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How to Lose Arm Fat?

Losing arm fat is not easy, particularly for those people who have a tendency to put on more weight in those areas. Or for those people who are generally heavier on the upper body and tend to have heavier arms than most others. Fat arms just mean more of fat accumulation there and it’s definitely not impossible to lose ram fast, provided you get hold of the right exercises and the right methods to shed the excess weight there. Read more to know best ways to lose arm fat.

It is also important to understand that taking guidance from a physical trainer or an expert is essential here to understand the techniques better and to avoid injuries. Keep patience and never go overboard with exercises. It should always be done in moderation, at the right intervals, and with a well-balanced diet at all times.

Arm Fat: Know More

Nobody likes flabby or big arms. Here carrying a slim fit dress and wearing a sleeveless top is a huge embarrassment. Women mostly tend to have more fat accumulated on the arms than men. Every girl wants toned and slim arms, whereas guys want huge muscles there. No one likes saggy arms as they make you look bigger than you generally are. But the best thing is, the moment you start shedding off all the fat there and your arms become toned, you will start regaining your confidence and will start to feel better.

Some wonderful exercises can help you give well-toned arms and slim arms in almost two months, but you ought to have determination, patience, and consistency here to achieve the goal. To avoid any injuries and muscle pulls, do them under strict supervision so that you don’t harm yourself.

Taking a well-balanced healthy diet and drinking a lot of water comes without any special mentions. They are a must to be followed and to be included in your daily regimen.

How to Lose Arm Fat

Ways to Lose Arm Fat Fast:

Opt for the below methods to lose arm fat. These will help you give attractive arms in a few days time:

Chair Dips

Chair dips are highly recommended to lose arm fat really quickly. This works really well on the arms and helps them to tone down to remove the excess weight from there in a few days time. For this, you should choose a bench or a chair which is a little higher on the ground. Try and opt for a chair which does not have a cushioned seat as this will make it even harder for you. Face away from the furniture and place your arm son it. Your arm should be shoulder width apart. Move three to four steps away from the furniture and keep your upper body straight. Bend your knees to match the furniture and now move your whole body down to the floor and come back into the normal position. Do at least 3 sets of 20 reps every day.

Push Ups

Push ups are the ultimate arm workouts and help to lose arm fat besides giving you toned arms and a strong core. They also help strengthen your arms. You can try doing this first balancing yourself on your hands and knees rather than your hands and toes as you start doing these. Simply balance yourself on your knees and your hands as you face the floor and bend down bringing your torso close to the ground and move back up to the normal position. Do at least 3 sets of 10 reps every day. This is a very effective muscle building exercise and will help to give your arms like never before.

Counter Push Ups

The focus of this exercise is to increase stability and it helps to give you toned and slim arms in a few weeks. Besides this, it also helps to build the strength of your arms. Here you need to face a counter or a table with your arms on the edge of it and your feet touching the base of the counter. Move back from the counter till you feel your body leaning forward on tiptoes. It is important to balance your feet and your back should be straight. Now bend your elbows and go down till you touch the counter and then move back to the original position. Do at least 3 sets of 20 reps every day to see the benefits really fast. It will help you lose arm fat almost magically.

One-arm Tricep Dips

This primarily focuses on the triceps where most of the fat gets deposited and is one of the best exercises for losing arm fat quickly. Here sit straight on a mat. Keep your legs and your feet joined together. Keep your hand on the mat, on either side of your hips with a shoulder width distance between them. Now lift your hips off from the floor and straighten both your arms. Bend your right elbow to lower your hips as close to the floor as possible. Straighten your arms and bend your left elbow now as close to the floor as possible. Repeat on both the sides and do at least 3 sets of 20 reps. Do this every day and see yourself, the difference it makes to your arms in a few days time.


You will see a lot of people doing the aerocross in the gym to give themselves strong and well-toned arms. For this, get a jump rope and hold each end in both your hands. Make sure your palms are facing forward. Now start skipping with the rope hopping just enough for the rope to pass beneath your feet. Slowly extend your arms from both sides as far as possible as you skip. The only goal is to make big circles with your arms similar to how you use them when rowing a boat. Continue skipping for atleast 60 seconds. Do this twice or thrice every day for strong and well-toned arms. It is one of the best exercises to lose arm fat.


Here stand erect with 1-2 kg weight in each hand. Bring your fists forward as you face them and keep your palms facing each other all across. Take your left foot six inches back and your right foot six inches forward. Push with the left fist first and then your right fist. Keep doing this until you gain momentum and start speeding up. Do this at least for 60 minutes and then take the  rest. Switch feet and repeat. Do at least 3 reps here. Doing this every day will not only help in losing arm fat, but will also help you give toned and beautiful arms in a few weeks time. Make sure you don’t increase your weights here, holding 1-2 kg weights here is the best thing.

Wrist Rotation

This is one of the easiest and the most effective arm exercises you will opt for. It can just be practiced anywhere at home or at the gym. Here stand straight with a 1-2 kg dumbbell in each hand and your feet should be shoulder width apart. Your hands should be facing you and at the height of your shoulders with your palms facing downwards. Now rotate both your wrists inward as far as possible and then rotate them outwards. Keep doing this for about 60 seconds, alternating the movement between both the wrists. Do this every day. This helps to lose the arm fat from your arms, helps to give them more structure and helps to strengthen them as well.

Single Arm Lateral Raise

This is a power packed arm toning exercise that helps to lose arm fat fast and helps to strengthen the core muscles as well. Here begin in a push-up position on the mat with your hands and your knees placed directly under your shoulders and hold a 600 ml water bottle or any similar item in your left hand. Raise your torso up till your right arm is completely straight and your left arm is placed parallel to the floor. Hold this for a few minutes and then return to the original position. Repeat the exercise by switching the weight to the right ram and keep doing till you complete 20 reps. You can do 2 sets or 3 sets every day for maximum benefits.


Scissors is also one of the best exercises to lose arm fast and to strengthen your arms and your arm muscles. It is one of the best cardio workouts to lose weight as well. Here stand straight and lift both your arms to shoulder height in front of you. Now bring both your arms to your side and bring them back to the front with your right hand overlapping the left hand. This particular action resembles an open scissor. Now bring your arms back to your sides and then bring them back to the front so that your left hand is overlapping the right hand. Keep doing this alternating the action between both your hands. Do 3 sets of 10 reps every day and watch how you lose arm fat really quickly.

Floor Pull Ups

Here lie flat on the floor with your head and your shoulders under a strong and sturdy table. Now hold the edges of the table with both your hands, keeping them shoulder width apart and bring yourself up off the floor to as high as you can. You must keep your abs tight and your neck straight while in this position. Pause for 1 second and then go lower down. Keep repeating this and for 60 seconds or as long as you can. If by chance you don’t have a table you can try this exercise with a pole placed on two chairs and do this. It is one of the best methods to lose arm fat really quickly.

Quick Moves to Boost Results

This is not a heavy exercise like the ones above, but a mini routine which works really well on your arms and your shoulders. Here wrap a thick rubber band on your left hand at the knuckles. Now spread all your fingers as far as you can and hold in this position for 4-seconds. Continue doing this for 8 reps and then repeat with the other hand.

Try this as well. Stretch your left hand in front of you with your palm facing down. Then with the help of a right hand pull your left hand as far as you are comfortable. Now, keeping your arm extended in front of you lower your left hand so that the fingers are pointing to the floor. Now put your right on top of it and push your hand downward with a gentle pressure. Keep doing this several times fro both the arms.

These moves are excellent to lose arm fat really fast and help to strengthen your shoulders as well,

Opposite Arm and Leg Lift

This helps to strengthen both your arm and leg muscles and stretches the back. It also helps to lose arm fat quickly and is highly recommended. This is also beneficial for strengthening balance and improving the posture. Here to get down on your hand and your knees. The knees placed directly below your hips and the palms placed directly below your shoulders. Now push forward your right hand so that it’s parallel to the floor, at the same time push your left leg backward so that it is also parallel to the floor. There should be a tension in your back when you do this. Hold and then come back to the original position. Repeat at least 20 times on both sides. It is really effective in losing arm fat in a few days time.


  • Apart from the above methods take the below precautions as well to lose arm fat:
  • Count the calorie intake every day. And your target should be to lose 500 calories each day. This should help you lose 2kgs weight in a week.
  • Drink enough water every single day.
  • Never skip your breakfast and have a healthy breakfast including oatmeal, muesli, cereals, milk and fruits.
  • Set smaller portions for yourself throughout the day and have light meals.
  • Avoid having fried, sugar and starchy foods at all cost.