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How to Get Dimples?

We all love and want to get dimples, don’t we? Well, at least 90% of the people love those small cute dimples that fall on either side of the cheeks. And sometimes we just can’t help adoring and looking at our favorite actors and actresses who are born with those gorgeous dimples on their faces. Dimples do not just look good, but they help enhance the beauty and of the face and are such an eye-catching feature of the face that they tend to hide all other flaws. However, these dimples are not common. They are few people who are lucky enough to be born with those gorgeous set of dimples on their cheeks. These dimples are nothing but a small characteristic of a muscle that lies underneath the cheeks.

Some people have dimples on both the side of the cheeks while some others are born with a dimple on one side of their face. Whatever the case may be, these dimples tend to add more grace and beauty to your face and today there are more and more people who resort to all kinds of methods to get dimples on their face.

Dimples: Know More

Dimples are nothing but small overlap or indentations in the beefy piece of the cheek. It is just a minor muscle distortion which causes the skin of the cheek to draw hard as it moves, making outer divots. They say that this cute facial gimmick is usually a hereditary inherited quality. The hollows come with a smile made once the shortened muscles are pulled.

It is important to know that even if you are not born with dimples, there is no need to get disheartened. There are some magical innovations available today like surgeries which can really help to get dimples whenever you want them. And if you are not a fan of artificial methods, then it’s time to go through the below methods which are the perfect ways to get dimples on your face.

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Natural Ways to Get Dimples:

Have a look the below to get dimples naturally on your face. You certainly won’t be disappointed:

Pucker Your Lips

This is one of the best exercises to get dimples naturally. Here just pucker your lips and suck your cheeks in. Just assume as if you have consumed a lemon or something amazingly acid to practice your cheek muscles. Make sure your teeth should not be gripped together as this can keep you away from sucking your cheeks.

However, our lips do need to shut. You should know that your cheeks ought to naturally dent internal, with the deepest piece of the space, resting in the middle of your top and base teeth. You should know that there is no solid proof or anecdotal evidence that this exercise will help you get dimples but it is definitely not something you should ignore.

Press and Hold

It is here that you press and hold the indentations to get dimples. Place the areas on your cheeks where the indentations are the deepest. Now hold this spot on both cheeks delicately utilizing both the pointers. Now, as you plan to move your mouth, keep your fingers firmly altered on these spots.

Anything can be used here to get dimples easily. You can use fingers, pencils or just about anything which is a little form on the skin but doesn’t hurt you.

Smile and Reposition

Now sit in front of the mirror to press those dimple spots with your fingers or any other item. You can use pencils or the upper side of chopsticks or any other thing which can give you a good grip and doesn’t hurt your skin. Here it is all about smiling and re-positioning your fingers as necessary. Go step by step here for maximum effect. Go for a really wide smile, keeping your fingers, altered to the altered to the spots where the dimples fall.

Here focus on your smile; it should be wide and stunned as natural dimples, for the most part, show up when somebody has a genuinely wide smile. It is all about placing your fingers close to the corners of your smile where dimples would naturally happen in case you had them. Press the desired dimple firmly with your fingertips or with any other item you are using. Take a picture here if you want to. This step is really crucial to get dimples.

Pressing to Get Dimples

To prepare your cheeks into framing additionally enduring dimples, you need to firmly hold these indentations in place for no less than 30 minutes. The longer you hold here the better are your chances to get dimples faster. It may be a little hard, of course, at first, but if your hand starts paining, just ask someone else to hold for you. After some time you will find it easy though, as you get the hang on, of this activity.

Rehash Every Day

Continue doing this every day to get dimples really fast. Having mentioned before, that there is no proof of this method to surely give you dimples if you don’t do it every day you anyways won’t get any closer to a positive result.


Here, just smile. And smile as widely as you can. Smiling is the key to getting dimples on your face and these dimples are most noticeable when you smile a wide as possible. When you smile, natural wrinkles ought to appear just outside of your mouth. Your dimples ought to fall just outside of these natural wrinkles. And it is just above the upper portion of the lips where they start.

Keep smiling at every given opportunity, as that’s the only trick to get dimples quickly here. It might seem unnatural at times, but then that is the only way. You should understand that this method works best to give you artificial pimples in case you want them for some pictures in your album. If you flaunt these outside of them, they are bound to look funnier and really unnatural.

Highest Point to Get Dimples

Now mark the highest points in the skin for the new dimples. One thing you should understand here is that dimples have a tendency to occur as short lines or slight bow shapes. Get a dark tan pencil handy here as that will do the trick for you to get dimples effectively here. Now utilizing this dark tan pencil eyeliner or eyebrow pencil, make a small dot at the highest point of where you want the desired dimple line to be.

Some makeup tricks add to your advantage here if you want to get dimples really easily here. Know that a dark tan works best in the light of the fact that it blends into the skin all the more natural. Dark and hued eyeliner ought to be dodged.

Bow Moon Shape

Now draw a small bow moon shape on your cheek. Keep a check on how you draw it in the best possible way to get dimples. With the highest points of your dimples checked, unwind your mouth and draw a small, slightly bent line beginning at the dot you have checked. Use the same eyeliner or eyebrow pencil you used to create the dot.

The line ought to be just scarcely bent – slightly straighter than the bend of a fingernail. You may not be able to do it correctly the first time, but with a little practice, you will definitely be a pro to getting dimples. You can also opt for a little help from any makeup expert for this purpose.


It is imperative to blend and redraw here. Coordinate the rest of the makeup on your face with these drawn lines so that they look more natural. Utilize your fingers or a smirch stick to blend the line into your skin, rubbing the line here and there instead of side to side.

You may have to repeat the action to get dimples as one application may not give you the desired results. So for a bigger impact, it is important to keep repeating until you get the satisfactory result.

Makeup Tricks

Some simple opt for various makeup tricks that can really help to get dimples instantly. This method is actually the best if you love makeup and don’t mind it on your face. Makeup is being used for various purposes including contouring, hiding open pores, spots etc. Using it to get dimples is something that only professionals would be aware of.

Piercings and Mimicking:

This method will surely help to give you the desired results and help to get dimples most easily. However, you just have to be ready to get yourself pierced and to flaunt this piercing. Make sure you go to a professional and skilled person.

There are many piercers who charge less and resort to unhygienic methods to get the piercings done. Just make your mind clear to never visit such people. Also, don’t try and do any kind of piercings at home to get dimples yourself. Just go to reputable, qualified professionals, the ones who have the preparation and the apparatuses necessary to minimize your risk of infection or inconvenience.

Clean Area

It is really important to clean the area thoroughly first on your cheeks before the piercing starts. This is the first step to getting dimples effectively here. The outside of the skin must be cleaned with anti-bacterial cleanser, sterile liquor wipes, or comparable method of sanitization to take out hurtful microorganisms. You should know all of this to determine the proper way of getting dimples on your skin here.

Check Instruments

Make sure all the instruments used by the piercer are clean and hygienic. Reputable body piercers will utilize a piercing firearm that uses disposable one-use needles, one that is washed in a sanitizing autoclave or a solitary use disposable needle all alone. You should know that the needle may likewise be warmed before it is injected to further disinfect it.

The piercer’s hands should be thoroughly clean and washed with an antibacterial hand wash. Though the person may or may not wear hand gloves. Even the jewelry piece that is going to be used here should be thoroughly cleaned with an antibacterial wash before it is slipped into the skin. This is all very important to get dimples efficiently here.

Get Penetrated

The body piercer will use the needle to cut the skin at the accurate position where natural dimples would fall. As soon as the skin is pierced, the piercer should slip the jewelry piece into the skin and treat the area with an anti-bacterial solution.

Take Proper Treatments

A lot of care and precaution is necessary after you get the piercing done. This is really important to avoid any kind of infection or inconvenience here. The piercer will likely give you a solution here to take care of the pierced location.

But if that has not been given to you, you can simply make a solution of some fresh water and salt. Use a cotton swab to apply this solution gently to the pierced area by lifting the jewelry piece a little. Do this for some time, at least for a week to avoid any kind of bacterial infection.

It is easy to get dimples, but it is even more important to take a lot of care. There are many surgical methods also available today to get dimples. These methods are safe as well and really effective. If you want permanent dimples on your face and a sure shot way of getting those dimples on your cheeks.

However, if you think you can’t afford them and you want a more natural way then the above methods will work best to get dimples.