing your hands and tell yourself it’s still too early to come out of that dream and stay calm. Take a deep breath and stay in control of yourself and your emotions. This will help lucid dream to a great extent.

Sleep In Complete Darkness

It is important to sleep in complete darkness to have that deep sleep and see long uninterrupted dreams. Sleeping in complete darkness increases your melatonin level which helps in lucid dreaming. Ideally, the darkness should be same the time you go to sleep and the time you wake up. But even if this is not possible just sleep in complete darkness when you hit the bed every night. It helps increase the quality of your dreams and helps lucid dreams.

Limit Time Spent With Electronics

Limit the time you spend throughout the day on that phone, TV, radios etc. Avoid browsing your phone just before going to sleep as well. Limit the time you spend on your computer to not more than 5 hours. Also, avoid sleeping in a room which is full of electronic gadgets. The rays from these objects interrupt with your melatonin levels and disturb your sleep. Try this method and see how you increase your capacity to lucid your dreams every day.

Massage Your Scalp Before You Sleep

Give that nice, light effectual massage to your head just before you go to sleep. It is very relaxing and wonderful to help you lucid dreams. Massaging the scalp increases the levels of serotonin. This serotonin on the other hand increases the levels of melatonin which helps give you a deep sleep and helps lucid your dreams.В Do this every day and see how you feel when you wake up from that nice long sleep. В You can easily find some easy scalp massaging techniques on Google to help you lucid your dreams.

Eat Lucid Foods

Having foods which help increase the melatonin in your body will help a lot in lucid dreaming. There are certain foods that are very beneficial in giving you a tight sleep every day. Like having a little mustard before sleep has been said to do wonders to give you a really good long sleep every night. Having other foods like almonds, flaxseeds, oats, cherries, sunflower seeds, rice, tomatoes, bananas, etc. can also help you lucid dreams increasing your melatonin levels.

Even fish, eggs, milk, sweet potatoes, broccoli, mushroom, and lentils have been known to be very helpful in having a deep and long sleep.

The above methods do not guarantee to help you to lucid a dream, but they will anyways increase your chances at becoming lucid and having more lucid dreaming than before. However, it is important to understand that these methods don’t work overnight. Don’t expect to become lucid as soon as you start adapting these methods in your day to day life. It takes time to adapt your body to meditate properly, to condition it with a different approach and to have more effective dreams.

Besides giving you more chances of becoming lucid, these methods can actually help you become happier and healthier in your day today life.