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How to Grow Taller?

When you are short in height as compared to other people around you, it is bound to have a negative impact on your personality. While unfortunately tall people are always seen to be more widely appreciated and praised off, short people are often taunted and looked down upon because of their height. While many factors are actually responsible for a taller height, there is still hope for short people to grow their height even after puberty. What is highly important here is always to lead life in a positive manner and never lose your self-confidence.

Height and Human Body:

While many factors are responsible for a person not growing up tall enough, if some simple changes are made in the daily diet and proper exercise is incorporated you can gain desirable height before reaching puberty. Although it is still possible to add a few 2-3 inches after that. It is the human growth hormone which is responsible for our height. Produced by the pituitary gland in our body, this hormone is responsible for the long length of our cartilage and bones.

Understand the Reasons Behind Short Height:

  • Your natural genes and heredity factors.
  • Bone or skeletal disorders.
  • Chronic diseases such as heart disease, hypothyroidism, asthma, kidney diseases, anemia etc.
  • Malnutrition
  • Poor growth of an individual while still in the womb.
  • Growth hormone deficiency.
  • Any infections in the developing baby before birth.

How to Grow Taller

Remedies to Grow Taller Faster:

While whatever may be the reasons for you having a short height, it is impossible to add a few inches to your height if you really want to. Dietary changes, adequate supply of nutrients and some necessary exercises can work to your advantage.


Milk is a rich supplement of calcium and protein. Calcium is really important for your bones and protein helps in building the necessary muscles and accelerates your growth process. While growing up, it is highly important to take a lot of milk as it supplies the body with the necessary nutrients required for adequate growth in the body. Have a minimum of 3 glasses of milk daily. One glass of milk supplies 300 mg of calcium, while minimum calcium required daily is 1000 mg.

Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is a rich source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is necessary for making our bones stronger. Deficiency of vitamin D can lead can impact our growth and make us short in height as compared to others. Take adequate intake of cod liver oil daily, you can either take it in liquid form or take capsules of cod liver oil daily. It helps to grow taller really fast and add a few inches to your body really well.

Fish/ Eggs

Fish and eggs are an important source of protein and it is this protein, which is responsible for repairing and building our muscles.В Proteins are actually the building blocks of the body and help us in growing taller by repairing the various tissues in the body. Including fish and eggs in your daily diet can help a lot of help in making you grow taller in a short time. Include them in your breakfast or lunch and grow taller naturally.


Haven’t you read how Popeye grew taller and healthier by eating spinach? Well, spinach is a very rich source of calcium, vitamins, iron and fiber which helps to grow taller effectively. Include spinach in your daily diet to see the miracles on your body. Eating spinach not just increases the overall functions in the body, but also helps you have a glowing and rich skin. Include spinach in your diet and grow taller considerably by adding a few inches.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Supplements

These two are the building blocks of the body and help in the growth of cartilage in the body. These two help in elongation and re-growing of the bones as well. Taking adequate intake of these can help a lot in growing taller and adding those extra inches in the body. Along with a nutrition-rich diet, take these supplements daily to add extra height and help grow taller considerably in a few days.

Importance Of Carrots

Carrots are a really rich source of vitamins, particularly Vitamin A. Carrots really help in boosting the protein synthesizing mechanism which helps in growing taller and developing the body height. Carrots can be consumed in any way as needed by the human body. You can either take carrot juice daily or eat a good quantity of carrots in your daily diet. Carrots would really help you in growing taller in a few days if you take it in adequate quantities before or after puberty.


Soybeans are a really rich source of protein and are major building blocks of your body. Soybeans are in fact the highest source of protein for vegetarians and help to improve the functioning of your tissues and bone system considerably. They are not just rich in proteins, but also help you grow healthier overall and help in building your immune system as well. On an average basis, an individual should take about 50 gms of soybeans every day.

Sunlight And Vitamin D3

Sunlight is the highest source of Vitamin D and Vitamin D helps in providing overall growth of the body. It also helps in strengthening bones which is essential if you want to grow taller. Being exposed to sunlight, especially in the early morning for at least 30 minutes can help your body get adequate intake of Vitamin D. You can also take other foods rich in Vitamin D like cheese, eggs, fish and other fortified foods.


Sprinting on a daily basis can help produce a good amount of growth hormone in the body. It can also help increase the bone length of your legs and help you grow taller really fast. Sprinting can lead to small micro fractures in the bones which may cause discomfort, but as you continue to do it, it helps in bone remodeling and growth. Sprinting can actually help you gain a considerable 3 inches if done regularly.

Good Posture

It is really important to always maintain a good posture. If your posture is bad and your spine and back is always bending, it will impact the function of growth hormones in the body and also make you look short. Keep your spine straight always and your posture correct. Walk with head held high and walk with confidence. Bad posture, especially during the growing up years can impact your height badly.


Practice yoga daily. Do a lot of Surya namaskars along with other asanas which are focused on side bends, cross-legged backstretch and curling pelvic thrusts. These asanas will help your joints and spine to grow and simultaneously help you grow taller in a really short time. While practicing yoga, try and practice it in the morning because your body is unaffected in the morning and preferably light.


Swimming is a great exercise not just for losing weight but also for increasing height. It practically works on each and every muscle on the body and helps to make you grow a lot taller if done regularly as part of your lifestyle. Try and practice high-intensity swimming for maximum benefit. Freestyle and breaststroke have especially been known to help you gain a few inches really quickly. These strokes help you build muscles and gain strength like nothing else can without putting any pressure on your body parts and delicate joints.


Cycling works really well on your spine and leg muscles. When you move your legs constantly, your leg muscles are worked upon constantly. It makes your leg bones and muscles stronger and thereby helps you grow taller. Cycling also leads to the stimulation of the growth hormone in the body which triggers your growing mechanism and helps you gain a few inches really fast. Include it as a daily form of exercise in your childhood and see how quickly you gain height.


Basketball is a really good outdoor sport which practically works on your entire body. It works on your legs, your spine, and practically every muscle in your body and helps stimulate the growth hormone really well. Haven’t you noticed why basketball players are so tall? Basketball if adopted early in life can help a great deal in working on the growth hormone in the best way like nothing else can. Simply playing basketball every day and taking a nutritious diet will help you grow taller in a really short time.

Leg Stretch Exercise

Leg stretch exercise increases the elasticity and makes you flexible. Any kind of leg stretch exercise will work great on your muscles and your leg bones. They will also help you stretch your spine which will simultaneously stimulate your growth hormone and add those extra inches.

The best exercise here is something like this – Place both your hands on the wall and stand straight. Now put one leg closer to the wall and keep stretching the other leg to the back. Keep stretching it as much as you can and until you feel the effect. Now stop for two minutes and continue to be in this position. Do the same with the other leg as well. Do this every day for about 15 minutes and watch how quickly you add those extra inches to your height.

Bar Hanging Exercise

Bar hanging exercise has been known to be the best exercise to help you grow taller. It helps to elongate, strengthen and stretch your spine and also works great on your joints. While hanging also try to rotate your body in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Bar hanging helps lengthen your upper body and works like magic on your body to add those extra inches. Stretch every day for about 10 minutes without a break and see how quickly and naturally you add those extra inches to your height.

Always remember your height is not everything but your attitude and your inner-self are. Always keep positive and be confident. Take a lot of water daily and take a healthy diet and keep yourself physically active always. Avoid smoking and alcohol and avoid being lazy. You will be able to grow taller for sure by making the above changes to your lifestyle, just keep your patience.