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How to Get Rid of a Hangover?

Who likes to suffer from a hangover? Well, no one, till we all can’t control that urge to drink and have a hard party night on weekends. Though drinking in moderation is always the best, sometimes we tend to drink more than often and at other times the system just doesn’t take it in the right way. And that’s when a hangover is just imminent. The heaviness, the headache, the vomiting, your world moves upside down and you just don’t know what to do. It is here that some simple home remedies can prove to be the best solution to get rid of a hangover.

What Exactly is a Hangover?

A hangover is nothing but the side effects or signs of heavy drinking, which is not taken well by the body as well. When someone suffers from a hangover, the person normally feels dead, sleep, thirsty, tired and confounded. Sometimes a hangover has certain psychological effects as well where feelings of disgrace, misgivings, uneasiness and embarrassment crop in and seem to bother us a lot. A headache that comes over is because of the dehydration that alcohol intake causes. It normally takes 8-24 hours for a hangover to disappear.

It’s important though to know the symptoms:

  • Shakiness in the body.
  • Not being able to concentrate.
  • Faster heartbeat.
  • Vomiting and nausea or stomach pain.
  • Headache and muscle ache.
  • Frequent thirst.
  • Dizziness or a feeling of head spinning.
  • Sensitivity to light and sound.
  • Poor or decreased sleep.
  • Feeling depressed, anxious and irritated are sure shot signs of a hangover.

How to Get Rid of a Hangover

Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of a Hangover:

Some simple home remedies, however, work best in getting rid of a hangover really fast, provided you are ready for them, have a look at the below:

Eat Ginger

Ginger is one of the most effective remedies not just for a hangover, but a number of other things. Haven’t our grandmothers told us to have ginger for most of the times we get sick? Ginger has actually been known as the best natural medicine that helps the body come to its natural state in a short span of time. Just nibbling ginger in the morning when you have woken up can help you get rid of a hangover. If you have ginger, tangerine pith, and brown sugar before drinking, that can also help you prevent nausea and vomiting during a hangover. Try these to get rid of a hangover!


Exercise definitely sounds like a lot of effort and a hard task when you have woken up with that bad hangover, but it can help you a great deal. Some light exercises with lots and lots of water will help raise your endorphin levels and give you a mental kick. Just 30 minutes of walking or light yoga exercise will also help your body to energize and slowly bring you back to that natural state. Give yourself the push, have lots of water and just walk for 25-30 minutes in the fresh air. We bet you will be feeling a lot better after this.

Have A Long Shower

Freshening up with a nice cold fresh shower can do a lot of magic in your mind and body. Just make sure not have a shower with hot water. That can increase nausea that you have been feeling. Have a relaxing shower with an open window, or a few drops of mild essential oil, it will help freshen you up in a few minutes. Does this as you get up and see how you get rid of a hangover in a short time.

Replace Lost Salts

Dehydration is one of the foremost reasons for your feeling crappy in that hang over. The trick is to replace the sugar and salts quickly that you have just lost out on because of the alcohol. They will rehydrate your body and provide you with the necessary energy you need. Drinks like Powerade will help you most to get rid of a hangover. You can also take a Dioralyte Sachet if you are really in a bad state.


Lemon is a popular remedy for hangovers. It is also a gentle medicine that provides instant relief and can be taken on an upset stomach. Have a lot of lemon tea without any sugar. You can also take lemon juice prepared with cold water with a little sugar in it. This will help control the sugar level in your body and help you get rid of that hangover in a few hours.


Peppermint is one of the most powerful herbs. Consuming it with tea or just chewing a few peppermint leaves will help you get rid of that accumulated gas in your stomach. It will also help relax the intestines. Boil some water and pour it over a teaspoon or two of dried peppermint. Alternately, you can also use 10-15 of fresh peppermint leaves. Have a few cups throughout the day, it will do the trick and help you get rid of a hangover naturally!

Egg and Toast

A combination of egg and toast works really well to get rid of a hangover. Having a simple breakfast like this as soon as you get up with a hangover can do wonders to your body and helps you to recover faster. The starches in toast speed up the recuperation process while the carbon in it helps expel the pollutants from the body. The egg helps in lessening the lethality and separates the liquor from the body which is really helpful for getting rid of a hangover really fast. The next time you have a hangover, eat a breakfast as simple as this to get rid of it.


You never thought that a vegetable like cabbage is cured widely curing hangover right? Well, cabbage is one of the most effective remedies to get rid of a hangover quickly. The best way to take cabbage is to eat it raw or just prepare fresh cabbage juice in the kitchen and have it. Cabbage helps to recuperate the body with the vitamins and minerals that you just lost and helps to reduce the severe headache as well. You can also take a combo of tomato juice and cabbage juice, which works really well in reducing the absorption of alcohol in the system and helps to heal faster from that hangover.

Oil Pulling

This is a great detoxifying method to help flush out the toxins and pollutants from the body. As soon as you get with the hangover, head off straight to the washroom and take a tablespoon of coconut oil. Now take it in your mouth and gargle with it around your mouth and teeth. Gargle for at least 15-20 minutes. Then use fresh water to wash your mouth. See the relief you feel after this procedure. Your headache will immediately reduce and you feel start feeling energetic instantly. This is a great remedy to get rid of a headache fast.


If you don’t like bananas, well eat them if you suffer from a hangover as they are one of the safest and effective remedies for getting rid of a hangover. Bananas contain a lot of potassium which helps you recover from the potassium you lost while drinking and it also helps with the electrolytes which reached a bare minimum due to the drinks. Grab a banana as soon as you get up with a hangover and have it. You can also make a banana milkshake with a little honey to make you feel better.

Black Coffee

Having a strong black coffee is excellent for getting rid of a hangover quickly. However, just avoid adding any sugar or milk to it. Just take a hot cup of black coffee and add a few drops of lemon to it. Sip it slowly as you get up in the morning. Feel the relief you get after having this coffee. You can also take it 2-3 times a day top speed up the recovery. Black coffee helps in providing strength and it also helps to reduce a pounding headache almost instantly. Adding lemon helps you to feel refreshed and also helps to kill the effects of the excess alcohol in your system.

Borage Capsules

The borage Capsules have been known to cure hangovers really fast. There are people who swear by them completely whenever they want to get rid of a hangover. Products like Berocca, Chaser and Rebound can help a great deal. They are a little expensive for sure, but you should definitely give them a try when you have a hangover. You might just be out of that bad state in a really short time. They can indeed prove to be really helpful in getting rid of a bad hangover.


Well, the best remedy to prevent a hangover altogether and to get rid of a hangover is just having lots and lots of water. Water helps to flush out the impurities and toxins from the body and also helps to bring balance back in your body. Have as much water as you can have. If you feel like add a few cubes of ice to the glass of water and have it at regular intervals, this helps a lot in cooling down your system and helping you get the energy back in your body. You can also opt for a lot of other fresh fruit juice to help you. However, avoid having any canned juices. It’s better to have juices prepared at home to get rid of that bad hangover.

Precautions to Get Rid of Hangover:

  • It’s important to note here that you won’t be able to get rid of a hangover in an instant. Your body takes time to heal and to recover from the lost minerals and vitamins. However, if you still continue to suffer even after 24 hours of drinking and don’t get any relief from the vomiting and headache its best to visit the doctor. Taking the below precautions can also help you a lot while recovering from the hangover:
  • Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach. Eat something at least two hours before you are about to start drinking. Take some light snacks or nuts as well while drinking alcohol.
  • Never drink too fast, drink slowly taking small sips.
  • Keep having light and small meals throughout the day when you suffer from a hangover. Avoid heavy and fried foods.
  • Avoid eating anything sweet while drinking, have only salty snacks.
  • Have a good long shower in the morning and, a relaxed shower help a lot to feel good and increases the blood circulation in the body as well.