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Vitamin A Foods – Foods High in Vitamin A

Everything that we eat or drink, milk, water, biscuits, fruits or vegetables, etc. provides our body with an essential set of different nutrients. Every food is rich in some or the other vitamin or minerals. And as such, we tend to imbibe different nutrients from all the different kinds of food we eat. All these nutrients have their role in our body. They benefit us in their own ways, thus leaving any of them out would mean our body lacking that particular nutrient or being deficient of it. One of these essential vitamins is vitamin A. It does a whole lot of benefits to our body and is an essential vitamin for our entire well-being. Foods high in vitamin A will go a long way in giving us healthy eyes and a beautiful skin apart from other benefits.

Adequate intake of vitamin A is required if you want to benefit from this powerful vitamin. Its wonderful qualities are unmatchable and wondrous in its own ways.

foods high in vitamin A

Vitamin A: Know More

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin required for vision, boosting immune function, gene transcription and skin health. It is a fat soluble vitamin and therefore needs to be consumed with fat in order to have optimal absorption. The current daily value for vitamin A is 5000 international units. It is essential to know that the deficiency of vitamin A can lead to blindness and increased viral infection. Though it is only a problem in developing countries where it’s a leading cause of blindness in children. You should always be careful not to consume vitamin A in excess. As this can lead to jaundice, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, irritability, and even hair loss.

There are many varieties of vitamin A foods which we can include in your diet to benefit most from it. It is best to have an adequate quantity of them every day to enrich our body in several ways.

List of Foods High in Vitamin A:


Carrots are one of the best vitamin A foods you can consume in your every single day. This is one of the most effective foods high in vitamin A. It is highly recommended by doctors and nutritionists too. Eating plenty of carrots can improve your vision. It is important to know that one medium carrot almost contains more than 200% of the average vitamin A, a person needs every day. Apart from that carrots are also rich in magnesium and fiber and vitamins C, K and B.

Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce is one of the best foods high in vitamin A. It is one of the most important ingredients for any delicious salad recipe. One cup of shredded iceberg lettuce contains only 10 calories and it brings a lot of other minerals and vitamins to the body. It is no doubt and essential vitamin A food we can eat without adding any amount of high calories.

Sweet Potatoes

We all love sweet potatoes, don’t we? Well, this amazing vitamin A food is not just tasty but does a lot of good benefits to our body as well. One medium sweet potato provides and incredible 238% of the average adult’s vitamin A needs for the day, all while adding only 103 calories to the diet. It is one of the most favoured foods high in vitamin A. It can be consumed daily even without cooking.

Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil, which comes in both liquid and capsule form, contains vitamin A, vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids. It is one of the best foods high in vitamin A. Just a tablespoon of cod liver oil can allow us to meet and exceed the daily limit intake of vitamin A for a single day.

Red Pepper

Red pepper is not delicious but one of the most beneficial vitamin A foods which we can add daily to our diet in various forms. Did you know? A tablespoon of this pleasantly piquant spice gives an impressive 42% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin A. Being one of the best foods high in vitamin A, consuming it daily will start to give you visible results in your body in just a few days time.

Turkey Liver

Turkey liver, being one of the best vitamin A foods, makes a great addition to gravy and stuffing and is also a surprising source of vitamins and minerals. It is magical in the benefits it does to the body with regular intake. A 100gms turkey liver is filled with an incredible 1507% of the recommended daily value of vitamin A. One of the great non vegetarian foods high in vitamin A, we must say.


No matter where you are from and what kind of foods you prefer, you can enjoy the many health benefits of this fiery red spice. Simply incorporate it into your favourite meals. Being known as one of the best foods high in vitamin A, only a tablespoon of it provides 69% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin A. Being a rich source of calcium, potassium and vitamin C as well, this vitamin A food is a glory in itself.


Well, mangoes are not just one of the tastiest vitamin A foods, but these delicious mangoes provide a lot of benefits to our body. They also make a great addition to a healthy, balanced diet. All thanks to the many nutrients and vitamins they supply. Just one cup of sliced mangoes gives you about 36% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin A. It is not a surprise, that this fruits is one of the highly consumed foods high in vitamin A.

Whole Milk

Whole milk is an essential source of vitamin A and it is mandatory to have this vitamin A food everyday in our diet. Just a cup of whole milk is rich in vitamins A and D and also a good source of calcium, magnesium and protein. However, being rich in fat it can add a few calories for you. So opt for skim milk if that’s an issue with you.

Mustard Greens

Just a cup of chopped mustard greens provides about 118% of the daily recommended value of vitamin A. These foods high in vitamin A are also extremely high in magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin E, protein, fiber, folate, and calcium. Do you need anything else? Just include them in your diet and watch the benefits.

Butternut Squash

The yellow-orange sign of butternut squash is a sign that it’s high in beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A in the body. It is not just one of the best foods high in vitamin A. But also equally rich in potassium vitamin C and fiber to make a real difference to the body’s overall health. Just a one cup serving of butternut squash cubes contains about 400% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin A.

Dried Basil

A 100gms serving of this vitamin A food contains 15% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin A. Just sprinkle it over your foods throughout the week for an easy and effortless boost of vitamin A. There are many delicious recipes you can find to benefit yourself from this food high in vitamin A and enjoy its numerous benefits.


Kale can do wonders for your health, helping you meet and exceed the amount of vitamin A that is recommended for the day. It is one of the essential foods which are rich in vitamin A. Just a one cup serving of this contains about 200% of what the average person needs. You can simply include it as a garnish or make some delicious vegetables out of it to relish its benefits.


Being one of the richest vitamin A foods, enjoy this succulent melon in a fruit salad, as a midday snack or as an after dinner dessert. Just about an eighth of an average sized melon provides us with 120% of the amount of vitamin A for the day. Include it in your diet and watch the benefits of this tasty fruit with regular consumption.


Did you know? One serving of peas provides about 134% of the recommended amount of vitamin A by just adding 62 calories to the body. These are also extremely rich in vitamins A, K and B. They can be added to just about anything you will be making throughout your body. It is one of the best foods high in vitamin A which even doctors recommend to be consumed on a regular basis.

Turnip Greens

Turnip greens are low in calories, high in nutrients and really easy to prepare. Most dark green veggies can be consumed raw. But in the case of turnip greens, cooking or streaming them before eating will allow more of the vital nutrients to be absorbed by your body. These vitamin A foods not just help to give us tasty recipes but also do a whole lot of good to our body.

Dried Apricots

These vitamin A foods make an easy and mess-free snack when you need a boost in nutrients, antioxidants and energy. For a diet rich in vitamin A, these dried apricots make for a great option. You should know here that just one cup of dried apricot halves contains 94% of the daily recommended value of vitamin A for the day, great isn’t it?


Tomatoes are actually a fruit, though half of the world believes them to be a vegetable. These foods high in vitamin A, are not just low in calories bit also extremely rich in a lot of essential vitamins and minerals. They re an excellent source of vitamin C and lycopene as well. Just one medium tomato provides you with 20% of your vitamin A needs for the day.

Dried Marjoram

For vitamin A, dried marjoram is one of the best herbs you can find. Many people use dried herbs for their unique flavors. But few realise the benefits that come with consuming dried herbs. Just a 100 gram serving of dried marjoram houses 161% of the daily recommended vitamin A intake. Include it in your diet in a number of ways throughout the week and watch its numerous benefits.


Just a one cup serving of spinach contains about 49% of the daily recommended value of vitamin A. This food high in vitamin A also contains a good dose of vitamin K, manganese, calcium, iron and vitamin C. Include it in your salads or any main course dish, and enjoy the numerous benefits if spinach to your body.


Peaches are just high in flavour, but also rich in nutrients. These contain a good amount of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and vitamin C. One medium sized peach provides about 10% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin A. Simply eat them every day if you want to enjoy the taste as well as the numerous benefits.


This tropical fruit is really rich in several minerals, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants. Just one small cup of papaya provides about 29% of the daily recommended value of vitamin A. This food high in vitamin A is often eaten raw but it also makes a great ingredient for salads, smoothies and other dishes.

Red Bell Peppers

These vitamin A foods are really rich in antioxidants including lycopene, vitamin C and vitamin A. Many people eat them plain or dressed with veggie dips. You can simply enjoy them in salads, scrambled eggs and pasta dishes. They are extremely tasty as well and help create a lot of interest to make our dishes look attractive too.

Dandelion Greens

If you are making a healthy salad or a smoothie, then throwing some dandelion greens into the mix wouldn’t be a bad idea. If vitamin A is a concern for you, just one cup of dandelion greens provides over 100 % of the daily recommended value. They are also rich in calcium, iodine, and antioxidants besides being really less in calories.

Beef Liver

Liver is often touted as a great remedy for anaemia. It is a really good source of vitamin C and vitamin A. This food high in vitamin A can actually be used to make a lot of interesting dishes in your diet every day. A 100 gms serving of beef liver supplies well over 300% of the necessary vitamin A intake for the day.

Fortified Oatmeal

Being one of the best foods high in vitamin A, fortified oatmeal contains up to 29% of the daily recommend value per serving. Many grains and dairy products are fortified with essential vitamins that people don’t get enough in their diet. You should ideally check the nutrition labels of your oatmeal brand to get the most benefits from this vitamin A food.

Adequate intake of vitamin A is important for proper functioning, development and maintenance of eyes, skin and immune system. The above vitamin A foods will give you an essential supply of this vitamins. This will enrich our body in a number of magical ways.