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How to Grow a Beard?В

Have you always longed for a beard like Ben Affleck or Abraham Lincoln? Well, it is definitely not hard to get that perfect long thick beard provided you are ready to learn the little tricks behind it. A long well-grown beard not only looks good, but also enhances the overall appeal and character of a man. They say a well-grown beard stands for power and masculinity. The best part is it is possible for anyone to grow a beard like this with just some small applications.

There are many reasons why some men have a fuller and a well-grown beard than others who have a thin coat of beard on their face. Our diets, lifestyle, and genetics – all play an important role in how our body responds to certain conditions. While there are some men who can’t grow a proper beard at the age of 25, some others continue to grow a nice well-defined beard even at the age of 45. Growth of a beard commonly depends on two reasons:

  • Our genetics
  • Level of testosterone in the human body

It is important to understand that nothing happens overnight, not even growing a beard. Our hormones, etc. take some time to respond to positive changes and adaptations, therefore it is important to be realistic with the methods you undertake to grow a long beard.

Find out an application best suited to your body type and opt for a treatment most effective for you. Never go overboard! Stick to natural products as much as you can. Sometimes these products do wonders and given magical results that medicinal or artificial products couldn’t give.

How to Grow a Beard

Ways to Grow a Beard Faster:

Let’s look at some simple methods that you can adopt to grow a beard that most envy.

Manage Nutrition

Your daily diet should be rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and a lot of biotins to help you grow a beard. Have a lot of fruits and vegetables and erase all the fatty fruits and fried items from your diet. Have a lot of water every day. You can also take supplements additionally rich enough in nutrients which help grow a beard.

Use Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus is a wonder in itself. It’s not just helps to moisturize the skin, but also helps promote hair growth. You can add 15-20 drops of eucalyptus oil to any carrier oil and then use it to massage in circular motion. Doing this will help promote more hair growth and will help you grow a beard most naturally.


Exercising on a regular basis can help lose weight, which simultaneously increases the levels of testosterone, the hormone responsible for hair growth. Interval training with enough weight lifting and high-intensity workouts can increase testosterone to a great deal. It also improves blood circulation which helps in supplying essential nutrients to the body and growing hair follicles.

Relieve Stress

Stress is the biggest reason for most of our health problems. It also increases the level of cristol in the body which increases the levels of testosterone. Stress also narrows down the blood vessels, preventing sufficient supply of nutrients in the body and the dampening hair growth. If you want to grow a beard, eliminate stress and meditate on a daily basis.

Take B-vitamins

If you increase the intake of B vitamins, it can help grow a beard in a lesser time. Vitamins B3, B5, B7, and B9 are all very important for promoting hair growth. Include a lot of nuts and eggs in your diet. You can also take 2.5 mg of biotin as a supplement for better effects. Eating a lot of chicken, beef, avocado, fish and whole grains can also help in growing a beard increasing the growth of hair follicles. Green leafy veggies, cereals, and nuts also help grow thicker hair.

Apply Castor Oil

Castor oil helps a great deal in promoting thicker hair and also conditioning it. Use castor oil to massage the beard area regularly. Massage in a circular motion at night and wash off in the morning.В Keep doing it until you experience some growth in that area. You can then limit the use to once a week.

Increase Protein And Fat Intake

Increasing fat and protein in your diet can increase the levels of testosterone, thereby helping you grow a beard. Our hair itself is composed of protein, so include a lot of protein in your diet. Have a lot of beans and fish which are the highest source of protein. Increase the intake of fats and oils as well as to help maintain the right balance in your body, however, an excess of anything should be avoided. Eating a diet rich in protein and fat on a daily basis will help you grow a beard faster than you imagine.

Quit Smoking

Smoking dampens the growth of anything good in the body. It is very injurious to health; the presence of nicotine makes it difficult for the body to absorb nutrients. If you are a regular smoker, it’s time to give up smoking if you want to grow a beard. Nicotine constricts blood vessels and restricts blood circulation, which reduces hair follicle growth.

Facial Massage

Massaging your face well every day can help a lot in hair follicle growth, thereby helping you grow a beard quickly. Just massage your face well with your fingers applying gentle pressure with them. Always remember to wash off the face well after a massage. Adopt this practice and see how quickly you grow a beard on your face.

Application Of Gooseberry Oil

Gooseberry oil is a great remedy for increasing hair growth. Massage the oil well onto the beard area and then leave it for at least 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with water after that and clean your face. Do this regularly, at least thrice a week and then see the results after two months. This is one of the most effective methods to grow a beard naturally.

Coconut Oil And Rosemary Oil

This is a very powerful oil solution to grow a beard quickly. Simply mix one part of rosemary oil to ten parts of coconut oil. Put this entire mixture on a cloth and leave it on your face for at least 20 minutes. Wash off with fresh water; remember not to use a soap solution. Do this at least twice a day and see how quickly you grow a beard. You can also apply castor oil if you feel dryness in the area. Leave it overnight and rinse with fresh water in the morning. This solution is one of the most effective solutions for growing a beard.

Other Methods to Grow a Beard:

Apart from these, there are other medications as well, which can help you grow a beard quickly. However, opt for these only if an expert doctor has advised it for you.


A product called Rogaine is an OTC that can easily be applied to the face to promote hair growth. You can also mix Rogaine with Biotin or vitamin B7 found on an egg yolk and apply it over the face. Massage it well into the skin, but stop the use if you have a hypersensitive skin.

Hormone Therapy:

Hormone therapy is not a highly recommended therapy, though to grow a beard. The results are not guaranteed and the procedure can also leave you with serious health risks. But there have been cases where female-to-male hormone replacement therapy has shown incredible results and led to hair growth. Opt for it only if you have taken advice from an expert.

Facial Hair Transplant:

If you have no hair growth at all, then a hair transplant is the only recommended method as it’s practically safe. This is not an affordable procedure, though it helps bring back that smile on your face by promoting hair growth. The hairs used to transplant are usually from the back or side of your scalp. The procedure generally takes two to three hours. The transplanted hair falls off after two weeks, but new hair grows back after a period of about three months.

 Even if you don’t grow a beard on your face and fancy one, don’t lose heart. Keep practicing the simpler methods and be confident in who you are and what you are. If you don’t grow any hair, understand that your body is simply not accepting the remedies, so don’t force it. It is important to listen to nature. Sometimes a good, clean, glowing and happier face does wonders than a one with a beard. After all, a beard hides off your wide natural smile, isn’t it?

A man’s character is defined by the qualities in him, not by the beard on his face. Your personality and your respect for people will earn you more bonus points and admiration than a small or big beard on your face.