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Home Remedies for Burns

A burn is something which nobody likes to suffer from. Burns can almost kill us with the pain they cause. And therefore should always be very cautious when dealing with things which can cause a burn. A burn is something which can be as dangerous to an adult, a child or an older person. While a minor burn is still something which can be treated with some simple home remedies, a larger degree of burn can be harmful for health and should only be treated in a specialised hospital. It is important to note here that a burn should be treated in the first few minutes itself and should never be ignored. Burn and itching sensation that lasts for long can give us a lot of pain and therefore the key is to apply the first remedy or aid as fast as possible. There are some really wonderful home remedies for burns which are very effective for easing the pain and preventing any kind of major infection here from a burn. These remedies help to soothe the area and help the skin to heal faster.

home remedies for burns

Burn: Know More

A burn is defined when the tissues of a particular body part get burned due to excessive heat which the body can’t handle. There are actually various types of burns commonly specified as first degree burns, second-degree burns, and third-degree burns.

There are Three Types of Burns:

First Degree Burns: This happens when there is mild redness and a little pain in the skin, but there is no blistering or any other serious concern. These burns can easily be treated with some simple remedies at home.

Second Degree Burns: Second-degree burns can be more painful than first degree burns and happen when the inside layer which is the dermis gets burned as well. Home remedies can treat second-degree burns.

Third Degree Burns: These burns are the most harmful and causing damage to the nerves, blood vessels, tissues, muscles and bone as well. Oddly, they can prove to be painless because of the nerve destruction that happens as a result. These require immediate medical attention and most of the times they can really be fatal if they are not treated at the right time.

Home Remedies for Burn Treatment:

Below are some natural home remedies for burns which help to treat it faster and help heal the skin really well:

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural healer and one of the best home remedies for burns. It has amazing antibacterial and antifungal properties which help in healing the skin and prevent the infection from spreading. Coconut oil has vitamin E as well, which works great in any skin infection or damages. If a nasty scar has erupted because of that burn, then add a little lemon juice to coconut oil and use this to massage over the scar.The citric acid in lemon helps to fade that mark away and coconut oil helps to heal the burn. With regular application, you will get rid of that scar completely in a few days.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera helps to soothe the skin and is extremely beneficial for practically any skin ailment. It helps to heal the skin instantly when a burn takes place. Cut off a natural Aloe Vera leaf and use the gel to apply over that burn. You can also buy an Aloe Vera cream to treat that burn and heal the skin. Aloe Vera really works like magic in treating the burn and providing you relief. It is one of the easiest and safest home remedies for burns and followed by a lot of people all over the world.

Aluminium Foil

Although not a natural remedy, but aluminium foil works really well in treating a burn really fast, if you have that foil at home. To get relief from an aluminium foil, wash off the area nicely with some cold water and then cover the area with the foil (shiny side) onto the burn. Let the foil be there for some time. Although you may feel a sharp burning pain instantly after putting the foil, after 30 minutes the pain will begin to subside and the relief will be there for you to see. Catch that aluminium foil to treat a burn next time it happens, it is one of the most favored home remedies for burns.

Mint Toothpaste

If you accidentally burn your finger while touching that hot cup of coffee or that hot non-stick pan, then it is best to use mint toothpaste to heal that burn. First, wash off the affected area well with some cold water and then pat it dry. Then use a mint toothpaste to apply over the burned area. Mint cools the burn and provides relief against the burnt tissues. Using mint is one of the best remedies to treat a burn, practically any type of burn.В It is one of the most effective home remedies for burns that help to provide instant relief from the pain and inflammations well.

Vanilla Extract

An uncommon remedy, but vanilla extract works great in treating a burn. So next time get that vanilla extract for this purpose. Use a cotton swab to gently dab vanilla onto the burned skin. The evaporation of the alcohol in vanilla provides a cooling effect on the burn. This simultaneously alleviates the pain and treats the burn faster and is one of the best home remedies for burns. Next time you have a burn, get that vanilla stick handy. It is not just good in taste but extremely good for your skin too.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Well, for most of the people vitamin C is a source of cold, but few know that vitamin C soothes the skin like nothing else can. It helps to heal any wound and produces collagen, which is most important for the development of new skin. Vitamin E, on the other hand, helps repair and protects your skin and is one of the most wonderful home remedies for burns.

Both these are actually power vitamins, which speed up the healing process that happens in the body. This helps in treating a burn really fast. Eat foods rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E. You can also take 2000 milligrams of vitamin C and 1000 milligrams of Vitamin E for a week to stimulate the healing process in the body.

One effective remedy is also taking a capsule of vitamin E and breaking it to apply the oil over the burn directly. This helps to treat a burn really fast and helps soothe the skin naturally.

Onion Juice

Onion has sulphur and quercetin that can help you to relieve the pain as well as healing burns. It also reduces the chance of blistering and prevents to form scars here. The best thing is onions are readily available in our house and therefore you can instantly use them to treat a burn. At first, you take an onion, then cut it into many small pieces before crushing them all to extract the juice here. Rub this juice directly to burns and with gentle hands here. You have to make sure that you use freshly cut onions because onions can lose their medical properties after a few minutes. To reduce the pain and burns here repeat this remedy several times a day. It is really one of the best home remedies for burns and helps to treat it really well.

Mustard Oil and Turmeric

This combination works really well and is considered one of the best home remedies for burns. It helps to heal the skin cells and helps to prevent any kind of infection from settling. This is an age-old remedy as well to treat burns. Turmeric is an antibiotic that helps you to heal burns while mustard oil can help you to relieve the pain. Make a mixture of one tablespoon of mustard oil and one teaspoon of turmeric powder, making sure it’s a smooth paste to apply. Then, you mix it well to make a fine paste. You rub it gently on burns and let it sit there for at least half an hour and then wash off with fresh water. Repeat this process twice a day to reduce the pain and heal burns quickly. This remedy is used by a lot of people world over for treating burns and for helping the skin to heal faster.

Plantain Leaves

Plantain leaves are rich in anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It is rich in anti-inflammatory, anti-hemorrhagic, expectorant and antimicrobial properties that can help to heal burns without having any scars. What’s more, this remedy is not difficult to use as well. But if you use it, it almost works like magic in treating your burns. First of all, you take some fresh plantain leaves,then crush them to extract the juice. Next, you rub the juice directly to burns. You can also wrap it directly around your affected area of burns, make sure here that the wound is covered properly. This is one of the most favored home remedies for burns and helps to treat it effectively at home. People in villages still use this remedy to treat a burn effectively.

Lavender Oil

Lavender has painkilling, antibiotic and natural healing properties that really help in reducing pain and healing that burn. Use some drops of lavender oil on a gauge and tie it to that burn. Keep it tied up throughout the day to provide relief. You can also use some lavender oil drops directly over that burn. Another option is to mix a few drops of lavender essential oil in two teaspoons of honey, apply it on the affected area few times a day. Lavender oil works really well in treating that burn, one reason why it is used by doctors in hospitals as well. This oil has painkilling and antiseptic properties that can help you to treat burns as well as reduce the risk of scarring and is one of the best home remedies for burns.


Hate milk? Well, don’t hate it to treat your burn at least. Milk has excellent fat and protein content which helps provide instant relief against a burn. It heals the skin and soothes the burn. Dip the affected area in a bowl of milk for at least 15 minutes and notice how that pain vanishes in some time. Using cold milk is even better for this purpose. It will also help smoothen your skin and reduce the redness almost instantly, being one of the most effective home remedies for burns.

Tea Bags

Tea bags provide almost instant relief against that burn. Just put 2-3 tea bags under some cold water and now use the cold water over your burns. You can also use 2-3 tea bags, some mint leaves and a cup of water to boil them. Let the water cool down and apply that water on the burn. Tea will help treat that burn really fast and soothe your skin. You can also take 2-3 tea bags, wet them and use them to treat those burns.В Use black tea instead as it works really well on the skin than green tea bags.


Vinegar has been used since ages as an effective remedy for instant relief against a burn. It is a natural astringent and has antiseptic properties that help to kill the infection from spreading and helps heal the burn really fast. To use vinegar, just dip a cotton ball in a little vinegar and apply it to the burn, you can also use a mixture of vinegar and water and apply it to treat a burn.В It helps to provide relief from that burning pain too, being one of the most wonderful home remedies for burns.

Egg Whites

You may have never tried this remedy before, but it actually works like magic in treating a burn. Just take an egg and separate the egg yolk and egg white. Now put the burnt part in the egg white for some time and see how you get rid of that pain altogether. Egg whites work wonderfully on the skin and help repair the damaged tissues really well being one of the most widely practiced home remedies for burns.

Few Useful Tips:

The below tips will help here as well:

  • It is believed that applying ice can bring relief, but it is usually not recommended as it tends to slow the healing process.
  • Avoid re-injuring or tanning the affected area.
  • You can also apply some white toothpaste or a regular non-mentholated shaving cream on the affected area.
  • Don’t break the blisters if they occur as it may increase the risk of infection.
  • Avoid applying oil, butter, petroleum jelly, or egg whites to a burn as it may trap the heat instead of drawing it out. Raw egg whites may also contain bacteria.
  • Protect the burn from friction.
  • Do not use adhesive dressings on the wound.