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Home Remedies for Toenail Fungus

In this article, we will discuss home remedies for toenail fungus. Onychomycosis which is commonly known as toenail fungus is a rare condition which is characterized by inflammation, pain and swelling of the toe nail. The infected nail appears yellow in color, thickened and crumbled. If you are suffering from or witnessВ discolored, brittle, and warped toenails, this could mean that you have a fungal infection. And you should immediately consult a doctor to prevent the infection from getting worse. This fungal infection in your toe nail is not painful when itВ first forms. But if the problem is not treated or neglected, it might transform into an uncomfortable or painful condition which will not allow you to wear shoes.

The toenail fungus can be a result of the following:

  • Abnormal pH of the skin
  • Continuous exposure to moisture
  • Wearing synthetic socks
  • Compromised immune system
  • Sweat build-up in shoes
  • Poor foot hygiene, or
  • Weak circulation such as that caused by diabetes.

Modern medicines and treatments generally address toenail fungus with topical treatments, oral anti-fungal medicine. In some cases the situation can even lead to surgical removal of the nail.В Since these are not natural medications, they will have some side effects on your body. These side effects may possibly include:

  • Trouble while breathing
  • Swollen mouth or face
  • Hives
  • Rashes
  • Blisters
  • Headaches
  • Fizziness
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Liver damage
  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue
  • Heart problems
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea

Seeing your doctor about treatments is always recommended in every health problem. But the final decision is on you whether to use OTCs or natural home remedies. There are plenty of home remedies which involve all natural ingredients and can be used toВ diminish the fungus and prevents the infection from coming back.

Traditional herbal medicine are recommended because they tend to do the same job using natural oils, fruit juices, and dry goods from your pantry . Most of which have no side effects at all. We are here with the top and best home remedies when it comes to home remedies for toenail fungus.

home remedies for toenail fungus

Natural Home Remedies for Toenail Fungus

These foot fungus remedies can be found all around your house and are easy to incorporate throughout the day. Fortunately, there are easy and effective anti-fungal treatments that can be prescribed by your doctor. As well as plenty of home remedies that can help you beat back your toe fungus even faster.

Take a look below below to learn about all of these easy aids for fighting the gunk stuck unto your toenails. The natural remedies enlisted below will help you to feel fresh and fungus-free in no time!


So this very famous remedy is used to maintain a good oral hygiene and keep your mouth fresh. You may think that what a mouth wash is doing in thin list. Well this really good mouth wash is known to have plenty of ingredients. These can help kill foot fungus and proves to be a helpful home remedy for toenail fungus. This is because Listerine products are known to have Thymol andВ Eucalyptol. These help to very effectively treat fungal infections and inflammation in your infected toenail. The mouth washes also contain Salicylate, which promotes the sloughing off of dead skin cells. This will eventually lead to the growth of the new cells.

ToВ effectively use Listerine as an effective home remedy for toenail fungus, mix togetherВ Listerine and water in equal quantities in a foot basin. Now soak your feet in this mixture for about 30 minutes and then brush them with a nail brush.

Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the best remedies for toenail fungus is this magical ingredient. Apple cider vinegar can be used topically or internally for almost all possible health issues. The acidic property of ACV kills fungus and naturally restores your skin’s pH balances, not letting the fungus top grow again. This is because of the antibacterial properties of ACV. These help in killing any organisms which causes infection and discomfort to your feet.

All you need to do is, mix one part ACV and one part ofВ Epsom salt together and thenВ add six parts hot water.В Now, let the water cool down at room temperature. Make sure that it is still warm to the touch and can be used on your skin. Soak your feet in this mixture twice daily for at least 30 minutes in order to kill toenail fungus.В Similar to Listerine, soaking your feet in an ACV and water solution for 30 minutes will help relieve the toenail fungus.

As an alternative, you can also mix two tablespoons of organic ACV with eight ounces of warm water. Add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten and improve the taste.

You may not like the taste or the smell but apple cider vinegar has numerous health benefits. It is perfect to be used as a natural home remedy for toenail fungus and various other health issues.

Olive Leaf Extract

Another excellent natural and one of the best home remedies for taking out toenail fungus isВ olive leaf extract.В When consumed daily as a supplement, this powerful and natural remedy proves beneficial to treat toenail fungus effectively. Olive leaf is known to have natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties and can help to lower bad cholesterol.

Popularly known as a powerful detoxifier, olive leaf extract proves best to be used as a natural and beneficial home remedy for various causes. You may experience some discomfort when you first begin with its consumption. In such cases we advise you to lower your daily dosage while your body will tend to shed extra bulk of stored up toxins.В Continuing with regular usage, when you begin to feel revitalized overtime, you can also increase the intake as recommended by the doctor.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is yet another effective and one of the best natural home remedies for toenail fungus. This essential oil acts as a natural antiseptic and fungicidal remedy,В which is an effective treatment to kill toenail fungus.В

In order to use the oil for treatment, you need to first clean the areas on and around the infection. Use rubbing alcohol for this purpose. Now apply undiluted tea tree oil directly to the infected nail and let the soak in for effective results. Let it stay for around a good 10 minutes and then gently scrub the nail with a soft bristle toothbrush.В

When using tea tree oil for skin treatments, make sure to mix the oil one-to-one with natural base oil like olive orВ almond oil.В This is because tea tree oil can burn your skin in a few cases. Repeat the application daily until the new healthy nail grows out completely. Continue treatment for two to three more weeks to prevent regrowth of fungus.

Orange Oil

Orange oilВ is yet another natural anti-fungal agent and one of the effective home remedies for toenail fungus. This essential oil can be easily applied regularly to toenails in order to cure the infection and promote healthy growth.В In order to apply the oil, use a dropper to apply oil on nails and between toes.В Let the oil soak in for at least an hour.В

The oil may be too strong for people with sensitive skin. So in case you have sensitive skin, prefer to dilute the oil in the same ratio with an all-natural carrier such as olive oil.В Also, because a few citrus fruits might even cause allergies and these are somewhat common, it is recommended to do pre-test before applying directly to the infected area. In case you do not wish to purchase the oil before making sure that it is safe for your skin, testers are available at various stores who sell the oil along with various other essential oils.

Corn Meal

Yet another one of the natural and effective home remedies for toenail is corn meal which is also quite interesting remedy. Cornmeal is known to naturally host a type or form of fungus that is harmless to your body but on the other hand it proves deadly for Candida. The fungus which is the most common fungal parasite that causes toenail infections in people.

In order to use this remedy for treatment, take a container which is big enough to fit in your foot or both the feet if required. Now mix one cup of cornmeal and about two quarts of water to form a paste. Allow the cornmeal to soak in the water for at least an hour. Then dip in the infected foot or both the feet in the mixture for a good half an hour or even more as required.В The time taken for this treatment to show results might be a topic of debate. But a fewВ sourcesВ have reported success with the treatment performed religiously, once a week. Since, cornmeal is totally harmless to skin and nails, the treatment can be repeated as often as you required or preferred.

Baking Soda and Sodium Borate

Any type of fungal infection needs an acidic environment to flourish. Baking sodaВ being alkalineВ in nature, actually prevents toenail fungus from spreading by creating an uninhabitable environment for it. On the other hand Sodium borate, which is commonly known as boraxВ is a naturally occurring mineral that is also a powerful fungicide. The ingredient proves deadly for fungus, thus helping to get rid of fungal infections on the skin.

When the two are combined together, they tend to create a remedy that can cure nail fungus fast.В All you need to do is, mix equal amounts of borax powder and baking soda. Now, just add enough water to form a paste like consistency. Wet your feet and gently rub the mixture onto infected nails using it like a scrub. Repeat the process twice daily and continue for at least 15-20 days after the fungus appears to have cleared up.

Coconut Oil

Caprylic acid, one of the medium-chain fatty acids which is known to be present naturally inВ coconut oil. The oil is knownto possess the ability to penetrate the durable cell wall of Candida and other fungi which causes infection.В Once the protective coating is destroyed, the cells of the fungus dissolves. This eventually leads to the effective killing of the fungus casing infection.В All you need to do is to apply a thin layer of coconut oil to infected areas and let it soak in for at least 15 minutes.В

Coconut oil isВ popularly used for various skin problems and is also a great skin moisturizer. So there is no limit to how often you can apply the oil to your skin.В All you need to do is that make sure you are not allergic to coconuts before beginning with the application of the oil.

Lavender Oil

Anti-fungal properties of lavender oil make it as one of the effective and natural home remedies for toenail fungus whether mild of worst cases. All you need to do is to apply a few drops of lavender oil to the infected nails every night. The oil is easily available at various stored which sell essential oils. Let the oil stay there and penetrate deep into the skin while you sleep.В In order to prevent the oil from rubbing off while you are asleep, you can optionally cover your feet with a pair of wool socks. Make sure not to use socks made of synthetic fibers as this will only worsen the infection by making your feet excessively sweat.В

Remember that a nail that appears healthy might still be hiding traces of fungus which can lead to sever or mild infection. It is best to make use of topical treatments such as essential oils. Use them as mentioned in the list. Use for at least a few weeks after the infection appears to have completely treated.В This makes it as one of the effectiveВ home remedies for toenail fungus.В

Oregano Oil

Another magical herb in the list which is known to have natural anti-fungal properties is oregano.В All you need to do is mix a few drops ofВ oregano oilВ into a teaspoon of any natural base oil like coconut or olive oil. Now dab onto the infected area using a cotton ball. Alternately, you may even want to create your own oregano-infused oil. This is because oregano is a perennial in temperate climates and very easy to grow.В All you are required is to pick up a bottle of ready-to-go oregano oil. This makes it as one of the effectiveВ home remedies for toenail fungus.В


It is proven that an imbalance of healthy micro-flora in the body can also be a big cause of fungal overgrowth like onychomycosis or toenail infection.В Be sure to partner a goodВ pro-biotic supplementВ accompanied with other natural home remedies for toenail fungus.

Thriving, unhealthy gut bacteria hinders the growth and natural process of your gut. This leads to the spread of parasitic fungi and other microbes by limiting their available living space.В The lactobacillus bacteria found in most probiotic supplements actually secrete a byproduct that is poisonous and proves deadly for Candida. The fungus which is the cause of toenail fungus. You only need to make sure that your supplement contains no sugar or artificial fillers because these may tend to inadvertently feed the unwanted fungus.

Vapo Rub

Well, I presume that there is no single being that have not usedВ Vapo RubВ on your body to clear your sinuses and help relieve the stuffy nose and cold.В StudiesВ have shown that theВ thymol oil which is found in these available chest rubs is awesome forВ destroying dermatophytes andВ Candida. These are the causes of toenail infection.

All you need to do is simply apply the vapo rub onto your infected toenail in order to start feeling relief. Repeat the remedy regularly for effective results.

File Down Your Nails

All the above listed anti-fungal treatments are only useful if they can penetrate deep into the infected area to show results.В Gently file down your infected nail so that they are smaller and thinner. This will help your treatments to give effective and improved results.В Keeping your nails short will also keep the area from trapping moisture. This is beneficial until your nail is infection free because moisture helps the fungus to breed and grow. This makes it as an one of the effectiveВ home remedies for toenail fungus.В


Garlic is a yet another effective and natural treatments among all the other home remedies for toenail fungus. The ingredient is known to be naturally anti-fungal in nature, and its effects are as potent and strong as its scent. Before using garlic as a treatment for toenail fungus, apply moist heat to your infected toenail in order to open up the pours and bring the infected contents to the surface. This will increase the effectiveness of garlic.

Then, either place a garlic clove in a sock and wear it overnight. As an alternative, you can also mince a bit of freshly peeled garlic clove and apply it to your nail.

Throw Out Sugar

Another effective way to slowly kill the fungus and yeast which is plaguing your nails and causing infection is to eliminate sugar from your diet.В Sugary foods and yeast content present in foods tend to fuel Candida which is yeast itself and can lead to toenail infection.

So, in order to stop the fungus from thriving in your body and on your skin, cut the consumption of such foods that the fungus loves. Increase your intake of fermented foods, likeВ kombucha which is strongly hated by candida.


This may seem a bit weird and confusing, also counterproductive because of the sweat which can worsen the case instead of providing relief. But exercising can be a great aid to fighting fungus and helping to get rid of toenail fungus. This makes it as one of the effective home remedies for toenail fungus.

Reason being that when you exercise your blood tends to pump faster around your body. This means that exercise will eventually lead to the dispersed natural vitamins and toxin-flushing properties in your body, diverting it to the problem areas.

Keep Them Dry

As said earlier, sweat and moisture can worsen the case so keeping your feet dry is paramount and recommended for beating back fungus.В Since the Candida and fungus thrive in moisture and warmth, it is really important to keep your feet as dry as possible. So that these infection causing bacteria and fungus does not grow. В

Keeping the enlisted steps and home remedies for toenail fungus in mind and talking precaution, in addition to any other fungal medication. This will have you feel fungus-free eventually helping to get rid of toenail fungus easily. TheseВ home remedies for toenail fungus simply amazing and side effects free.В