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How to Get Rid of Bats?

Bats are human-friendly living beings when it comes to preventing unwanted insects, and bugs from your home. However, it is important to find their hiding place before you begin the task of getting rid of bats. The problem of bat infestation is more common than one would be inclined to think. Most people and almost all of us are scared of bats and that’s why in order to get rid of bats, it requires more than just the application of some remedies. It requires guts, patience and of course a strong will to go ahead and practice these remedies without any fear.

Eliminating these bats can be a challenge since they tend to hide anywhere and happen to fly away quickly. But the essential thing to know here is that bats are fairly harmless when it comes down to it. These creatures are tiny and unless you live in the deepest, darkest jungles they’re not going  to suck your blood. There are some bat specialists as well who can help you get rid of bats when they happen to enter your spaces. However, if that’s not what you prefer, go ahead with the below ways.

to get rid of bats

Bats: Know More

Although bats may not necessarily cause trouble and are in fact a great source for removing insects from the house, their droppings may cause health-related problems – the primary one being histoplasmosis, which manifests in the form of flu-like symptoms. Lets see the causes and symptoms of bat infestation.


  • Entry points in the form of missing or loose tiles.
  • Unused rooms
  • Unclean corners in the house.
  • Entry points in the form of holes.
  • Chimneys and similar structures.
  • Lack of screens or netting on doors and windows.
  • Piles of old furniture.
  • Symptoms:
  • Strong, unidentified odors, possibly emanating from the urine or guano.
  • Rub marks around holes or cracks in the building.
  • Squeaking, scratching sounds coming from the walls or from unused rooms at dusk or dawn.
  • Dirt and grease accumulation on walls.
  • Presence of guano.
  • Presence of bats around your house or in the general vicinity.
  • White streaks along walls caused by bat urine.

Ways to Get Rid of Bats:

Opt for the below remedies to get rid of bats at the earliest:


Mothballs have been used to repel a lot of insects and it works well against the bats as well. They are easy to procure as well and most of us always keep them in our house to keep our things safe from any kind of rodents. The best way to use mothballs for getting rid of bats totally is by hanging these moth balls in a thin sock near the places where these bats tend to hide. Keep the socks hanging till you don’t see all the bats go away. The smell of the mothballs is toxic to these bats and it helps them to repel away really quickly. Make sure you place the mothballs into the socks by wearing gloves over your hands, never use naked fingers.


One of the best ways to get rid of bats is by using peppermint oil. This essential oil is easily available as well and is a safe remedy to use as well. Peppermint oil has long been used to get rid of a lot of rodents as well and is really effective in keeping the rats away from your house. The bats cannot stand the smell of the peppermint oil and it helps them to run away. You can simply soak a few cotton balls in some peppermint oil and keep these in the rat prone areas.

Another useful way of getting rid of bats quickly is by placing some peppermint plants at strategic points where these bats may be hiding. You can use citronella oil and castor oil from this method if you don’t have peppermint oil. Try this the next time bats tend to enter your house, you certainly won’t be disappointed.


Phenol is easily available and here you can simply buy some extra amount to use it against the bats. Take some phenol and pour it into a spray bottle. Now spray it in the areas where these bats tend to hide. You can also spray it 2-3 times a day to repel all the bats and to help you get rid of bats totally. Also wear protective gloves, respirator and goggles to avoid any accidents while doing this. Make sure your pets or kids don’t gather around you while doing this, as it can be harmful to them.


Find the bat residing area and closely monitors the entry zone. Once the bats leave that area in the night in search of food; seal the region and immediately clean that zone. After you have ensured that the bats have all left at night in search of food, clean out their nesting region and cover them up with sealants, hardboard or nets. In order to keep them away permanently leave some mothballs in those areas after this technique. You can also use steel wool, oakum or foam rubber to close the openings. This is an effective way to get rid of bats and one of the most important steps here to keep these bats away. Sealants are not difficult to procure as well and therefore it shouldn’t be much of a problem for you to get hold of these sealants and use them for getting rid of bats effectively.


Buy these aerosol repellents and spray them with the bat infested areas for getting rid of bats quickly. There are also special aerosol pet repellents available in the pest control stores. Use aerosol dog or cat repellent in the areas occupied by bats, but do this only after an exclusion device has been used to ensure the bats have left the area. Don’t spray it when bats are present on the roosting spot.

Always remember that causing harm to bats or even killing them, and killing bats is illegal in certain places in the world, as well as inadvisable in general, as they contribute greatly to maintaining the stability of the ecosystem. Also ensure you wear masks or gloves while using these sprays to get rid of bats. Apart from this, make sure your children or pets are not around you while doing this, as the sprays could harm them.

Water Spray

Keep spraying water in the areas where the bats roost to get them to move out. Ideally, this technique is the simplest and safest to get rid of bats and highly recommended if you want to take this task upon yourself. Spray water on the bats in the daytime when they are roosting. To execute this operation, all you need is a long hose pipe. The best part is that the water will cause annoyance while ensuring that they are not harmed in the least. Clean and seal up the regions after using this technique once the bats have left. You can also use Mylar strips or moth balls as additional precautionary measures.

Close All Cracks

Covering the holes or other openings is the trick to get rid of bats. With this method, you will be sealing the bats in instead of getting them out. Here you can simply cover the holes or openings with caulk or putty and paint them nicely. This will cause the bats to get trapped inside and they can’t burrow out of those spaces which will eventually leave them to die. For best results, you can use some steel wool here, which works really well against the bats.

The bats will be suffocated with the use of this and in a few days time, you will get rid of all the bats completely. This is an easy and safe remedy to use as well and is used by a lot of people who don’t like opting for any of other remedies. However, do keep in mind that killing bats can be illegal in some places so think twice before going ahead.

Aluminium Foil

Use this technique at the entry point or at their nest to get rid of bats. Aluminium foil hangings not only produce a chime-like sound, but also they bling as you light up the area. These works as great reflective surfaces – both the sound and the light will cause disturbance to the bats and keep them away while you hand these in areas where the bats hide. Hang some in these areas, and see the bats leave in almost no time. This is also a very simple and easy technique to get rid of bats easily and to eliminate these pests completely from your house. The remedy has been used by a lot of people worldwide and it has been known to show some amazing results here. Aluminium foil is mostly available in every house and therefore you don’t need to apply any extra effort while doing this.

Mylar Balloons

Hang Mylar balloons, filled with helium of course, at the entry points and around the roosting areas to ensure that the bats do not enter the house upon their return once the bats have gone away. This is a creative and a pleasant way to chase bats away and to get rid of bats completely. Always remember, if kept in constant motion, the balloons will surely chase them away. This is also one of the safest and easiest remedies for getting rid of bats and is one of the most favored remedies for this purpose. It is a sure shot remedy and has been tried and tested before for this purpose. Since the balloons are going to be filled with helium, make sure you use all precautions while handling them and hanging them in those areas.


Nobody thought about this, but mirrors are a very effective way to get rid of bats. If you have some mirrors in your house which I am sure, you do then these mirrors will come in handy and help you get rid of bats really fast. Mirrors work on the same principle as aluminium foil. These mirrors disturb the bats and keep them away as the reflection tends to irritate them. Mirrors reflect and disturb bats to the extreme once you turn the lights on. So just hang small mirrors in the nesting regions and use sufficient amounts of light to light up these areas. This is also one of the most favored remedy for eliminating these bats completely from your house.


It is also a widely used and a non-toxic way to chase the bats away from your home when they tend to enter your homes. This wonderful spice from your kitchen comes in handy for getting rid of bats and for keeping your house completely free of these pests. You just have to grind some cinnamon sticks to a powder and then sprinkle this powder in the bat colony. OneВ can expect to see the results right away once you do this. It is a non-toxic way of keeping these bats away and helps you to get rid of bats effectively within a few days. You can use this remedy two or three times during the day as well for getting rid of bats faster.

Bat Proofing

Bat proof your home during the fall or winter to get rid of bats totally from your house. This is a simple method where you have to identify the bat entrances and block them and then provide an alternative place in the form of bat box. A lot of people, whose spaces are often frequented by bats during the whole year, use this method in order to prevent these bats from entering their homes. The construction of bat box is done according to maternity colonies of bats. You cam also takes help of some bat specialists here to help you while doing this.

Things to Remember:

Keep the below things in mind as well:

  • If you are living in a country where bat conservation is given maximum priority, then call up the best and cost effective bat evacuation team in your city.
  • Fill the plumbing and electrical holes with caulk or stainless steel wool to prevent entry of bats
  • The best season to get rid of bats is the time before their actual breeding season. For this, February to march is the ideal time.
  • Avoid using pesticides and bat poisons to evacuate bats from your house. These poisons may kill the bat and dead, rotting bats that are hard to find may pose noticeable health problems.
  • Prevent bats in the attic by keeping the area cool, as bats don’t reside in low temperature.
  • Bat evacuation can be done at night only so that the bats go out in search of prey.
  • Don’t try to catch bats, they tend to bite and thereafter you may have rabies.
  • Repeat bat evacuation plan, at least for a week, so that the bats never turn towards your home again.
  • To avoid the entry of bats in the house use chimney caps, window screens and draft-guards beneath doors to attics.
  • After bat evacuation from home, pay close attention to smaller stains on your roof, attic, etc.,
  • Always make sure to check for the bat stains and cleaning the stains completely in order to prevent the bats from entering your home again.