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How to Get Rid of Ants?

Those ants in your closet, your bathroom, your kitchen, and your bathtub has been trying out your patience and gladly taking up residence in your house, is it? And you have been trying every other method to stop them from feeding off your happiness, but they still refuse to go? A common problem for all but it’s definitely not impossible to solve it. Having bugs can definitely be troublesome, especially these bugs which infest your whole house. They come up irrespective of the temperatures and seasons and if ignored to live, can be very difficult to trace, as they continue to multiply in various zones. This article will help you to get rid of ants out of your house easily.

Why do Ants Infest Our Homes?

We have been hearing theories throughout our life. Some say ants come on sugary items, some say they with savory products, and some say they simply come because of seasonal changes. Some of the measures we take can actually prevent these deterrents. And some of the strongest methods can actually help in killing the whole colony of ants. These are the most preferred choice of methods. Many people, many theories but let’s understand what exactly is the reason you see them in your house.

  • The landscape of your house is too inviting – If ants feel your house is a good shelter for them and the moisture levels, the vegetation n you garden etc. is really good to feed on, believe me, they will come no matter what.
  • Your house smells awesome – Not keeping your house clean and food items or garbage pieces thrown here and there invite ants into your house.
  • The compromised perimeter – Any uninvited gaps in the house, be it in ceilings, cupboards, windows etc. should be kept sealed.

How to Get Rid of Ants

Method to Get Rid of Ants Out of the House:

Simple remedies that you adopt can actually help you get rid of ants sooner than you think:


A really easy way to get those ants coming into your house is simply taking a chalk from your children’s boxes and drawing a line with it. The ants simply won’t cross the line at any cost. Nobody knows what the reason behind this. Some say it’s the sodium bicarbonate in the chalk, which keeps them at bay. While others believe that the chalk line interrupts their scent trails. Whatever, be the reason, a line made with a chalk is one of the easiest tricks you can apply to get rid of ants.


Cornmeal is a cheap and safe way to get rid of ants, especially if there are kids in the house. Simply sprinkling cornmeal in the areas where ants make their homes will do the trick for you. Like chalk, cornmeal simply helps in preventing the ants crossing the line and slowly as the days pass, you will see them vanishing away. Next time when you see ants, just get cornmeal and throw a bit in the area they infest. You will get rid of ants completely in a few days.

Coffee Grounds

The coffee grounds repel the ants from entering your house. The best way is to stuff coffee grounds in the holes or the gaps where the ants come from. The coffee grounds keep the ants at bay and prevents them from entering your space altogether. What’s best is that it doesn’t kill them, but the smell of the coffee grounds simply makes them back off. It is one of the best DIY methods to get rid of ants easily.


Vinegar has a strong aroma which helps to break the scent trails of ants. Just take a cloth and use 50:50 solution of vinegar and water to wipe off your counter tops in the house. The smell of the vinegar keeps the ants from moving further. Notice the action of the ants when you apply vinegar, they will simply refuse to the cross the line and will simultaneously go away after some time. However, take care with vinegar. If you have counter tops made of granite or stone, using vinegar may spoil them.


Essential peppermint oil works awesome and also helps give a wonderful aroma in your house. The best way is to apply it near the windows and doors. Use a spray bottle and mix equal parts of peppermint oil and water in it. Use this mixture to spray on the areas where the ants accumulate and make their safe zones. The smell of the peppermint simply makes them irritated and helps them leave the house almost instantly. Do this for two days and see how you get rid of ants’ completely in two days itself.


Cinnamon is a strong agent in itself. There are many ways to use cinnamon to get rid of ants in your house. Just use some cinnamon powder and sprinkle it in the gaps or the portions where you see ants. You can also use cinnamon powder and a few cloves for this purpose. It also helps the house smell better. Another way is to use essential cinnamon oil and spray it around the windows and doors. The trail of the oil helps to keep the ants at bay and prevents them from entering your house.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has a high presence of citric acid in it which helps a lot in getting rid of ants in practically no time. Just spray the openings with a lemon water spray and see how quickly you get rid of those stubborn ants. Lemon also helps to keep a beautiful aroma in the house if used daily.

Citrus or Cucumber Peels

The citrus or cucumber peels help get rid of ants naturally. Where ever you see ants just put some fresh peels of cucumber of other citrus fruits. It is toxic to the types of fungi that the ants feed on, and helps get rid of them faster than you think. However, it is best to use natural and real peels than any synthetic product which has a citrus fragrance. Using citrus and cucumber peels is one of the most widely known methods to get rid of ants.

Water and Dish Soap

You thought your dish soap was only meant for to wash your utensils? Well, it is one of the best-proven methods to get rid of those ants in your house as well. If that honey jar is the one where most of those ants pile up, just wash the jar nicely once. Put it in a bowl of hot water and put a few drops of dish washing liquid in the water. It is just enough to keep those ants away from that honey jar. Another method is to use boiling water wherever you see a hill of the ants. It will help kill them instantly and you will get rid of ants really fast.

Borax, Water And Sugar

A solution of borax, sugar and water works wonders in getting rid of ants. You can also add a little peanut butter to this mixture. This solution helps getting rid of those ants in a few weeks. Make a thick paste of borax, sugar, and water and apply this paste over little pieces of card boards and put these pieces where ever you see ants entering your house. Ants tend to eat this solution and it naturally kills them in some time. Try doing this the next time you find those ants, it will help you get rid of them completely in a few weeks.

Strong Perfumes

A perfume with a really strong smell irritates the ants and helps to keep them away. Buy a strong perfume, a smell of which you can’t tolerate. Dip a few cotton balls in this perfume and place these cotton balls in the areas where you see ants. You will notice that the ants slowly and slowly reduce in numbers and start going back to their places as they leave your house. It is one of the easiest methods to get rid of ants if you don’t want to kill them.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth works really well in getting rid of ants in a week or so. While using this, remember to buy food grade diatomaceous earth and not the swimming pool DE. Just sprinkle the diatomaceous earth in the areas where you see ants or around the boundary of your house. Precaution should be taken not to wet the diatomaceous earth, otherwise, it will not work. Doing this will make the ants go away slowly in numbers and make your house ants free in a week or 10 days max.

Baby Powder

Use the baby powder not just for your babies, but on the ants too. The only difference is ants don’t love them and it has not so good effects on those pests. The scented talcum powders work really well in keeping those ants at bay and getting rid of them in a few days.

What you need to understand with these methods is that nothing works overnight. Be patient and take all your precautions when you apply these methods to get rid of ants. Be consistent and see how your house becomes free of these pests in a few days.