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How to Get Rid of Gnats?

Gnats are ugly looking flies which happen to infest our life in so many different ways. We hardly ever pay heed to those small brown flies which keep buzzing in various corners of the house or the kitchen until we notice the damages done by them. While it is simple to get rid of those havoc-wreaking creatures our first rescue operation is always to call the pest control guys. However, if we look around to the problem areas in our house and the solutions for them, we can get rid of gnats faster than we think.

What are Gnats?

Gnats are also known as “Knats” or “Nats”. They are typically about 1/8th to 1/10th inch in length. They have wings and in terms of appearance they resemble mosquitoes more than a fly. Gnats do lay eggs, spread diseases, annoy people and die in some time but not without causing damage. These gnats are mostly attracted to carbon dioxide and this is one reason why you will always find them flying near your nose or mouth. However, before knowing how to get rid of gnats, understand why they infest your house:

  • Moisture and humidity attract them. One reason why they come more in the summers than in the winters.
  • Wet or damp zones attract these gnats. One reason why they are more near drains, potholes etc.
  • They tend to feed on fungus. One reason why you will see them hovering over scarred vegetables, fruits and meals unnoticed for a long time.
  • Garbage and trash attract them.
  • Kitchens are the most favorite hotspots of these gnats. Drains and pipes are one area where you will find them breeding and taking place.
  • Unhygienic and uncleaned places invite gnats.

How to Get Rid of Gnats

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Gnats:

Get hold of these simple home remedies to get rid of gnats:

Soda Bottle

Soda Bottles are a good way to trap gnats. Just cut the top of a soda bottle and seal the opened side with the help of a plastic or something. Make a few holes in the plastic with the help of a sharp object for the gnats to enter the soda bottle. Leave it in the area where they pile up most in the kitchen or the house and notice within some time how gnats get trapped in the bottle. A soda bottle works like a funnel and the funnel allows the gnats to enter the bottle and get trapped.

Red Wine

Red Wine can help you get rid of gnats really fast. It acts like a magic solution to get rid of them if used regularly. Just take some red wine and put in a glass jar. Put a few drops of dish washing liquid too in it. Seal it at the top with the help of a plastic and make little holes in it for the gnats to enter. Keep this jar in the area where you will find them most. The smell of the wine attracts the gnats while the dish washing liquid helps to trap them and eventually kill them. Do this for a few days and notice how easily you get rid of those gnats from your house.

Citronella Oil

A magic solution of citronella oil, water, and dish washing liquid works great in getting rid of gnats forever. Use this to spray in your garden, near the drains and near garbage cans as well daily. This solution is not harmful and can be used near pets as well. It won’t do any harm to your plants either. Apply this method daily for a period of about 10 days and see how you get rid of gnats so easily.


The smell of vanilla is toxic to gnats. It instantly happens to create a reaction in them and makes them fly away from your house. To use vanilla just mix some real vanilla extract or drops in a little water and then spray this water in your garden, near the drains and all the other areas where the gnats hide. Do this once daily and see how within a few days you get rid of gnats completely. This solution is nontoxic as well and won’t do any harm to your plants or pets. Use it freely.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is a great remedy for getting rid of gnats. To benefit from lavender, use a sponge and dab it in a little lavender oil or spray it well over the sponge. Place the sponge in an area where you will find most if these flies in the house. The sponge will attract the gnats and will keep them entrapped in it leading them to eventually die. You can also use a lavender plant and keep it in your garden. It will make the gnats go away completely after some time and you will get rid of gnats naturally with this simple method.


Alcohol acts as a powerful remedy to get rid of gnats. You can take a little alcohol and dilute it with equal parts of water. Now use this water to spray it in all the areas infested by gnats. Do this daily at least once and keep doing it till you get rid of those gnats completely from your house. With regular application, you should be able to get rid of gnats in a period of about 10 days.

Olive Oil

Normally gnats tend to feed a lot in the drains of your sink and other places where there is dampness. To use olive oil just take a cup of the oil and pour into the drain in the night. Avoid washing anything in the sink after this. Let the oil be there overnight. Do this daily at a stretch of about 10 days. You will notice the reduction in the number of gnats in your house and will eventually get rid of gnats in a few days.

Banana Peel

Love those bananas? Well, now you will love their peels as well. Banana peels are a quick and easy remedy to get rid of gnats in the shortest time. Just like we like the smell of the banana, the gnats find the smell of the banana peels intriguing. To benefit from banana peels, take a jar and put the peel of a ripe banana in it. Now, cover the jar with a plastic cover and poke holes into it. Keep it in the area which is infested most by them. In a few days, you will notice they will get trapped there and eventually die. Replenish the peel after it has collected a good number of gnats and use again.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This vinegar trap works really well in killing gnats in your kitchen really fast. Take a glass bowl and pour apple cider vinegar into it. Add a few drops of dish washing soap as well. Now, cover the jar with a plastic wrap and poke holes into it with the help of a sharp item. Keep the jar in the place where these gnats pile in most in your kitchen. This solution will help attract the gnats and once they go into the jar, they won’t be able to come out of it. The dish washing soap helps to get rid of gnats almost instantly. Once you find many of them lying dead inside clean the jars and repeat the process again until all the gnats are gone.

Fruit Juices

Fruit juices work like vinegar to attract those gnats and eventually help to kill them. Put any of the juice in a jar and cover it with a plastic. Make a few holes for the gnats to enter and keep it in an area which is heavily infested with them. Notice in a few days how the gnats get trapped in that jar and eventually help you get rid of them.

Egg Bait

This method works immensely well in getting rid of gnats really fast. Take a 1-gallon container and break four eggs into it and fill it up with water. Mix the solution well and now takes four one liter bottles and pour this solution into each of them. Fill the bottles till Вј of them are covered with this solution. Refrigerate the rest of the solution and keep it safely in the fridge.

Now hang these bottles 3-5 feet from the ground in your garden area. Let them stay there every day. Notice the bottles every week. You will find lots of gnats in them. Change the bottles every 15 days and see how in a few days you get rid of gnats completely.

UV Light Bug Zapper

There are a lot of bug zappers available in the market, which emits these strong UV light that helps in trapping the gnats and killing them. Use one which suits your pocket and solves the purpose. Use it once or twice every day in your garden, kitchen and other areas infested by gnats. Over the days, you will start seeing them reduce in numbers and eventually they will go away completely from your house.

All the above remedies work great against gnats. Use them daily to benefit from them and keep your house and garden clean at all times.