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High Fibre Foods – List of Foods High in Fibre

In this article, we will discuss a list of foods high in fibre content. Fibre– one of the most important compounds that our body needs in order to function properly and to keep our digestive system in check. It is an essential element we need daily in our lives in order to keep our health in check and for our body organs to function at their optimum best. A lack of fibre in your diet can actually make you suffer from some serious metabolic issues and digestive issues and lead to some other health problems if an adequate quantity of fibre is not included in your daily diet. It is important to know here that high fibre foods help to guard against cancer, heart disease, kidney stones, diverticulitis, obesity, PMS and help to support a healthy digestive tract.

Women need around 25grams of fibre per day while men require closer to 38grams of fibre per day. It is important to eat the right foods high in fibre as there are many foods which may not be a good source of fibre and tend to harm our body more through other bad elements in them. Eating high fibre foods, rich in other nutrients is what you need.

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High Fibre Foods: Know More

It is important to note here that fibre only occurs in fruits, vegetables and grains. Diets high in fibre may reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Fibre works by drawing fluids from the body to add bulk to the stool. Along with fibre and adequate fluid intakes, fibre is responsible for quickly moving foods through the digestive tract, helping it function optimally. High fibre helps to shift the balance of bacteria, increasing healthy bacteria, while decreasing the unhealthy bacteria that can be the root of some digestive problems. Eating foods high in fibre every day in your diet, will benefit your body in a number of ways.

List of Foods High in Fiber:


Carrots are really important for our body as they are not the only foods high in fibre rich in vitamin A and a whole lot of other nutrients as well. However, since carrots are a little hard on crunching it is better that you opt for a juicer here to extract the juice of carrots every day. Carrots are a major source of antioxidants and potassium which help in lowering blood pressure effectively and maintaining a healthy heart as well. It is ideal that you take some carrots and make a juice out of them and have it once every day to gain maximum benefits from these. They are the perfect high fibre foods that benefit us in a whole lot of ways.


Oats is one of the best and healthiest choices for breakfast. Including oats is just the best choice you would make if you want to eat foods high in fibre and make you feel full for the longest time. However, be aware that some well-known brands may have been processed in facilities with gluten-containing foods. With 5 grams of fibre per serving, this high fibre food is an ideal choice as it helps to give you the necessary fibre and reduce the bad cholesterol in the body more effectively.

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are a really good source of vitamin C, vitamin E and fibre. These high fibre foods not just add a lot of taste to our food, but have a lot of other benefits on our body as well. These are not just foods high in fibre, but are also a great source of beta-carotene. These colorful peppers have been known to prevent cataracts, blood clot formation and also reduce our chances of heart attacks and strokes, it is in fact really important to include these in your diet if you suffer from any heart disease. You can simply add these bell peppers to your sandwich filling, salad, omelette, or just about anything you are making in breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Flax seeds are a really healthy food high in fibre. In fact, you should eat flax seeds every day as these are really healthy for our body and benefit us in numerous ways. These seeds don’t contain gluten and are nutritional powerhouses, containing heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids plus fibre. You can simply eat a handful of them as it is or mix them into yogurt, oatmeal or salads to satisfy your taste buds and benefit from them as well.


Lentils are excellent high fibre foods, they are really rich in fibre and keep us full and satisfied in between our regular meals. They also help in maintaining the fluctuation in blood sugar levels and are highly recommended for all age groups. Lentils are a really good source of proteins as well and are the right source of protein for vegetarians. They also help in processing carbohydrates more effectively. Simply have lentils as a side dish, have a lentil soup or add them in curry and eat with rice in your daily diet.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts have great vitamin fibre content and are one of the most beneficial foods high in fibre we can eat. In fact, they are not just rich in fibre but also high in vitamin A, vitamin K, folate, manganese, potassium and dietary fibre. Rich with antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties, these Brussels sprouts support healthy detox and also reduce the risk of some types of cancer. You can simply add them to anything and relish the in every meal. Even doctors recommend eating Brussels sprouts on a regular basis to benefit our body in several ways.


Peas are one of the best high fibre foods we can consume in our diet. These small cute peas tend to benefit us in a number of peas, besides giving us a good dosage of the essential fibre. The humble green pea is packed with fibre, and powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and phytonutrients that support wellness. These foods high in fibre help to add a gentle sweetness, while proving nearly 100% of your daily recommended vitamin C and over 25% of thiamine and folate. You can simply steam these peas and add to soups and salads to benefit the most from them.

Black Beans

Black beans are one of the most important foods high in fibre, which one can include in their daily diet. The high content of flavoniods and antioxidants in these high fibre foods help to fight free radicals, reducing your risk of cancers and some inflammatory diseases. You can simply boil these beans and eat them with a little salt or pepper or add them to your salad or other dishes to benefit from them. These black beans are nutrient dense and provide great protein and fibre to your diet. One cup of these high fibre foods almost help to give around 12.2 grams of fibre.


Figs are indeed a great source of fibre and one of the best high fibre foods which we can consume. If you love figs, then indeed it’s a great thing to include it daily in your diet. These foods high in fibre are also associated with lower blood pressure and protection against macular degeneration, in addition to the benefits of fibre. It is important to note here that both dried figs and fresh figs are a great source of fibre. And more so even if you don’t like dried figs, fresh figs are delicious and can be enjoyed on top of anything to pack in a lot of taste and goodness. You can simply add these to cereals, salads and even stuff them to make a lovely dessert. Unlike many other foods, these foods high in fibre have a near perfect balance of soluble and insoluble fibre.


Chickpeas are one of the most favoured high fibre foods which you can include in your diet in several ways. And well if you love humus, then it’s almost going to be a treat for you everyday getting the most from these fibre rich foods. Besides being rich in fibre, these are also rich in essential nutrients including manganese and can be combined in a lot of ways and included in your lunch, snacks or dinner. It is important to note here that these foods high in fibre provide for 84% of your daily recommended intake of manganese and are one of the best foods we can eat.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are great for all dieters and one of the best high fibre foods to be consumed throughout the year to help maintain body weight. These are low in calories and keep us more full in between our meals as well. Sweet potatoes are also loaded with essential and powerful nutrients which help to stabilise blood sugar, lower insulin resistance and prevent calories from burning to fat. These are the best foods you can be addicted to. Make salads, boil them and eat or just make simple and delicious vegetables.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have gained a lot of importance all these years. Today a lot of people have incorporated chia seeds in their diet to extract all the numerous benefits from these super seeds. These seeds are not just foods high in fibre, but supply the body with a whole lot other nutrients which enrich the body in several ways. Just a spoonful of this omega-3 powerhouse contains only 50 calories and helps reduce bad cholesterol and plaque build-up. You can sprinkle them on your salads or mix them with your soup or yogurt to include them in your diet.


Almonds are not just good for the heart, but they are also good for a whole lot of other things in our body. Eating an adequate quantity of almonds will go a long way in not just giving you a healthy heart, but also preventing a whole lot of other diseases from attacking you. These crunchy foods high in fiber are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and provide an alternative to folks who may not like the bitter bite of fleshy walnuts. You can simply have some soaked almonds everyday or include them in your salads and smoothies to benefit most from them. Half cup of almonds is what you require here per day.


Blackberries are a great source of fibre and one of the best high fibre foods which we can consume. These berries are also damn tasty and can be added to your smoothies, salads, yogurt or just eaten as it is to benefit the most from them. These foods high in fibre are also high in vitamin K that is associated with boosting of bone density, while the blackberry’s high manganese levels help to support healthy bones, skin and blood sugar levels. These blackberries are also rich in vitamin C, omega 6 fatty acids, potassium and magnesium.


These foods high in fibre do a whole lot of good to our body. Not only are artichokes a good source of fibre, but also rich in whole lot of other nutrients. Just one artichoke accounts for nearly half of the recommended fibre intake for women and a third for men. Low in calories, rich in fibre and essential nutrients, artichokes is a great addition to your diet and can be eaten in a lot of ways if you are creative enough to experiment with them. In addition to this, these artichokes are also one of the top 10 high antioxidant foods which one can consume. More so, if you love artichokes, then it is definitely one of the best foods high in fibre which you can consume and benefit from.

All the above foods high in fibre are not a good source of fibre, but also give us a whole lot of nutrients present in them. Adding these high fibre foods is the best way to pack a while lot of goodness to your body, mind and soul.