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How to Lose Weight in a Week?В В В В В

Gaining weight is easy while losing weight is as difficult. People who suffer from weight problems and want to shed those extra pounds totally understand what goes through when you are trying to lose the excess weight.В Weight gain comes with its usual problems like those extra bulges, tires, feeling of laziness etc. that sets in. Read more to know ways to lose weight in a week.

Apart from this there are bound to be many other health problems as well like diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, knee problems etc. although these can be in the later stages. It is important to understand though that if you want to lose weight you need a strict routine for yourself which is a combination of exercises, right diet, lots of water, adequate sleep,etc. And if you want to lose weight in a week you need to even stricter, and some concrete measures must be taken to reach that goal.

Weight Gain and Related Issues:

When we have more of fat cells accumulated in our body that means we have gained weight or that we are carrying more weight than required.В Our weight and our height should always be proportional to each other. Too many bulges on any particular part of the body also mean that there is more accumulation of fat cells there. In order to lose weight you need a lot of patience and dedication, your goal is definitely not impossible to achieve.

Causes of Weight Gain:

Look for the below causes of weight gain:

  • Stress, Side effects of Antibiotics.
  • Thyroid, hormonal changes in the body.
  • Genetics
  • Lack of exercise.
  • Too much intake of Junk Food.
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.
  • Lack of Sleep.
  • Steroids and Anti-Depressants.
  • Slow Metabolism.

lose weight in a week

Ways to Lose Weight in a Week:

The below methods and weekly calendar of diet intake will go a long way in giving you the desired body in a few days time. If you want to lose weight in a week, the below is essential:

Excess Intake of Sugar Has to be Stopped

Eating a lot of sugar, more than the recommended daily intake can lead you to have diabetes, heart disease, and cancer if you don’t keep a check on your health. It is also one of the most common causes of piling on excess weight. Sugar is available in many different forms in food products, particularly processed foods, therefore, it is essential to limit intake of these if you want to lose weight. Minimizing your intake of sugar is a great way to improve your diet and one of the fastest ways to lose weight in a week. So avoid adding sugar in your cup of coffee, those fruit juices, and avoid any kind of bakery treats which are loaded with sugar.

Have a Light Snack Every 2 Hours

Having small meals or quick healthy bites through the day prevents you from slowing down your metabolism. Aim for smaller meals (300-500 calories) a day rather than 3 large meals if you want to lose weight in a week. Have something every two hours. You can definitely take some milk, fruits, and digestive biscuits, nuts, Salads or a plain sandwich to keep yourself full. Avoid having any starchy or calorie rich foods or fried foods in between. This will give you astonishing results.

Replace the Fat While You Cook Foods

Coconut oil can help boost your metabolism besides helping you eat fewer calories. It is also especially helpful in reducing the excess belly fat. Coconut oil is metabolized in a different way in our body than other fats and this goes a long way in avoiding you from piling up those extra calories. While cooking foods, replace butter and other oils with coconut oil and see the difference it makes to your body.

Take up a Hobby – Playing any Favorite Sport is Essential

Take up any of your favorite sport. Sports not only give you a good intensity workout, but also translate into a greater metabolic afterburner where your body is working harder than usual and this itself stimulates your calorie burning process. Sports like cycling, swimming, badminton, squash, lawn tennis, etc. go a long way in giving you a really good workout and help you shed off those extra calories really fast.

Weight Training Will Bring Out the Difference

Doing weight training really helps in the calorie burning process. A pound of muscle burns up to nine times the calories of a pound of fat. Weight training increases your resting metabolic rate, which is the number of calories you burn while sitting on your butt. It gives your metabolism an added boost after your exercise and is one of the fastest ways to lose weight in a week. Several weight training exercises like bench press, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and planks will go a long way in giving you the desired body and weight really quickly.

Cardio is the 1st Thing: No Cardio, No Weight Loss

Any kind of cardio exercise helps you burn a lot of calories. Running, cycling, hiking or power walking is a great way to burn calories and give you good mental and physical health. Cardio also improves many risk factors for heart disease and helps reduce body weight to a great extent. Any kind of cardio exercises is one of the best ways to start with a plan of losing weight. This is indeed the fastest way to lose weight in a week.

Go for Hot Yoga

Haven’t you heard how hot Yoga has totally become a rage these days? Well, it is definitely not without a reason. Hot Yoga has helped a lot of people shed a lot of weight and get a desirable body as well. It’s known to make you lose weight in a really short period and makes you lose weight really fast. It is actually a great way to let your body to stretch and recover from weight and cardio workouts. It burns enough calories to make you lose weight in just a few days time. A whole ninety minutes can help you burn 600 to 700 calories because your heart is elevated due to the heat. A lot of people the world over and in India are resorting to this method to lose those extra pounds. You can benefit as well, go ahead and include it in your daily life.

Include a Lot of Proteins

Protein is the king of nutrients and adding more of proteins in your diet will go a long way in helping you shed that extra weight from your body parts. High protein diet can really help a lot in boosting your metabolism, which will help you from piling up weight too quickly. Your body burns more calories in digesting and metabolizing the protein, which is why you will end up feeling fuller for a long time. Eating a breakfast rich in proteins like eggs can have a powerful effect and can prove to be one of the fastest ways to lose weight.

Keep a Track of Your Calories

The trick to losing weight in a week is to always keep a track of your calories. In a day you should have not more than 1,200 calories at any cost. Exceeding 1,200 calories mean exceeding a most effective weight loss regimen. Search for yourself and count the calories for everything that you eat in a day like fruits, cereals, porridge, bread, salad, etc. Though the above dietary regimen has been made keeping this mind, when you go off this dietary chart, keeping these things in mind is essential.

Diet to Lose Weight in a Week:

Adopt the below dietary chart for yourself. This will surely help you lose maximum weight in a week:


  • Breakfast – One cup of black coffee, one orange and one apple. Make sure no sugar is added to the coffee
  • Lunch – One bowl of fruit salad and a cup of fresh homemade orange and grape juice.
  • Dinner – Tomato salad with basil and mint and drizzle of olive oil on the top.
  • In between these meals, skip the calorie loaded snacks and much on fruits. Have apples, but avoid bananas. If you have any cravings late at night, just eat one cup of diced watermelon. It contains less than 50 calories.


  • Breakfast – Have a kale smoothie or a beetroot and carrot smoothie along with a bread slice topped with tomatoes, and a sprinkle of basil, kosher salt and pepper.
  • Lunch – A big bowl of spinach salad. You can also have zucchini, carrots, cabbage and so on. Use any kind of seasoning you may want, avoid mayonnaise or cheese. The best thing about vegetables is that they are extremely healthy and the danger of crossing the 1200 calories a day mark is almost nil here.
  • Dinner – Boiled or baked potato with side salad.


  • Breakfast – Any fruit smoothie, low fat yogurt and some almonds.
  • Lunch – A large salad bowl made of any vegetables except potatoes.
  • Dinner – A variety of steamed fruits and vegetables will do the trick here. You can dip them in guacamole and eat them. Remember to drink a lot of water and unsweetened green tea for the entire duration of the diet plan.


  • Breakfast –Have a low fat milkshake, add some berries and nuts to it. Also have a banana.
  • Lunch – Vegetable soup – cabbage, tomato or any other veggie. Follow up with a milkshake or a banana for dessert.
  • Dinner – Have a vegetable soup and a milkshake. Try and stick to regular milk as far as possible here.


  • This is similar to Day 3 in terms of a good combination of veggies and fruits throughout the day. You can throw some rice into the mix here. Stick to brown rice as much as possible.
  • For breakfast you can simply have some fruits. For lunch have a combo of veggies and rice and for dinner have a fruit and vegetable salad or simply boiled vegetables.


Soup is a welcome supplement for day 6 along with veggies and rice. By this time, the results should already be visible, but try to beat the temptation until you are done. Have any vegetable soups you want to have on day 6, avoid any excess butter or cream here.


More veggies, rice and soup are what you need on Sunday, almost the same as day 6. The very next day hops into the weighing scale to measure all the excess weight you might have lost and to see how your sacrifices were definitely not in vain.

Apart from the above, you should always remember to drink a lot of water during the day in order to lose weight in a week. Having adequate sleep and never skipping your breakfast is essential if you want to lose those extra pounds really fast.

What is also important is, that you don’t overexert while exercising. Don’t do it in excess. A max of one hour to one and half hour of exercise will do the trick.

Always have a role model and be inspired by people. If you keep someone in mind whom you admire in terms of having that perfect body, then you will be more encouraged to lose weight.