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How to Gain Weight?

While worldwide some people are trying to lose weight, there’s an equal amount of people trying to gain weight because of the rejections and the bullying they face. Ideally, these people are “underweight”. Being underweight means your weight is not in proportion to age and height. And in some cases, it is detrimental to health as well leading to organ failure, lack of menstruation, bone density loss, etc. No one liked to be that thin actually because whatever you wear you never come across like a beauty in people’s eyes.

Being Underweight: Know in Detail

Being slim can be a million dollar dream answered, but being skinny exasperates a lot. And there are various name tags given to you if you are underweight – skinny, pole, giraffe etc. No one likes them. Some studies suggest people who have a high metabolism generally don’t tend to put on weight, but there are other factors as well, which can be responsible for you being skinny since childhood. However, it is important to understand that artificial methods to gain weight can have serious repercussions on the body. Go in for methods which help you add weight besides providing nutrition.

Some Causes for Being Underweight:

  • Genetic Factors – Heredity and genetic factors play an important role in being underweight.
  • Skipping Meals – Never skip 3 important meals of the day.
  • Excessive Physical Activity – Don’t exercise more than what your body needs.
  • Lack of Sleep – Sleep for at least 7-8 hours.
  • Anorexia – Never practice this, it causes serious health complications.
  • Hormonal Imbalances – Some simple blood tests can help keep this in check.
  • Weak Digestive System – have adequate water and nutrition rich diet.

How to Gain Weight

Natural Ways to Gain Weight Fast:

Some simple foods and other changes can help you gain weight without doing harm to your body.


Bananas are the only natural foods that are loaded with calories and help gain weight really fast. To have bananas you can either make a banana smoothie with bananas, sugar, and milk. Or you can simply take a banana for breakfast and follow it up with a glass of milk. Doing this every day will help you gain weight considerably in a few days time. Banana also contains a lot of good potassium which is beneficial for the human body.


Potatoes are loaded with carbohydrates, which can help you gain weight really fast. It can help add those extra kilos to your body with regular consumption. Potato in any form, whether grilled or baked or fried can be good for this purpose. You can also make a potato salad by combining potatoes, mayonnaise, buttermilk and some veggies.

Potatoes are extremely rich in starch as well, which helps add those extra kilos really fast. However, avoid having those potatoes in all three meals of the day, having a part of your lunch or dinner can be good enough for that purpose.


Love that mango milkshake? Well, who doesn’t love that? Mango milkshake is not just an extremely tasty drink to have but it is very beneficial in helping you gain weight if taken at least twice a day. Mango milkshake is also loaded with minerals and vitamins. You can also alternately  eat a mango and follow it up with a glass of milk.

Having mango and milk together will help you pile on those extra kilos with regular consumption. To gain maximum benefits, have that mango shake or plain mango in the 2nd half of the day. Notice the results after some days on the body.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is not just good in taste but is an excellent food product to help gain weight really quickly. Spread that peanut butter on that slice of bread every morning or add it on the sandwich you make every day in your breakfast. You can also add peanut butter to the smoothie and have it daily either for breakfast or as a part of that evening snack.

Peanut butter has a high content of those calories, which is highly essential for piling those extra pounds.

Almond Milk

Almond is not just rich in protein but also loaded with polyunsaturated fats. Having two glasses of almond milk itself contains around 14 gms of that essential protein besides a lot of calories. You can take a few almonds and then crush them. Add the crushed almonds to a glass of boiling milk. Let it simmer for about 5 minutes. You can add a little sugar to that as well to enhance the taste. For a more effective remedy, add a few dates and some dried figs as well. Cool, down this drink a bit and then sip it slowly. Have this at least twice a day. It will help you gain weight in a really short time.

Raisins And Figs

Figs are really rich in polyunsaturated fats which help pile those extra kilos really fast. On the other hand, raisins are an excellent source of essential fatty acid which adds those much-needed calories to your diet. Soak some figs and raisins in about 30 gms of water and leave it overnight. Now have two portions of this the next day. You can take it once in the morning and once in the evening. Do this continuously for 30 days and see how you gain weight in a month’s time.

Lean Red Meat

Red meat is extremely high in cholesterol, which is every effective for piling those extra kilos if taken a few times a week. Go for those marbled cuts of meat as they contain a lot of calories which will help you gain a lot of weight. Go for rib eye, meat tenderloin, and t-bone. These are rich in calories and fats. Try adding the meat to your diet and notice you gain weight in a few days time.


Avocados will not just satisfy your taste buds, but help you gain weight quickly. Avocados are one of the most nutritious fruits which are extremely rich in those calories as well. They also contain a lot of potassium, vitamin E, and folic acid besides some heart healthy fats, which do a lot of good to your body. To benefit from avocados, just top a bread slice with them and have it every day for breakfast. You can also make a thick puree of it and spread it over the sandwich or use avocado to make a salad of it.

Whole Fat Milk

Skip that skimmed milk that you have daily and add whole fat milk to your diet. Whole fat milk contains a lot of calories besides being rich in vitamins and minerals as well. Have it plain or add it to cereals, oatmeal or a nice tasty milkshake. If you love coffee you can try and use cream here to add those extra calories to it. Include whole fat milk in your daily diet and see how quickly it helps you gain a lot of weight.


Nuts are one of the best options for adding weight. Haven’t you always been told to stay away from having a lot of nuts? That’s because they help in piling up a lot of calories and only having a handful of them can keep you full for hours. They are rich in fiber as well. For best results, have almond and macadamia nuts to add maximum weight. Mixed nuts are a great option as well to add in your snack. You can top your cereals and oatmeal with these or just have them plain if you love. They will help you gain weight easily and just in a very short time.


Cheese is rich in protein, calcium, and fats. Besides, it’s not just delicious, but helps in gaining a lot of weight really fast. If you want to add weight considerably then try and eat cottage sheet. Include it in your sandwich, salad or just have it plain. For best results, have it before bedtime and see how quickly you pile up those extra kilos.


Eggs are just excellent in adding those extra kilos to an underweight person. They are also rich in minerals, protein and fast and help build muscles and strength immensely. If can eat that white part of the egg thrice a day. Or eat scrambled eggs or omelet every day in your breakfast. Doing this will help you gain weight in a few days time.

Other Useful Tips Besides Above Remedies to Gain Weight Fast:

  • Sleep in the afternoon every day for at least an hour.
  • Practice yoga and do a lot of squats and weights every day.
  • Have an adequate amount of water daily and eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies.
  • De-stress yourself and meditate daily for at least 15 minutes
  • Increase the number of meals you have every day. Have a diet rich in calories and fiber.
  • Just take a few leaves of coriander, chop them finely and add to your favorite dish.
  • The above methods will help you gain weight really fast. Adapt these to your daily diet and notice how quickly you leave that skinny self and have that desirable body in a few days time.