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How to Gain Weight Fast for Women?

Well, no matter what but it is a fact that ironies rule lives. If you are chubby being, you want to lose the extra weight, and if you are thin then you are willing to gain some weight and look better. Someone has well said that the grass is always greener on the other side. In this article, we will discuss ways to gain weight fast for women.В

On one hand, everyone wants to look slim and have a tiny waste but on the other, a skinny body might compel women to gain weight. And this is where people usually commit mistakes by using any available product which at the end which may result in unwanted side effects. There is no point in aiming to get a healthy body when you are actually harming it using various products. So, it is best to opt for natural methods and this is what we are for. Here, we will help you to gain weight fast for women.

For women, it is hard to put on weight as compared to the rest of womankind. It is likely to have the exact opposite problem for the rest of the people. It is incredibly hard for them to burn those extra tires. Also, being too thin is not something people generally prefer, and especially women are more conscious about a perfect body weight and shape.

According to women, a healthy body with curvaceous hips and larger breasts which make the body appear like a classic hourglass figure, flatter men and hits the right point. Doctors say that being underweight can result into various health risks which are actually quite serious.

to gain weight fast for women

Diet Tips For Weight Gain

Anything in the world is not possible with a single swish of a wand. It takes time to complete the process and give visible results. Same is the case when trying to gain weight fast for women. The process requires patience and dedication in order to get fruitful results. Since your aim is to gain weight in a healthy manner instead of adding extra kilos to your body, try to focus on the eating habits. Eat right, at the right time, and maintain a healthy diet plan to gain weight fast for women.

Best Ways to Gain Weight Fast for Women

Include Calories In Your Diet

The very initial step when planning to gain weight fast for women is to increase the daily calorie intake in the form of food. Everything that we eat has a certain amount of calorie count. So, similar to when we reduce high calorie foods from your diet when planning to lose weight, here we have to increase the calorie intake in order to gain weight. It is recommended to consume more than 250 calories per day in order to add a few kilos and initiate the process to gain weight fast for women.

What You Need

Try to consume foods that are rich in calories. These will include pulses, cereals, meat, bread, rice, dry fruits, and nuts.

You can also add vegetables like French beans, Chinese cabbage, broccoli,В carrots, spinach, lettuce, asparagus, eggplants and pumpkins to your daily diet.В Adding olive oil to your diet in a generous amount will also help to gain weight fast for women. This will add mass to your body and increase the weight where ever required. Increasing the consumption of dairy products will also help to prove effective.

Make sure to replace all those fat free products and incorporate fatty milk cream and curd when wanting to gain weight fast for women.

Why This Works

Foods that are high in protein and have a lot of calories will help you gain weight fast for women in a healthy manner.


Avoid eating food outside your home because it may contain food items which will make you gain weight in all the wrong areas of your body.

Also, do not gobble on food. Take only three meals a day and do not try to binge eat or overeat as this make not assist you to gain weight fast for women.

Increase The Number Of Meals

Have you can try and opt for six meals a day which include three big meals and three small. Try keeping the breakfast, lunch and dinner heavy and high in calorie content. Taking a heavy dinner tends to add weight to your body. This is because your metabolism is not as active at that time when you are planning to sleep or simply lying on the bed after having a heavy and full-fledged meal.

What You Have To Do

Have a full bowl of cereal for the breakfast or maybe toasted bread with butter and diced fruit.

Prefer having nuts and dry fruits or boiled vegetables with a dollop of cream. You can also incorporate the veggies in sandwiches with some cheese.

Prefer having dessert after meals to make it a bit heavier. Giving your taste buds a party and indulging in cakes, pizzas, burgers and whatever else your heart fancies is not at all a crime when trying to gain weight fast for women.

How Does It Work?

The reason why we are asking you to eat in frequent intervals because this helps the body to maintain energy and make your starve. Also, there are no chances of fat gain because you are not binge eating.

High Proteins Along With Calories

Just the calories will not help you gain weight fast for women. If you want to gain weight, remember to muscle and not flab.

What You Need

Now, when planning to gain weight fast for women, having eggs, lean meat, fish, skinless chicken, pulses, sprouts, and dairy products will prove effective. This is because these are high protein foods which will help you to gain weight in all the right areas of the body.

Why Does It Work

Proteins contain amino acids that are the building blocks of muscles. These food sources will give you enough protein necessary to build and tone muscles.

All this does not mean that you have to completely ignore the fatty foods. Consuming fats is not always b ad for your body, all you need to do is to know its right usage. В

Take a look below to know how fat consumption is helpful to gain weight fast for women.В

Healthy Fats

Good fats or healthy fats are necessary for muscle growth and production of hormones like testosterone. It is also essential for the growth and strengthening of the muscles. In an addition to this, it also helps to elevate the metabolic rate, which in turn helps the body to eliminate the bad fats and gain the good and beneficial fats. These good and beneficial fats can be obtained by consuming foods like nuts, leafy veggies, salmon, flaxseed oil, avocados oil, and many seeds.

Weight Gain Supplements

Sometimes just the diet and food items are not enough, your body needs something special which is potential enough to initiate the process of gain weight fast for women.В Including additional supplements will not only help you to gain weight fast but all in the right areas.

What You Need

When talking about supplements, proteins are the first to be recommended by any dietitian or professional gym trainer.

Why Does It Work

The ingredients in these supplements contribute to the body mass and aid in the muscle development. Eventually this will prove effective by helping you to gain weight fast for women.

Foods To Eat

  • Full cream milk
  • Beans, lentils, and other such protein-rich foods
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Cereals
  • Healthy fats and oils

Healthy desserts

After foods, it’s all about yoga now. Well you believe it or not but exercise and yoga can also help you to gain weight fast for women. Enlisted below are a few yoga poses and exercises that will help you to build lean muscle mass and gain weight fast for women.


Yoga addresses the root of many conditions which includes stress, poor metabolism, and lack of stamina. It also helps to find a solution for these problems and thereby, helps you to gain weight fast for women. Practicing yoga regularly will also help to increase the appetite of the practitioner, eventually resulting to eat more food.

We have enlisted a few Asana below to make it easier for you to refer.


This asana will help you to normalize your body weight according to the age and height and various other stats.


Practicing this asana will help you to eliminate any complications related to your stomach and will also increase your appetite.


This very famous asana works as a strength trainer for your body and helps you to gain weight fast for women.

Exercises To Gain Weight

Enlisted below is a list of exercises that will help you build muscle and gain weight fast for women. We recommend that you practice these exercises under the supervision of a professional trainer.

  • Twisting Crunches
  • Leg Press
  • Leg Extension
  • Leg Curls
  • Arm Curls
  • Shoulder Shrug
  • Seated Dumbell Press
  • Triceps Push Down
  • Barbell Squats
  • Pullups
  • Ab Roller
  • Incline Dumbell Press
  • Side Lateral Raise
  • Dumbell Lunges
  • Weighted Crunches

Why Does It Work

Developing your lean muscles not only makes you stronger but also adds mass to your body, thus helping you to gain weight fast for women. This makes it as one of the best ways to gain weight fast.

Now, foods and exercises are enough, you also need some other tips. So, take a look below for further help apart from foods and exercises.

Keep A Food Journal

We recommend you to keep a food journal if you want to gain weight fast for women. Try keeping a track of what you have eaten throughout the day. This will surely help you to understand your eating habits and ways to improve them for further benefits. Maintain a diary planner and keep on recording what you ate throughout the day. Doing this will not only help you to gain weight fast for women but will also motivate you to keep on doing what you have started with.

Eliminate Stress

Stress being the worsts obstacle when planning to gain weight fast for women, should be eliminated as soon as possible. We recommend people to stay stress free and relax while eating or exercising. You can take a hot shower or an essential oil soaks to soothe the muscle stress and worked up mind. Music, meditation and yoga are a few popular stress relievers apart from soaks and showers.

Get Enough Sleep

Having enough or adequate sleep also helps to relieve stress. So, the next important step when wanting to gain weight fast for women is to make sure you get enough sleep. Experts recommend that sleep is very essential for a person’s overall health. It is recommended for a person to take a minimum of eight hours of sleep every day in order to stay fit healthy. Sleep increases the scope of rest for your body which eventually helps the body to function well.

Keep Yourself Motivated

Well, gaining weight is not a joke. It needs dedication and patience for a person to gain weight in a healthy manner. To be very frank with, gaining weight is difficult than losing weight. However, willing to achieve any goal requires dedication and focus. As said earlier, it is not some magic wand that will make you some super model in a single swish. You have to work up your way in order to achieve the set goals. We recommend that you should not have any over expectations and try to set goals which you feel can be achieved.

People generally start consuming a lot of calories when wanting to gain weight fast for women. A daily consumption of 500 calories through your diet will lead to a weight gain of 0.5 kg, or a little over 1 lb, each week but too much consumption of additional calories per day could also prove to be bad for your health.

With an increased frequency of daily exercise, one needs to consume 500 extra calories per day. Here, you are not only consuming fats but also burning them through vigorous exercise. This in turn proves helpful to gain weight fast for women.

Consult a doctor or a nutritionist to determine the ideal body weight. This can also be done with the help of a BMI Calculator.

Try to consume extra calories from foods that are high in both calories and nutrition. Too much of junk food will put you in the risk of putting on weight in an unhealthy manner thus, causing additional health problems.

Eat and Drink Frequently

If you want to gain weight fast for women, you should try and have a six tier meal throughout the day. Have the routine breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and then enjoy a snack after each meal or may desserts after the meals to savor your taste buds. These three meals should be fairly substantial and should be consumed in adequate quantity for the stomach to feel fuller. The meals should also contain protein, starch, vegetable, and fats.

As long as you do not decrease the quantity of your meals, adding snacks in between the meals is a good way to consume more calories to gain weight fast for women. Try to increase your portion size, not immediately but slowly.В Let the body also understand that what this fuss all about is. Another alternative is to skip the snacks and increase your portion sizes of the meal. Try eating more than what you actually have. The ideology applied here us that by skipping the snacks, your body will build more appetite. As a result of this, you will feel hungrier and the urge will eventually make you eat more.

So, as per our understanding, both of these enlisted ways are effective to gain weight fast for women. You are the one who needs to analyze that which one suits your body better than the other.

Eat Quick

When you eat slowly, you give your body the chance to digest your food while you are still eating. These results in feeling fuller, which is faster than the usual.

Indulge in a Midnight Snack

When wanting to lose weight looking forward to have a mid-night snack is a crime. But when you are trying to gain weight, we recommend you to have mid-night snack. Overeating in all right manner is effective to love weight fast for women. Eating immediately before going to bed makes your body store extra fat.

This is highly recommended for people wanting to gain weight fast for women. In an addition to store fat, the body also builds muscle and makes your body appear leaner. This snack before sleep provides you with extra nutrients that are required to gain weight fast for women.

Watch Your Appetite

There are people who do not feel hungry or say that these people do not have a good appetite. Eating less will surely not help you to gain weight fast for women you are recommended to keep a watch on your appetite. Try to increase your appetite with these enlisted ways.В

Take a Walk Before Dinner

It is proven that exercise can make you feel hungry. S we advise you to take a 30 to 60 minute walk before having your meal. This will help to encourage you to consume more food in an all-natural manner. You could also replace the walking with just about any exercise.

In case it is difficult for you to have more food than your regular appetite, try and consume food that you love.

Enhance The Flavor of Food

Try to incorporate a few spices of your choice or maybe some sweets or whatever that savors your taste buds. People have different choices, where some like spicy, other like bland.В But you could also add spices and herbs to create a savory and mouthwatering dish. And yes, avoid herbs which are considered as appetite suppressants like mint.

Consume Liquids Separately From Food

Remember when our grandmothers used to scold us for having water between meals. This is because water tends to make you feel fuller and thus curbing the appetite. So, it is generally advised to have liquids after meals and not in between.

Proven Tips for Healthy Weight Gain

  • Try to increase your calorie intakes from 500 to 1000 per day. This will help to gain weight fast for women.
  • Frequent and adequate eating habits will also help to gain weight fast for women. Try to incorporate snack between meals, as discussed earlier.
  • These snacks should be of high calorie which includes milk shakes, yogurt, and high carbohydrate foods like banana.
  • Try to consume complex carbs like whole-grain breads, pasta and brown rice etc. These foods take time to digest.
  • Have a heavy breakfast and never ever try to skip breakfast when planning to gain weight fast for women.
  • Increase the portion size of your meals to gain weight fast for women.
  • Incorporate foods with high calories, Moderate fats, protein,В fiber and nutrition.
  • Foods rich in proteins like eggs, meat, fish, milk, seeds, protein supplements etc. also help to gain weight fast for women. Your body needs 0.8gm/body-weight (kg) per day of protein in order to build new and leaner muscle.
  • Consume nuts, calorie dense ripe fruits like Banana, dried fruits like dates as snack between meals.
  • Incorporate healthy unsaturated fats in moderate quantity which includes olive and canola oil, nuts, seeds, peanut butter, avocados. This will help to gain weight fast for women.
  • As told earlier, avoid drinking water between meals. If possible, have the water or any liquid, 30 minutes after having the complete meal.
  • Carbonated drinks and sugared beverages can also help you to gain weight fast for women. Try to have shakes, milk, juice, etc. instead of tea, coffee and diet sodas.