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Gluten Free Foods List – Foods with No Gluten

In today’s times, more and more people are adopting new and healthy eating habits as so many diseases have started affecting us more than ever before. The stressful lives we lead along with wrong eating habits, long working hours, irregular sleeping habits and environmental pollution have all given rise to a number of diseases which start hitting us at an early age. Sometimes the foods we eat are also adulterated and loaded with chemicals which have given rise to more number of diseases in our bodies. As we are growing more conscious, we are leaving our unhealthy habits behind and turning to gluten free foods, which help to keep the right balance in our body.

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Moreover, there are people who suffer from celiac disease and as such these people need to eat foods with no gluten which can help them in maintaining good health. There are a number of foods which are naturally gluten-free and totally harmless to eat. Including them in your diet is the first and foremost thing to do.

Foods with No Gluten: Know More

The best way to eat a gluten free diet is to eat unprocessed food. When you want to eat foods with no gluten, try to eat foods which are not canned in other words. Many of the frozen foods may contain preservatives and gluten may be hidden in the ingredients. It is best to read the products carefully if you want to avoid foods with no gluten. Let me tell you, the best way to ensure you are eating gluten-free foods, is to buy fresh foods and make them yourself. This is the only way to be 100% sure that you are taking a gluten-free diet.

List of Gluten Free Foods:

There are a lot of foods with no gluten that you can include in your diet, right from gluten-free fruits and vegetables, popular sauces and condiments, candy, alcohol, soda, deli meats, dinner items. Let’s look at the below foods with no gluten which are best to be included in your daily regimen:


For a totally gluten-free lifestyle, natural beans are a staple diet. These beans are really high in vegetable protein and fiber, and also help build lean muscle and make you feel fuller for a longer time. Beans are most easily available as well and come in a number of varieties. You can simply use them to make vegetables, salads, or just as a side dish while having your main meals. These beans are foods with no gluten that help to give you the right dose of nutrients without many calories.


Hummus is one of the most loved and popular gluten-free dishes in today’s times. Chickpeas, which are the foundation for hummus recipes, are gluten free. To include this in your diet, you can simply purchase some minimally processed, gluten free hummus. You can also purchase chickpeas and make your own healthy hummus at home. Chickpeas are one of the healthiest and tastiest foods with no gluten that you can include in your diet.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is one of the best foods with no gluten that you can include in your daily diet. They are really healthy and it can be used to make a lot of interesting recipes that you can include in your diet. No matter what the form, brown, basmati, or white, rice is gluten free. Brown rice is a whole grain form that retains its nutrients, making it the best choice for a healthy gluten free lifestyle. There are increasing numbers of people today who are opting for brown rice as a part of their daily diet and watching the benefits it does to the body.


Oats is one of the best and healthiest choices for breakfast. Including oats is just the best choice you would make if you want to eat foods with no gluten and adopt a gluten-free lifestyle. However be aware that some well-known brands may have been processed in facilities with gluten-containing foods. You should ideally research and select the one you can trust most, also go through the entire ingredient list carefully if you want to ensure you are having foods with no gluten.


Quinoa is a complete source of protein that is an excellent, grain-like substitute in recipes that call for couscous or noodles. These days an increasing number of people are turning to quinoa as one of the healthiest gluten free foods in their diet. Quinoa is an essential food which every nutritionist also recommends if you want to remain healthy and add fewer calories to yourself. Include quinoa and watch the benefits yourself.

Dehydrated or Baked Vegetable and Fruit Chips

When you crave something crunchy, munch on some healthy chips. However, make you sure you read the ingredient list carefully if you want to be 100% sure that you are eating foods with no gluten here. Read the label carefully to make sure there is no gluten added to the seasonings. Of you can, then just make your own chips here. You can make some amazing baked apple chips, potato chips, and kale chips whenever you feel like having something tasty and a healthy gluten free food.

Unprocessed Oats

Unprocessed Oats are filling and delicious which means they are the best option for snacks and salad toss-ins. These oats are an essential gluten-free food you can add to your diet and benefit in numerous ways. They help to fill you up, help to lower your cholesterol, are rich in protein. They also help you to maintain your weight really well. Including this is mandatory if you have decided to include foods with no gluten in your diet. These will help to give you some really healthy and yummy breakfast recipes.


Both corn meal and corn flour are naturally free from gluten. You can include cornmeal in a number of ways to give you some healthy and tasty recipes. It can be used to give you some different salad recipes or porridge which you can have anytime of the day. Cornmeal is one of the best foods with no gluten. Have them in order to remain healthy for the longest time.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are a really healthy gluten free food. In fact, even if you are not on a gluten-free diet, you should eat flax seeds every day. These are really healthy for our body and benefit us in numerous ways. Flax seeds don’t contain gluten and are nutritional powerhouses. They also contain heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids plus fiber. You can simply eat a handful of them or mix them into yogurt, oatmeal or salads to satisfy your taste buds and benefit from them as well.

Gluten-Free Flour

Many gluten-free bakers have preferences regarding the type of flour they use for baked goods. The best options for gluten-free flour you can include are almond flour, tapioca flour, and black bean flour. You can experiment and include any of these flours to whip up some tasty delicacies for yourself. Gluten free flour is imperative to be included if you want to eat foods with no gluten every single day.

Fresh Fruits

One of the foundations for any healthy diet, fresh fruits is a must for gluten-free living and for including foods with no gluten in your diet. Get what you like from the huge variety of gluten free fruits, from apples to watermelon. These fruits will not help you to maintain your weight but these are really tasty as well. They can be included to make juices or add to a fruit salad once you have decided to go on a gluten-free diet.

Fresh Vegetables

Like gluten-free fruits, these vegetables should also be on a gluten-free shopping list. Just get up, go to the market and fill that fridge with your favorites. No matter whether it is artichoke, garlic, spinach, kale or any other veggie. You can simply make some starters out of them or make vegetables or just add them to your salad. These will help to give you some healthy and amazing dishes and benefit your body in numerous ways being less in calories as well.

Lean Ground Chicken

Lean chicken is a gluten-free food the entire family will get behind. It is really essential to be included in your list of foods with no gluten. If you love non-veg and want a healthy dose of protein as well in your diet. Lean ground chicken really helps to give you a healthy dose of protein without excess fat. And of course, there is no dearth of delicious and light recipes you can make from chicken. Right from lightly sautГ©ed chicken to adding chicken to your salad or sandwich, you can simply make anything from lean ground chicken and enjoy your gluten-free foods to the optimum.

Lean Chicken Breast

This is a versatile staple in many diets and important to be included in your list of gluten free foods. You can simply make a whole lot of recipes from chicken breast. It would almost become your favorite in the list of foods with no gluten. However, avoid chicken that’s been pre-breaded or batter-coated. When you make a chicken breast you will mostly be marinating it. So while doing this make sure the marinate doesn’t contain gluten. This is the simplest way of including lean chicken breast in your gluten-free lifestyle.

Fresh Fish

Fresh fish is important to be included in your list of foods with no gluten once you have decided to go on a gluten-free diet. A lot of delicacies can be made with a fresh fish. Fish contains a lot of healthy nutrients too which will benefit your body in a number of ways. Making mild-tasting fish selections like tilapia, flounder, and salmon. They are good choices if you are cooking for non-fish folks. This will help to give you an essential dose of protein as well if you don’t prefer a daily dose of chicken.


These protein-packed gems are naturally gluten-free, making them a smart breakfast or snack option. You can simply include eggs in a number of ways in your gluten free foods list – make your favorite scrambled eggs, omelet or simply make a light dish out of it by adding some veggies and relish it. Eggs are a good source of protein and help to benefit in a number of ways.


You will simply enjoy the taste of the shrimp and your body will really benefit from this high-quality protein if you include this gluten free food in your diet. This is a “sometimes” treat for most of us, but luckily it’s one that is gluten free. Shrimp can be used in a number of ways to satisfy your taste buds. Moreover, if you love shrimp and want to go on a gluten free diet, then this is going to be a treat for you. It is less in calories as well and you can almost eat it without any fear at any point during the day.

Greek Yogurt

This food is great when you have decided to go on a gluten-free diet. It is important to know here that many popular brands are gluten free. But some use flavorings or sweeteners that contain gluten. So it’s still important to check nutrition labels. You can simply eat Greek yogurt at any time during the day rather eating a cup of it with every meal would benefit you the most. One can also add it to your smoothies or add fruits to your yogurt if you don’t like to eat it plain.


Did you know? Plain milk is gluten-free, it doesn’t matter if its skim, whole or somewhere in between. The idea is actually to have plain milk here if you want to add this gluten-free food to your gluten-free lifestyle. Avoid flavored milk as these may use gluten containing flavorings. Milk is most healthy, so include it in your breakfast and simply have it any other time of the day as well without fear.В


This is one of the best dairy foods with no gluten that you can add to your gluten free foods list. Because of the risk of cross-contamination, choose pre-packed low-fat cheese rather than what’s available. You can add cheese in a number of ways to your gluten free foods list. Simply sprinkle a bit of it over whatever you eat or add it as one of the primary ingredients in making sandwiches, pizza or any other starter. When eaten in small quantities and in a healthier manner, it will surely benefit you in many ways.

Though there are many other gluten free foods which you can add to your gluten-free food list. The above-listed items are really the healthier lot and most apt to include in your daily diet to give you the best of nutrition. Enjoy these foods with no gluten; you will never want to look back from a gluten free lifestyle ever again.