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How to Get Rid of Mice?

Having a mice in the house can be annoying for anyone. Their noises and their movements can cause a lot of discomfort if they are not getting rid of as soon as they move in. They feed on the various foods and damage a lot of things that come in their contact. Having any of the foods contaminated by them can prove to be very dangerous, especially if there are children around in the house. However, there are some easy and safe remedies that you don’t know of which can help you get rid of mice really quickly.

How do Mice Enter and Damage your Stuff?

Those mice can enter your home through any openings, holes, or other untreated places left open in your house. They eat your furniture, damage your clothes, feed on any leftover food items and can cause damage to a whole of electronic items as well. However, the worst thing is when you don’t know there’s a mice in your house or come to know if it’s only when enough damage has been caused. So how can you gauge for yourself if there are mice? What are the signs?

  • Scratching or shuttling sounds are indicators of mice in your house. Pay attention.
  • The smell of urine is very strong in the case of mice. Pay attention to that unwanted smell.
  • Gnaw marks and chew holes are another sign of a mice living in your house freely.
  • Droppings are another every strong sign of mice in the house. If these droppings are one-quarter of an inch and tend to get pointed towards the end, means a rodent is very much there. Droppings of various sizes can indicate even offspring to be feeding freely in your house.

How to Get Rid of Mice

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Mice Naturally & Quickly:

Some easy remedies, however, can help you get rid of mice quickly:

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is every effective for getting rid of mice as well as other rodents. It is safe to use and does not prove to be dangerous, even if that’s the only way you have adopted to get rid of mice. Make sure the peppermint oil that you use is 100% pure and labeled.

The best way to sue peppermint oil is to make some cotton balls and put a few drops of peppermint oil on them. Now place the cotton balls in several areas across the house. You may have to do this throughout the day as the oil tends to dissipate quickly from the cotton balls.


Mothballs are every effective for getting rid of mice and are one of the most commonly used remedies. Just take some moth balls and place them around your house. Make sure the mothballs are not kept in non-ventilated areas as they are very toxic. Keep them away from children and pets as well as if consumed, they can have devastating effects in the body. Use them for a few days and notice how quickly you get rid of mice in your house.


One of the best remedies to get rid of mice is the use of repellents. To get rid of mice, a really good remedy is to burn wool or a piece of woolen yarn and then spread the smoke all around your house. The smell of the smoke chokes mice and makes them run away. Do this for a few days and see how after a few days, you won’t find any mice in your house.

Pail of Water

A really inventive way of getting rid of mice is using a pail of water and a metal ruler. Put a pail with some water under a shelf on your house. Put a ruler on the shelf in such a way that one end of the ruler touches the pail. Now put a bait on the other end. The mice will run for the bait and fall into the pail of water together with the ruler. The water in the pail will choke the mice and will help you get rid of mice easily.

Vacuum And Wash

Mice may have entered your house through those cracks and openings that you have probably left ignored. One of the best ways to get rid of them and to prevent them from coming is to seal off those cracks and openings completely. Also clean, wash and vacuum your house properly at all given times. Don’t leave any breadcrumbs or other food items strewn on the floor. The mice feed on these and keeping food items away from their reach will help a lot in getting rid of mice in a few days.


There are many types of traps available in the market, which will help kill the mice or trap them. Anyways, both of them will help you get rid of mice even if you don’t want to kill them. The no-kill traps simply trap the mice, so that it can’t escape. While the kill traps kill it completely. There are many people who actually trap the mice in a glass jar and use it as a pet. The treatment depends on your preference, but traps are the most commonly used remedy to get rid of mice.

Use Of Adhesive

Adhesive compositions available in the market are also a good way of getting rid of mice. These help in attracting the mice and make them stick to the adhesive. Adhesive compositions are nothing but cardboards with special glues which make the mice stick to the glue and prevent them from moving around. This is a popular method to get rid of mice and is widely used by a number of people.

Ultrasound Device

A unique way being used nowadays is using ultrasound device that makes a noisy sound which tends to irritate the mice a lot. The device makes a heavy and annoying sound which leaves the mice with no other option but to run away and take shelter somewhere else. When they look for another shelter for 1-2 days, they tend to never come back and you get rid of mice easily. Use this ultrasound device next time you spot mice in your house. It is safe, doesn’t make the house dirty and doesn’t kill the mice if you don’t like to kill those rodents.

That Cat

While there are debates on this method but many believe that getting a cat in your house will help you get rid of mice really fast. Mice have a very strong reaction to cats and these wild species are known to scare them away. While there is also a probability that the cat may become good friends with the mice but that is every unlikely.

In most cases, having a cat in the house won’t go down well with the mice and they will go from your house slowly but steadily. Get that cat, if you love them and want to get rid of mice in your house.

Mouse Repellents

There are many mouse repellents available in the market. However, finding a good repellent which is cost effective and equally effective in getting rid of mice as well is a debate for everyone. These repellents are mostly in the form of sprays or oils and are harmful to children and pets. You might still want to give it a try if you are not able to get rid of the mice by any of the above methods. However, there is no guarantee using this method.

Snake Poo

Although this is not a favorite method of getting rid of mice, but doing it is a quick remedy to get your house rid of them. Snake poo tends to irritate the mice and the strong aroma suffocates them. You can easily get snake poo from a refuge, shelter for pets or from that pet shop. Using snake poo around the house will make you get rid of mice in a short span of two days only.

Discard All Old Things From Your House

If you don’t want those mice to find things to feed in your house, then simply get rid of some old newspapers and magazines etc. at the earliest. These old newspapers and magazines become a feeding ground for them and help them to hide in your house. When you spot those mice in your house, the best way is to get rid of all that old trash in your house. Throw away those old books, magazine, newspapers, files etc.

This will actually help a lot in getting rid of mice as quickly as you want them to. It may seem like a tedious task, but it is a proven method for getting rid of mice.

The worst thing you could do to get rid of mice is doing a silly thing like getting hold of a hammer, knife or any sharp object to kill them. Mice run quickly and using such a method may, in fact, make you harm yourself in the process. The above remedies are widely used remedies for getting rid of mice and eliminating them completely from your house. Use them to believe them!