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How to Get Rid of Lice?В В В В В В

Din’t we have our moments in school when we came back home infested with that small bug like looking creature in our head? How miserable was it for our moms to pluck out those lice from our hair, the treatment just proved to be one of a nightmare. It’s difficult to prove the very existence of lice, simply because of its size. Fortunately, oven the years, many head lice treatments has come in leaps and have somewhere proved to be useful to get rid of lice.

What Is Lice?В

Lice in the hair are actually caused by Pediculus humanus capitis, a six-legged parasite that sits and feeds on the human head till it is forcefully taken out. Though its effects are not profound, but it leads the sufferer with an undying urge to scratch his/ her head continuously. They say even high amounts of chlorine in a swimming pool cannot kill lice. Mostly lice are caused by the usage of an infected comb, clothing or bedding belonging to another person suffering from lice.

How Do You Know There Is Lice In Your Hair?

  • If you have a strange feeling like something is crawling over your head, it is possible you have lice.
  • Have you spotted tiny brown bugs in your hair anytime? It is definitely lice in your hair.
  • If you ever experience swollen lymph nodes on the back of your head, there are chances lice are roaming around on your head.
  • Suffering from a pink eye? Get yourself checked for lice.
  • A Continuous itchy scalp is the first sign of lice in your hair.

How to Get Rid of Lice

Remedies to Get Rid Of Lice:

It’s Certainly Not Difficult If You Adhere To Some Natural methods:


Mayonnaise works wonderfully for getting rid of lice. It helps eliminate lice from the hair by suffocating them and thereby killing them off. For this, simply cover each and every inch of your hair with mayonnaise. Now cover your head with a plastic cap and wrap a towel around it. This will also prevent mayonnaise to drip from the hair. Cover your head for about six hours. Then use a mild shampoo and wash your hair, be patient not to leave any of the mayonnaise in your hair. Wipe your hair with a towel and then use a hair dryer to dry it. Do this twice in a week for about two months. It will help you get rid of lice completely.

Hair Gel

Hair gel also works on the same principle of mayonnaise. It helps get rid of lice by suffocating them. Though there aren’t many scientific studies to prove this, but there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that puts it as an effective method.

To get benefits from a hair gel, simply apply liberal amounts of hair gel to the roots of your hair. Now, cover the head with a plastic cap and leave it overnight. Wash off with a mild shampoo and use a nit comb to comb your hair. It helps you get rid of lice to a great extent.

Hair Dryer

Some recent studies have shown that using hair dryers can kill 55% of the lice on your hair. To benefit from a hair dryer, just take a dryer and separate your hair into many portions. Now use the hair dryer on each portion starting from the root to the tip. Do not send more than 60 seconds on any particular part of your hair as it can cause serious damage. Do this twice a week; it is an efficient method to get rid of lice.


It is a natural agent that has many beneficial effects on the skin and hair. Onion contains sulfur that helps in getting rid of lice most effectively. For this, just take about six regular size onions and blend them in a mixer. Now sieve the mixture such that the juice is separated. Use the juice to spread all over your hair, including the roots. With a plastic cap cover your head for about two hours. Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair and then sue a hair dryer and nit comb. To start with, do this treatment for three consecutive days and then limit it to twice a month for two months. You will get rid of lice completely after two months.

Lemon Juice

Lemon is acidic in nature which helps to treat a number of problems. For getting rid of lice, just take four large cloves of garlic and mash them to a fine paste. Now add one tablespoon of lemon juice to it and apply this mixture all over your head. Cover with a thick towel for about 30 minutes. Use a mild shampoo and wash off your hair. Use a nit comb and hair dryer further after wiping the hair with a towel. If done continuously for 5-6 days it will help completely eliminate lice and help you get rid of them faster than you could imagine.

Dish Washing Liquid

Dish washing liquid doesn’t help kill the lice but it will help you get rid of the nit from your hair. It is mostly used together with the hair gel or the mayonnaise treatment. It helps to get rid of the gunk left behind which a shampoo cannot do.


Alcohol is a strong agent that helps get rid of lice completely if done regularly. Just put alcohol straight on to your head and massage your hair from the roots till the tip for 5 minutes. If it stings you put some conditioner as well. After some time, use a nit comb and comb your hair to get the lice and the nit out. Shampoo the hair and then use a hair dryer to dry it. If done twice a week, it helps you get rid of lice in a span of about two months.

Hot Oil Treatment

Coconut oil and Indian lilac oil are the best for getting rid of lice naturally and permanently. They have great anti-fungal properties that help in getting rid of lice easily from the hair. Both of these oils lubricate the hair and are good antiseptics as well.

For a hot oil treatment, heat up the coconut oil or the Indian lilac oil. The oil should be hotter than warm, but should not burn you. Apply the oil nicely into the hair and massage off well into the scalp. Leave it for at least 30minutes and use a nit comb to comb your hair. This will cause the ice to fall off from the hair and help you get rid of lice quickly. This method can be done daily as well if you want.


The acidic nature of vinegar makes it easy to get rid of lice from the hair. Just take some white vinegar and mix it with some mineral oil. Cover it with a plastic cap and leave overnight before shampooing it well. Alternatively, you can dilute the vinegar with equal parts of water and rub it into your hair with the help of a cotton ball. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wash off with some fresh water. If done thrice a week fit will help you get rid of lice in about two months.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is highly effective and widely recommended for getting rid of lice. You can use tea tree Oil by mixing 20 drops of it with 2 Oz. of olive oil or 4 Oz. of alcohol. For the first method use a cotton ball to put the oil into your head, for the second uses a hair spray. Leave the mixture overnight on the head in both the cases and cover your head with a plastic cap. The next morning wash off the hair well with a shampoo and sue a nit comb.

With this method, you will completely get rid of lice in two or three applications only. However, if tea tree oil itches you then you can also opt for these oils: eucalyptus oil, peppermint Oil, cinnamon leaf oil, Aniseed oil, Neem oil, Clove oil and Nutmeg oil.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The apple cider vinegar works in the same way as normal vinegar. The difference is that it has strong anti-microbial properties as compared to normal vinegar. To use this, just put a drop of diluted apple cider vinegar on the skin. If you feel an irritation, stop the use. For best results, use an organic apple cider vinegar.

Electric Combs

Electric comb is now being used widely for lice treatment. An electric comb comes with a small battery and it actually helps get rid of lice by killing them with the electric charge. For longer hair, this treatment is highly advised. However, for shorter hair you can opt for a plastic electric comb.

There are certain medications and other shampoos as well, which are available in all chemist shops for getting rid of lice. However, it is better to consult a doctor before you opt for those treatments. Sometimes harsh chemicals can have reverse effects on the hair and skin. Well, if you are a believer in natural methods, opt for the above methods. Be patient and vigilant, you will get rid of lice with just a bit of care and more attention.