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How to Lose Love Handles?

We all tend to have love handles on our body, don’t we? Some of us less and some more. While love handles are not related to any disease or any other serious conditions, they merely mean excess of fat accumulation in the area. And the one reason why we want to lose love handles is because they don’t look good and hamper with our beauty. Moreover, these tend to show from all the dresses we wear and as such choosing, the right clothing becomes difficult as well. Keep reading to know different ways to lose love handles.

Statistics reveal that women tend to have more of these love handles than men. While losing weight is easy some time, losing these love handles can take a little time and it requires much effort from your side as well. But with the right combination of foods, exercises, and lifestyle, you can certainly lose love handles in a few weeks time. Patience, dedication, and consistency are what you require to achieve that goal.

What are Love Handles?

Love handles are nothing but extra flab on our body and mostly these love handles tend to occur on our waistline. Sometimes these can also take a serious toll on our health if we keep them ignored for the longest time. It is not a simple task but not a hercules task either to lose love handles, you can certainly check those unsightly and stubborn bulges with easier methods discussed here.

Reasons for love handles:

  • Lack of exercise.
  • Stress that may cause general weight gain.
  • Unhealthy diet that includes a lot of starch and fatty foods.
  • Lack of sleep that may lead to metabolic problems and encourage love handles.
  • Too much sugar that is stored as fat around your waist and stomach.

How to Lose Love Handles

Best Methods to Lose Love Handles:

Whatever the reasons may be the below methods that help you lose those love handles easily at home:

Add Beans

Adding beans to your diet will help you a lot if you want to lose love handles within a few days. Beans are not rich in a lot of nutrients, but also help to keep your fat content and weight in check. Taking beans mean taking a lot of soluble fiber that reduces belly fat with good bacteria in the gut. It is wise to add small quantities of beans in every meal of the day. You can make salads out of them or simply boil some beans and add a little seasoning and have them as a side dish. Many studies have proved how soluble and insoluble fiber decreases hunger and increases post-meal satisfaction which leads to weight loss. So buy those beans the next time you go to the market and keep munching on them to lose love handles faster.

Dairy Products

An addition of the right amount of dairy products in your daily diet will certainly make you lose love handles quickly. These dairy products are not just rich in calcium, but also have a lot of other benefits to our body, however, while adding them make sure you are having an excess of them in your diet. An addition of the right and small amounts of cheese, yogurt and milk increases the calcium, content that checks belly fat by reducing calcitriol, the hormone responsible for fat storage in our body. A lot of epidemiological data and clinical trials have confirmed how dairy products are linked to weight loss and help to keep fat accumulating in check.

Go the Lime Way

If you want to lose love handles naturally, the best thing you would ever do is include lime in your diet and adopt a love for it. Lemons are rich in vitamin C which helps to keep your weight in check and prevents you from putting on more weight. Including lemon water in your diet is really essential if you want to lose the excess weight from your body. Lime water also enhances the digestion and helps to detoxify the body. Apart from this, lemon zest or peel helps reduce hunger and increases metabolism. You can add a juice of one lemon to lukewarm water and add a little honey to it and drink this water first thing bin the morning every day. This is one of the best ways for losing love handles.

Add Figs

Love figs? Well then adding figs to your diet will certainly do a lot of good to you. Figs are rich in a lot of essential nutrients like calcium, fiber, iron, and potassium. These figs are also extremely rich in vitamins A, B1, and B2. Including these in your breakfast would be ideal to keep your weight in check and the fat accumulation as well. However, you must not overeat these figs, keep having them in small portions in your diet. You can also add figs to your oatmeal or yogurt, or just have them as a dry fruit. They also help in slow absorption of sugar in the intestine and that also is one reason why it’s best to include figs in your daily diet.

Say No to White Foods

If you want to lose love handles quickly, it is important to say no to white foods and keep them away from your diet completely. These white foods add a lot of unwanted weight gain and fat accumulation in your body and can also lead to serious ailments later in the future. Besides these can also hamper with your digestion and slow down your metabolism as well. Here goes low on the intake of food with zero nutrition in your diet like sugar, potatoes, and salt. It is also important to reduce the intake of instant noodle in your diet. Avoid rice, pasta, bread and dishes made of refined flour too. Replace these with a lot of greens and vegetables in your diet; at most you can have wheat pasta if you want to. This is a magical way of losing love handles faster.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are simply magical. They not only help to keep our weight in check, but also benefit our body in a lot of other ways. The dietary fats EPA and DHA present in omega 3 fatty acids assist a lot in weight management; therefore it is important to include foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. For this include these superfoods in your diet on a daily basis – flax seeds, soybeans, walnuts, fish, tofu, kidney bean and olive oil, etc. Seafood is also a major source of omega 3 fatty acids so including them in your diet will benefit you in a number of ways as well. If you want to lose love handles really quickly, start munching on these super foods today and notice the results yourself in a few weeks.

Say No to Aerated Drinks

Aerated drinks are one of the foremost causes for love handles. They are the worst thing you will ever have which absolutely do no good to the body. They only keep adding more and more sugar and are the prime reason for those excessive bulges on the body. Moreover, these have zero nutrients and thus they are equivalent to having poisoned. These aerated drinks are fizzy and fun, bur result in abdomen fat over the course of time as the high dosage of sugar increases our appetite. Diet sodas might also contain artificial sugar or aspartame, but have the same effect on our appetite once we consume the. Stay away from these if you want to lose love handles really quickly.


It is one of the best exercises you can include if you want to lose overall weight and lose inches as well. Jogging practically impacts our whole body and helps us to lose the excessive weight and fat really fast. If you do jogging every day you will notice the stubborn bulges go away slowly and slowly. Jogging also helps to improve your metabolism and is a good way to help you in your digestion as well. Even half an hour of jogging every day can make you lose a lot of calories, thus it is the best and the safest exercise to adopt if you want to lose love handles effectively.

Leg Flutters

Leg flutters are an excellent way of losing love handles provided you do this every day without fail. These not only help you to lose love handles, but also help to tone your abs muscles. These also help to strengthen your back and make you muscles firmer.В For this lie flat on your back and lift your head slightly. Now place your arms at the side or bend them at the elbows. Bring your knees and feet up and your legs back and forth. Do these with small relaxation breaks in between. You can do about 20-30 reps at one time and doing two sets would be ideal.

Side Bends

This is a very effective exercise to lose love handles really fast. It also helps to give you a toned waistline and doing this every day will prevent you from putting any weight on the waist. Here stand erect on the ground. Your position should be such that your feet are about shoulder-width apart. Now hold the dumbbell in one hand and another place other hand behind the head. Stand straight and bend to the side where there is dumble weight. Now return to the original position and relax.В Do not bend your knees or your hips. Continue bending from side to side alternating between both the sides. Do about 20 reps on each side every single day.

Standard Crunch

Crunches are really good for your waistline and are one of the best exercises for losing love handles really quickly. But ensure you go easy on this – start and increase the count gradually each day. Here lie down in the supine position with feet flat on the floor and now bend your knees. Now put your hand at the back of your head. Your elbows should be out to the sides. Now slightly tilt your chin and move your abdominals slightly inward. Curl up and forward in such a way that your shoulder blades, neck, and head lift off the floor. Return to the original position after a few moments. Doing crunches every day will actually help you to get rid of all the fat on your waist and you won’t need anything else to remove your bulges.

Twisting Crunches

These are indeed excellent for losing love handles and for giving you a slimmer and firmer waist as well. These crunches have a direct impact on your abdominal fat and help you lose those bulges in a few weeks with regular practice. This is almost the same as regular crunches, but just that while performing twisting crunch you raise one knee to touch it with the other elbow, i.e. your right knee with your other elbow and vice versa. You are sure to lose all your bulges if you do this regularly and without fail in your daily regimen.


Apart from the above, take the below precautions as well if you want to lose love handles in a few days time:

  • Have a lot of water and have 4-5 smaller meals throughout the day rather than three large meals. Eat in small and adequate proportions to improve your metabolism and burn more fat.
  • Do not starve, ever.
  • Do not skip exercise and never overdo your exercises as well.
  • Sleep fro at least 7-8 hours every single night.
  • Take the steps instead of escalators and elevators.
  • Never skip your breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day.