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How to Kill Bed Bugs?В

Bed bugs – those small parasites that make life hell when they come and infect our beds and other areas. They are mostly found inhabiting the nests of birds and the roosts of bats, but now they have been making our home their homes as well. If one unit is infested by them, even the adjoining unit gets infested soon as these bugs tend to move at a fast rate. Though when you find them in your house, it is best to call a pest control company if they have grown large in number or you are not aware of any of the methods to control them. Read more to know about bed bugs and how to kill bed bugs.

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs are also known as Cimex lectularius, they are actually small wingless insects that feed on the blood of other warm-blooded animals. And as human beings, we are one of those warm-blooded breeds, they feed on and infest our homes. These bugs are usually flat and oval in shape and multiply into off springs really fast. Their bites can take up to 9 days to get visible and usually it’s not easy to eradicate them. It’s important here to know where they hide in our homes:

  • Inside cracks in walls or ceilings
  • Under beds and mattresses and in your clothing, closet or cupboards
  • Inside or under your furniture, behind electrical sockets or picture frames
  • On your curtains or hidden in the darkest corners of your room and your house.
  • Their Effects:
  • They tend to feed on humans, literally every day if they get accustomed to your body and nothing is done to get rid of them
  • If their bites are ignored, it can continue to create a mild to a severe allergic pattern which can be detrimental to a human.

How to Kill Bed Bugs

Effective Ways to Kill Bed Bugs:

Want to kill bed bugs in your house? Well, it’s not as hard as you imagine:

Steaming Your Stuff

Using vacuum and steam over your stuff works really well to kill bed bugs. These bugs cannot survive any temperature above 50 degrees and that’s one reason why using vacuum over all our stuff does wonders to get rid of them. Vacuum your carpets, those curtains, bed sheets, your closets, just about everything. If you cannot afford to hire a professional help simply buy a vacuum cleaner and do it yourself. Do this every day for a week, vacuum kills bed bugs and helps you get rid of them completely after a few weeks.

Get a Thorough Wash

Don’t ignore those beddings, curtains, mats, cushions or any other fabric covers in your house. It is important to clean all these things thoroughly if you have just spotted those bed bugs in your house. Wash all your fabrics thoroughly; which means you might also want to wash them twice as it’s not easy to kill bed bugs. Remember, even after washing try to use a hot dryer to dry them. Set your temperature to the highest, as the hot air will help kill bed bugs simultaneously. Use the dryer for at least 30 minutes.

Diatomaceous Earth

Purchase a good quality food grade diatomaceous earth and use it to spread all across your house. Dust it across through all those small cracks, openings and any other areas where those bed bugs are staying in your house. Diatomaceous earth is very effective in killing those bed bugs as it instantly dehydrates them and helps to get rid of them completely in a few days. This is one of the best methods to kill those stubborn bed bugs.

Isolate Your Bed

If you don’t use that bed, then it is best to purchase a special frame that gets your mattress off the floor, install bed bug interceptors under this bed frame. These interceptors are special cups or cards that get stuck under your bed and help trap the bugs inside them. In this way, these bugs don’t happen to move anywhere around or reach the top of the bed or the mattress. There are many interceptors available online today, which are really inexpensive. You can buy whichever you find best and install them. They will help kill bed bugs completely in a few days.

Treat Those Cracks

Clean and treat those cracks in your house to kill bed bugs. It is through these cracks that they may have entered and it is here that they hide the most. Don’t ignore those blinds, curtains, picture frames, posters, wall clocks etc. as well. However, vacuuming all of these may not do the trick. You can even get hold of sticky tapes as well, which can help kill bed bugs from these areas.

Examine Furniture

Examine all your furniture and those cushions, upholstery, chairs, sofas, couches just about everything. Clean all these nicely and vacuum them all really well. You can use special pesticide sprays as well to kill bed bugs from these items. After cleaning the items make sure you keep them in the area which has already been treated. Keeping them back in the infested area will do no good if the entire room is not free from bugs.

Treat Your Bagged Items

For all those washable items in your house, it’s best to wash them in hot water for 30 minutes and then drying them under hot temperature for 30 minutes. This will eventually kill those bed bugs instantly and help you get rid of them. However, the problem is treating those items in your house which cannot be washed. For these specifically, it’s best to store all of them in huge bags and then putting these bags under the hot sun for a considerable amount of time. The hot temperature kills those bed bugs and their eggs like nothing else can. You can also keep those bags in a large freezer. The extremely cold temperature kills those bed bugs and makes you get rid of them sooner than you think.

Desiccant Dusts

Silica aerogel is known to be highly effective in killing bed bugs in your house. Silica aerogel is inexpensive and is safe for you to use in your house. Use it to dust those cracks and dark corners and all around your house. You can also use a brush to dust these across all those places. These dusts are easily available online or garden stores or those hardware stores as well. Get hold of them and kill bed bugs, make your house bugs free for yourself!

Pyrethroid Sprays

These sprays are stronger and fall under the category of those long lasting pesticides. However, while spraying them make sure you don’t spray them over electrical sockets and other electrical items. These harmful chemicals can react with the electrical supply and can prove to be extremely dangerous. These sprays are really good to kill bed bugs, but remember not to use them when children are around.

Low Toxicity Contact Sprays

Sterifab and Bedlam are mild contact sprays that are easily available contact sprays in the market. However, while using them precautions should be taken as these sprays are alcohol based and are all flammable products. Also remember, these alcohol based sprays are relatively mild and many repeated uses may be required to kill bed bugs by using them. These sprays can be effective only when those bugs are in direct contact and once they dry up they are no longer effective. They don’t help kill those eggs as well.

Other Ways to Kill Bed Bugs

However, use them if you can actually see these bugs and you don’t want your children to get affected by the harmful chemicals.

Separate Treated From Untreated Furniture

A highly important task is to keep your treated furniture, fabrics, accessories, etc. separate from the untreated products in your house. Take a separate room and keep all your treated items in this room. Make sure to keep them back to their places only when then all the rooms and spaces have been thoroughly cleaned and free of bed bugs. While cleaning your stuff, remember to clean just about everything, CD’s, drawers, pen stands, books etc.

If you don’t take care to keep untreated and treated items separately, the cleaned items can again get infested by bugs. To kill bed bugs and eliminate them completely, focus on this task.

Call Pest Control

Calling professional help can really do a lot of good if you are unable to kill bed bugs yourself. Just remember to use certified companies for this purpose. Professional pest controllers are well equipped to handle these bugs and will eventually get you rid of them in some time. Depending on the condition of the infestation, repeated visits by them may be required, but be assured after a few days you won’t find any bugs in your house.

All of the above methods can kill those bed bugs in your house. However, precautions are required at every step. Take precautions never to spray those chemicals while your children or pets are around. While using those interceptor bags as well, remember to wipe them and clean them off after every week or every 10 days. Be patient and practice with care, those bugs will not stay long if you apply your methods the proper way.