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How to Get Rid of Termites? (Home Remedies)

In this article, we will discuss remedies to get rid of termites. Termites can pose a real problem when they tend to infect our house. They tend to cause a lot of damage to everything, walls, furniture, clothes, etc. and tend to grow really fast damaging our things and items in no time. These termites are also difficult to be seen to the naked eye easily, as they are really small and it’s easier to get rid of them as soon as they tend to infest our homes then in the later stages.

Termites are the insects which generally feed on dead plant materials, and human beings make use of such materials to furnish their place. It is an astonishing fact that some termites can consume even 10 pounds of wood in a week’s time. There may be many reasons for these termites getting attracted to your place and infesting your house. Even the geographical location of your house may sometimes be the primary reason. While pest control services are ideal to get rid of termites, there are some easy home remedies as well which help a lot to get rid of termites effectively.

to get rid of termites

Termites: Know More

Termites are tiny insects that live and feed on wood. When the termites get in contact with these wooden objects, they feed themselves with it and after a certain period of time, those infested wooden works get weaker and damages permanently. Whether they are hungry or not, termites keep on eating the wood without any break. Termites can invade our home any time around the year, but warm and humid environments help the infestation to thrive.

There are a few signs to check for termites:

  • Hollow sounds and spaces in the wood.
  • Powered wood on or near the wood items.
  • Termite wings near any wooden wall or furniture.
  • Crackled or bubbled paint on the walls.

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Termites:

The below natural remedies will help you to get rid of termites naturally. Opt for these when needed:

Orange Oil

Orange oil has been known to be really effective in getting rid of termites. It has properties which work well in eliminating these pests completely from the place. Orange Oil Extract can be efficiently used to get rid of subterranean termites. This extract contains 92% d-limonene, which proves toxic to insects.

The remedyВ will help you get rid of termites in 3 days to a maximum of 3 weeks, depending on the severity. Simply, drill small holes in the places infested by the termites and inject the orange oil into the hole. It is actually an exceptional remedy to get rid of termites naturally, and a lot of people around the world opt for orange oil to eliminate the termites from all their spaces; however precautions should be taken while using it for this purpose.

Hot and Cold Treatment

Termites cannot survive in extreme hot and cold temperature. Heat is a non chemical method for the treatment of termites. Temperatures more than 120 degrees or below -20 degrees Fahrenheit can help kill the termites. Termites cannot bear this temperature and hence they are killed.

Here, heat the wooden structure at 120 degree Fahrenheit or more for at least 33 minutes, you can also place the wooden object/piece or any other infested item under the sun. This will cause the moisture content to dry up from the wood and the termites will either abandon the wood permanently or die in it. Alternatively, use liquid nitrogen for colder temperature to get rid of termites. The temperature of wood is then maintained at -29 degrees C for 5 minutes and special equipment is used to inject the nitrogen into the pre-drilled holes in the wood. Both these are effective treatments to get rid of termites easily.

Boric Acid

Boric acid kills the termites instantly by attacking their brain and affecting their nervous system really badly.В You can also treat your garden and rooms with this solution. The boric acid solution can also be sprayed as a paint to help prevent the termites from affecting your surfaces.

To benefit from boric acid, mix water and boric acid powder and apply it on the wooden surface using a paint brush to get rid of these creepy creatures. When termites attack this wood, they are killed and hence it is one of the most effective treatments to get rid of termites really quickly. However one should wear gloves and masks while using boric acid as it can prove to be harmful to the skin and cause some serious damage to any exposed part.

Cardboard Traps

Cardboards are termite friendly foods as they contain cellulose and therefore these termites will be attracted to cardboards once you get these. Burn the cardboard here once the cardboard is full of termites. If required, then repeat the process several times. The cardboard can be used as a trap to control termites and eventually help you get rid of termites totally. The ideal thing to do here is to wet the cardboard and then place it in areas which are heavily infested with termites. It is one of the safest methods to use when you are scared to use any harmful objects to eliminate these termites completely from your house and it is a widely used remedy as well.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is known for its many medicinal and healing properties, but it is also one of the best and easiest home remedies for getting rid of termites. The termites, on coming in contact with this aloe liquid, instantly die. Here, add some crushed Aloe Vera to a cup of water and apply this mixture to the infested area. A very common plant found almost everywhere Aloe Vera is replete with many useful properties.

You can also mix Aloe Vera and water properly and spray it on the infested areas using a mist sprayer. It is one of the easiest and safest remedies to get rid of termites and one of the most favored remedies as well. It might take you a few days to eliminate the termites completely with aloe Vera gel, but be assured that you will definitely get rid of them.

Using Nematodes

It is a product that has worm species in it, which are in constant search of hosts like termites and other. Nematodes are actually parasites that feed on pests for survival as explained in simplest terms. Nematodes enter the termites body through openings such as respiratory spiracles and they release bacteria which liquefy the innards of the insect. These nematodes attack the colony and feeds on the termite larvae, thus bringing down the termite population drastically. There are two types of nematodes, cruisers and ambushes. It is important to know here how these two types attack and help you get rid of termites really easily.

Sodium Chloride

To kill these tiny creatures, spray sodium chloride directly on the termite prone area, this is really effective for getting rid of termites.В You can also soak some cotton balls in the solution and place it near the infected area. This remedy not only kills the termites, but also prevents them from recurring.

Sodium chloride is an insecticide and due to the presence of cellulose (a plant-based material) in table salt, termites get attracted towards the cotton balls. Sodium chloride is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get rid of termites’ totally and is a safe remedy to use here as well. You can practice this remedy two or three times a day for fastening the results here. One of the most common remedies for getting rid of termites, it is effective in keeping all your items termite-free for a long time.

Garlic Oil

Garlic oil has been known to be really effective for getting rid of termites and helps to eliminate them completely in a few days time. Here’s a solution having a higher concentration of garlic in both hot and cold water results in 100% mortality of termite species.

According to a study, concentration (20%, 10%, 5%) of different solutions consisting garlic,neem and tobacco used in hot and cold water is more effectively for killing these termites and getting rid of termites naturally. Garlic is a really strong agent and has long been used for a lot of such treatments. In fact, if you brush your items with garlic oil regularly, these termites will never infest your house and you will succeed in keeping your house termite-free at all times.

Beauveria Bassiana

Beauveria bassiana is sensitive to sunlight; therefore perform this remedy in the evening. Beauveria bassiana is a soil borne fungus that lives on insects like ants, termites, beetles, caterpillars, etc. It is a slow process as it takes up to seven days for insect to die. This fungus is applied directly to the target pest as a spore and helps to get rid of termites as soon as it comes in contact with them, producing a severe reaction there.В This is one of the most popular treatments used to get rid of termites easily and helps to eliminate these termites completely in your house within a few applications.

Essential Oils

A number of essential oils eradicate termites effectively and help you to get rid of termites almost instantly. Here, simply pour oil (any) in a mist sprayer and use it on the infested wood and other affected places. Surface treatment of wood with essential oils provides direct protection from termites.

Here clove bud oil and vetiver oil have been known to provide some amazing results and these days they are easily available as well. Both of them eventually kill the termites and assure no re-infestation in the future. However, vetiver is the highly preferred here and tends to give you magical results. These oils are pretty safe to use as well, however, avoid using these while your children or pets are around you.

Granulated Salt

One of the easiest home remedies for getting rid of termites is spreading granulated salt in and around the termite nest. It keeps the termites at bay which helps in preventing the infestation.

Here simply make a solution of some water and salt. Mix the salt and water properly to ensure the salt dissolves completely. Now fill this solution in a syringe and inject in the entry points and other holes in walls where these termites tend to live. Do this remedy once a day for at least a few days to get rid of termites and to eliminate them completely from your house. This is one of the easiest and safest remedies to be used for termites infestation. Make sure you are using fresh, pure salt for this purpose and not one which is too old to be used.

Soapy Water

Soapy water forms a solid seal on the outer shells of termites which makes it vulnerable for termites to breathe and they eventually die. One of the simplest ways to get rid of termites is soapy water. Here, just take your dishwashing liquid, about 2 tbsp of it and mix it properly in 4 cups of water. Now pour this solution into a spray bottle and spray the solution in areas which are heavily infested with termites. Repeat it several times a day to make sure the termites are killed altogether and your home is termite free. Make sure your children and pets are not near you while doing this as it can harm them.


Take the below precautions as well to keep your house termite-free:

  • Wipe away all the dead plant products around your house as it increases the chances of termites.
  • Firewood should be kept in dry places.
  • Cut down the branches that are touching the boundaries of your house.
  • Try to protect your house before getting infested by termites and therefore check for termites in and around the home constantly.
  • Make proper drainage and grading system.
  • Maintain right moisture level inside your house.
  • Make sure to repair water pipes and other plumbing accessories.
  • If you have any crevices, spaces or cracks in the wall, make sure to fill them properly with mortar or other materials.
  • Once in a while, cost your furniture with petroleum jelly and place it under the sun for few hours. This will make the termites evacuate the furniture immediately.
  • It is better to avoid using unauthorized termite control products as it can cause damage to your furniture.

Termites cannot live too hot or too cold environments. And this is what helps you to get rid of them and prevent your house from being infested with them. So, if your furniture is infested by termites, then place it under the hot sun. This eventually leads to termite evacuation.