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High Protein Foods – List of Foods High in Protein

In this article, we will discuss various foods high in protein. Protein – one of the most important compounds need by our body in order to ensure proper growth and development. Protein helps our body and benefits it in several ways. A lack of protein can make the body suffer from a variety of diseases and also lead to improper growth and development. It is important to eat high protein foods in adequate quantity so that our body doesn’t become deficient of them and we get a continuous supply of essential vitamins and minerals.

However, it is important to note here that the recommended daily intake of protein may be different for each for one of us – like adults, children, men and women etc. It is also important to note here that protein helps us to lose weight and also increases our muscle mass and strength. Here the recommended daily intake is 46grams for women and 56grams for women. A diet rich in foods high in protein is important to be followed so that we get a continuous supply of this mineral.

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Foods High in Protein: Know More

Proteins are important nutrient components that are made of essential and non-essential amino acids that provide energy to the body. Proteins also help fight infections by boosting our immune system. A protein deficiency can lead to loss of muscle tissues, a weak heart, weak immunity and even death in extreme cases. These proteins are also required for important body functions like digestion, metabolism and circulation. In other words, proteins are the fundamental components of all living cells. Pregnant and lactating women require 70grams of protein per day while active and elderly people require more than 0.8grams per kilogram of protein.

Eating a variety of foods high in protein and combining them in different ways is the key to benefit from this essential mineral. Eating these in adequate quantity is extremely important every single day to extract all the benefits.

List of Foods High in Protein:


Eggs are the common most foods high in protein, which we can include in our daily diet. Having an egg-rich breakfast is the ideal way to consume these foods and benefit from them in several ways. Here one large egg helps to give us almost 6 grams of protein besides giving us a total of 78 calories. Not just this, besides protein these eggs are also a good source of vitamin B12 and vitamin D. These high protein foods help to give us healthy skin and hair and are essential for the overall well-being of your body. However, make sure you never have them in excess as that can be detrimental to your health.


Almonds are not just good for the heart but they are also good for a whole lot of other things in our body. Eating an adequate quantity of almonds will go a long way in not just giving you a healthy heart, but also preventing a whole lot of other diseases from attacking you. These crunchy foods high in protein are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and provide an alternative to folks who may not like the bitter bite of fleshy walnuts. You can simply have some soaked almonds everyday or include them in your salads and smoothies to benefit most from them. Half cup of almonds is what you require here per day.


Oats is one of the best and healthiest choices for breakfast. Including oats is just the best choice you would make if you want to eat foods high in protein and make you feel full for the longest time. However, be aware that some well-known brands may have been processed in facilities with gluten-containing foods. With 13 grams of protein each half cup this high protein food is an ideal choice as it helps to give you the necessary fiber and reduce the bad cholesterol in the body more effectively.

Chicken Breast

This is a versatile staple in many diets and important to be included in your list of high protein foods. You can simply make a whole lot of recipes from chicken breast and it would almost become your favorite in the list of foods high in protein. However, avoid chicken that’s been pre-breaded or batter-coated. When you make a chicken breast you will mostly be marinating it, so while doing this make sure the marinate doesn’t contain gluten. This is the simplest way of including lean chicken breast in your gluten-free lifestyle.

Greek Yogurt

This food is great to be included in your diet when you decide to get an adequate quantity of protein intake every day. It is important to know here that many popular brands are gluten free, but some use flavorings or sweeteners that contain gluten, so it’s still important to check nutrition labels. You can simply eat Greek yogurt at any time during the day rather eating a cup of it with every meal would benefit you the most. You can also add it to your smoothies, or add fruits to your yogurt if you don’t like to eat it plain.


Milk is the most common and easy form of high protein food we should include in our daily diet. Having two or three glasses of milk daily is set to ensure that we have a healthy and disease free old age. This milk is not just a food high in protein, but also contains an essential dose of calcium which is required for healthy bones. It is important to know here that one cup of milk can actually supply you with 8 grams of protein. However, you should opt for whole milk here. Nowadays skimmed milk is also fortified and is a good option to be included in your diet to get an adequate quantity of all nutrients. Have the purest form of milk and plain milk to benefit from this high protein food.


Broccoli is an essential foods high in protein and can be used to cook a whole lot of delicious recipes. It is also one of the best detox foods to be added to your diet. Whether you eat raw or cooked, you can never go wrong with broccoli. Here it is important to know that just one cup of chopped broccoli contains 3 grams of protein. You can simply make some delicious main course dishes out of it, add it to your salads or just boil them and sprinkle a little pepper over them if you don’t want to cook them and eat. Broccoli is one of the most consumed foods high in protein and even doctors advise having a regular consumption of this excellent veggie to benefit most from it.


Mushrooms are one of the best foods high in protein we can include in our diet on a daily basis. These mushrooms can be simply added to – salads or main course dishes, soups or even your sandwich toasts to help you extract maximum benefits out of them. It is important to know here that the amount of protein in mushrooms varies according to the type can variety. These foods high in protein are also really rich in B-complex vitamins like B1, B2, B5 and minerals like copper. Make sure you always choose mushrooms dried in natural sunlight and not by artificial means.


Tuna is one of the best foods high in protein which you can consume in your diet. For non-vegetarians and people who love Tuna, it is one of the best high protein foods they can consume in several ways in their diet. Tuna is also really high in nutrients and contains a decent amount of omega 3 fatty acids. It is also low in both fat and calories and therefore helps to keep our weight in check as well. Here it is important to know that a cup of tuna contains about 39grams of protein with only about 179 calories.


Quinoa is a complete source of protein that is an excellent, grain-like substitute in recipes that call for couscous or noodles. These days an increasing number of people are turning to quinoa as one of the healthiest foods in their diet. Quinoa is an essential food, which every nutritionist also recommends if you want to remain healthy and add fewer calories to yourself. Include quinoa and watch the benefits yourself.


Lentils are excellent high protein foods, they are also rich in fiber and keep us full and satisfied in between our regular meals. They also help in maintaining the fluctuation in blood sugar levels and are highly recommended for all age groups. Lentils are a really good source of proteins as well and are the right source of protein for vegetarians. They also help in processing carbohydrates more effectively. Simply have lentils as a side dish, have a lentil soup or add them in curry and eat with rice in your daily diet.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are one of the best foods high in protein and taking these seeds daily will get you enough vitamin E intake that you need daily. Taking a cup of sunflower seeds or a few handful of them is what you need in order to benefit from these seeds. These seeds are not just a good source of vitamin E but also rich in a whole lot of vitamins and minerals which do a lot of good to your body. You can simply eat a handful of these foods high in protein or add them to your salad, soup, morning toast or your smoothies to benefit the most from them.


Fresh fish is important to be included in your list of foods high in protein. A lot of delicacies can be made with a fresh fish; fish contains a lot of healthy nutrients too which will benefit your body in a number of ways. Making mild-tasting fish selections like tilapia, flounder and salmon are good choices if you are cooking for non-fish folks. This will help to give you an essential dose of protein as well if you don’t prefer a daily dose of chicken.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts have great vitamin protein content and are one of the most beneficial high protein foods we can eat. In fact, they are not just rich in protein but also high in vitamin A, vitamin K, folate, manganese, potassium and dietary fiber. You can simply add them to anything and relish the in every meal. Even doctors recommend eating Brussels sprouts on a regular basis to benefit our body in several ways.


You will simply enjoy the taste of the shrimp and your body will really benefit from this high-quality protein if you include this high protein foods in your diet. This is a “sometimes” treat for most of us, but luckily its one that is gluten free. Shrimp can be used in a number of ways to satisfy your taste buds. Moreover, if you love shrimp and want to go on a gluten free diet, then this is going to be a treat for you. Shrimp is less in calories as well and you can almost eat it without any fear at any point during the day.


Flax seeds are a really healthy foods high in protein. In fact, you should eat flax seeds every day as these are really healthy for our body and benefit us in numerous ways. These seeds don’t contain gluten and are nutritional powerhouses, containing heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids plus fibre. You can simply eat a handful of them as it is or mix them into yogurt, oatmeal or salads to satisfy your taste buds and benefit from them as well.

Passion Fruit

Passion fruits are one of the best fruits that contain a large amount of protein. It is no doubt a really good high protein foods we can eat on a daily basis. Here a half cup of passion fruit gives us about 2.5gram of protein. It also helps to boost our metabolism and helps a great deal in digestion. It is the seeds present in it which contain all the protein it carries and these seeds help do a lot of wonders to the human body. You can simply eat this food high in protein as it is or add it to your fruit salad o smoothies to gain the maximum benefits from this fruit.


For a totally gluten-free lifestyle, natural beans are a staple diet. These beans are really high in vegetable protein and fiber, and also help build lean muscle and make you feel fuller for a longer time. Beans are most easily available as well and come in a number of varieties. You can simply use them to make vegetables, salads, or just as a side dish while having your main meals. These beans are foods high in protein that help to give you the right dose of nutrients without many calories.


Hummus is one of the most loved and popular high protein foods in today’s times. Chickpeas, which are the foundation for hummus recipes, are gluten free. To include this in your diet, you can simply purchase some minimally processed, gluten free hummus or purchase chickpeas and make your own healthy hummus at home. Chickpeas are one of the healthiest and tastiest foods high in protein that you can include in your diet.

All the above high protein foods are the best foods which one can consume on a daily basis to benefit the most. Combining these foods high in protein in several ways is the key to get all the proteins and other nutrients in order to remain healthy for the longest time.