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How to Get Rid of Roaches?В В В В В В

Who likes cockroaches? Ahh well, I am damn sure about it, no one! There is no doubt these species are one of the most hated species that happen to encroach our spaces some given time in a year. Mostly they are almost living permanently, but we are unable to see and find them always. And sometimes no matter how much you clean your house, those roaches still make your house their own. Sometimes they happen to survive an attack of commercial pesticides as well and that’s where it becomes a problem to get rid of roaches.

Roaches: Know A Little More

Mostly these roaches create a nest outdoors, but sometimes they may come indoors too in search of a continuous supply of water and food. If there is one or two of them you may think of just killing them with a pair of slippers, but if ignored they will continue to breed in your house. And that’s where it’s a problem to get rid of roaches when your house id badly infested by them.

There are Five Main Types of Roaches:

  • Wood Roach
  • Oriental Roach
  • American Roach
  • German Roach
  • Brown Banded Roach
  • The main causes for roaches in your house:
  • They have a tendency to come through drain pipes and crevices.
  • Stored food in uncovered containers attracts them.
  • Poor domestic hygiene.
  • They build nests in remote corners and crevices and multiply very fast.
  • Irregular pest control measures can give birth to roaches in your house.
  • Roaches can survive the bare minimum requirements for sustenance.
  • They are highly resilient pests and it’s not easy to get rid of them if strong measures are not taken.

Some Remedies to Get Rid of Roaches:

The below home remedies can help you get rid of roaches really fast. Have a look:

Mint Oil

Mint Oil is a safe and nontoxic way of getting rid of roaches in your house. Though it may not be the best remedy to get rid of roaches but if done regularly, it will surely help those roaches leave your house sooner than later. To benefit from Mint Oil, just spray some mint oil in your sink or other corners where those roaches hide. You can also directly spray it on them when you see them. Doing this every day will help you get rid of roaches in a few days time.


Borax is a widely used and quick remedy to get rid of roaches. At night every day just sprinkle some borax in all the corners in your bathroom and kitchen. Don’t forget to sprinkle it in those crevices and sinks too. The roaches will tend to roam freely in the night will most likely come in contact with borax which will act as a slow poison on them. They will eventually go back to their nests and die and kill other roaches too.


Lemon is a natural and safe way of getting rid of roaches. However, this method might not help you kill them. The best way to use lemon is putting a juice of a lemon in some water and using it to mop your floor, your kitchen tops, and cupboard cabinets every day. Lemon has natural anti-pathogenic properties and roaches can’t take the smell of that citric acid present in lemon. Practice it and notice how you almost never see roaches roaming in your house again.


Using cucumber again is a natural and nontoxic way of getting rid of roaches. Just leave some cucumber peels or slices of cucumber near the kitchen counters, sinks and those crevices where roaches tend to roam around. Cucumbers are excellent roach repellents and will help you get rid of them in a few days time really fast. Do this daily to help get rid of roaches.

Coffee Trap

Coffee is a great remedy to get rid of roaches and is widely used all over the world. To benefit from this remedy, just take a tall jar and fill the bottom with some ground coffee. Pour some water into it and leave the lid open. You can place the jar in areas where you think they will be hiding. The smell of the coffee attracts them and when they climb they drown in the water. This blocks their pores which lead them struggling to breathe and eventually kills them.

Ammonia Solution

This is a great way of getting rid of roaches which tend to hide in drains and pipes and sewers. The smell of ammonia makes them ward off and eventually helps you get rid of them really fast. Just take one full cup of ammonia in a bucket of water and mix it well. Now use this water to flush off through those drain pipes and your toilets. Do this every day till you get rid of roaches completely in your house.

Bay Leaves

These commonly used leaves in our kitchen are an effective way of getting rid of roaches. Just take a few bay leaves and put them near the sinks, crevices and all the corners where you think those roaches may be hiding. You can also place a bundle of bay leaves in the cabinets to protect tour books and clothes from those roaches. Do this every day for about five days and see how easily you get rid of roaches.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is a safe way and easy way to get rid of roaches really fast. To use this, just take some petroleum jelly and put it around the rim of a jar. Put some fruits or any food item in the jar too. Place the jar in a place where you think those roaches may be hiding the most. Those roaches will come for the fruits and get trapped in the jar; they won’t be able to escape because of the petroleum jelly. Do this every day and notice how you get rid of roaches really fast.

Cayenne PepperВ В В В В В В В В В В В В

Cayenne pepper is another natural repellent to get rid of roaches quickly. To benefit from cayenne pepper, boil about 4 cups of water. Now take one tablespoon of cayenne pepper, one crushed clove of garlic and one crushed white onion and put them in the water before turning the heat off. Nor pour the solution in a spray bottle and use it to spray in the areas where the roaches may be hiding. Alternately, you can also sprinkle some cayenne pepper in those corners and crevices and leave it there overnight. This is an effective remedy for getting rid of roaches naturally.

Pepper, Garlic And Onion Solution

You can make this solution by adding one tablespoon of pepper, one clove of garlic and half an onion and making a mixture of them. Add this mixture to a liter of water. You can add a little liquid soap as well to this solution. Now use this water to throw on the bathroom floor or the sink where the roaches frequent. You can also use it to mop your floor and those kitchen tops. Roaches cannot handle the smell of this solution and it will help you get rid of them really quickly if you use it regularly in your house.


Catnip is a natural roach repellent that is really safe to use as well. You can just take some catnip sachets and leave it in the corners and crevices where the roaches hide. Alternately, you can make a catnip tea by adding one tablespoon of catnip to two cups of boiling water. Fill a spray bottle with this tea solution and spray it in all the areas which roaches frequent. Spray it in those corners, crevices, sinks, etc. It’s a powerful solution which helps you get rid of roaches effectively.


Listerine has antiseptic properties which don’t go well with these roaches and helps you get rid of them really quickly. Just take some water and add a few drops of Listerine solution to it. Use it to spray on the roaches or around your bathroom and kitchen areas every night. Do this every day for a few days and notice how easily it helps in getting rid of roaches in your house.

Other Useful Tips:

  • Apart from the above remedies, take the below precautions to get rid of roaches:
  • Store food in airtight containers always and never leave food items out in the open at night.
  • Use trash cans with lids and get rid of trash every day. Avoid trash in the house, especially in the night.
  • Vacuum your house regularly. It really helps in preventing any kind of pests in the house.
  • Use nontoxic disinfectants’ to keep the house clean. Use phenyl or other mild soaps to mop your floor every day.
  • Seal all the crack in cabinets, walls, doors and cupboards as these roaches tend to come mostly through those holes and cracks.
  • Seal drain pipes and sink outlets, especially in the night.
  • Make sure you don’t leave any dirty dishes in the sink at night. This is a primary reason for inviting those roaches in your house.