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How to Fall Asleep?

Having difficulty in falling asleep faster? Those eyes refuse to shut up and put you to sleep? Well, that’s the problem with almost every other person on planet earth. And there are numerous factors responsible towards us not getting that adequate sleep in the night. Studies suggest that almost 3 out of every 4 people suffer from lack of sleep in the night. Blame crazy schedules, stress, anxiety or any other reason, sleeping woes refuse to leave us. According to the National Sleep Foundation, unless a person is on some medication which leads to sleeplessness, the most common factor for not being able to sleep is anxiety. Anxiety makes you anxious, prevents your emotions to regulate and feeds on itself. If we are not able to fall asleep for a long time, there is perhaps a serious problem.

Sleeplessness And Its Effects:

Studies have suggested how so many lifestyle diseases develop from inadequate sleep. Sleeplessness also leads to dampening our energy levels and affects our health, moods and ability to function any given day. The causes for sleeplessness are far too many, but if we keep a check on the smaller things in our life, we can cure sleeplessness without any major treatments needed. Don’t you want to retire in your dreamland as you hit the bed? Perhaps yes! Then look into the below habits and get rid of them:

Reasons For Inadequate Sleep:

  • Too much alcohol during the day can lead to sleeplessness.
  • Exercising late in the evening can leave you feeling energetic at bed time. It is one of the most common reasons for inadequate sleep.
  • Drinking caffeinated beverages late in the night causes sleeplessness.
  • Using smart gadgets in bed makes you lose on the hormones which lead to fall asleep quickly.
  • Some other health problems and hard medications can also lead to problems in sleeping.

How to Fall Asleep

Ways to Fall Asleep Faster:

So, how do you fall asleep when your mind refuses to send sleep signals to the body? Read the below techniques and start trying them out today. See how you sleep instantly, when you hit the bed next time.


Regular exercise even if it’s for about 30 minutes every day does a lot to release your stress hormones. It also puts your body to recharge which makes you sleepier by the time you hit the bed. Just take care not to exercise 3 hours or less before sleep time. Exercising at the right time and even if it’s just as simple as going for a brisk walk, works wonders to your mind and overall health.

В Take A Warm Shower Before Bed

Taking a warm shower just before bed is one of the best things you would do induce yourself to sleep. Taking a bath with warm water and then walking into cooler air reduces the body temperature. This, in turn, decreases the metabolism rate of the body and puts you to sleep easily. Studies have also shown how a warm bath relaxes the tensed muscles and nerves and makes you fall asleep naturally.

Use Lavender

Lavender can provide numerous health benefits. The aroma of this flowering herb helps relax your muscles and nerves and reduces the blood pressure. This increase in blood pressure helps you to fall asleep within minutes as you hit the bed. Studies have shown that people, who sniffed lavender oil for two minutes at 3 intervals of 10 minutes each, fell asleep faster than other people. Sniffing this oil helps clear off the minds and makes you fall asleep.

Listen To Music

There actually nothing like music to put to sleep in the night. Music acts as a natural medicine and releases happy hormones in your body. Any kind of slow music or classical music that has 60 to 80 beats per minute helps you to sleep within minutes. Music relaxes your mind tremendously. Research has also shown how people who listen to music every day have lower chances to suffer from any kind of depression. Listen to music and fall asleep musically!

Cold Water Works Wonders

If you are continuously distressed or anxious at bedtime, then put your face in ice-cold water for 30 seconds and see what it does to you! Dipping face in ice-cold water reduces your heart rate and blood pressure and puts you to sleep with a soothed system. It calms down your nervous system and triggers an involuntary phenomenon called the Mammalian Dive Reflux which instantly makes you fall asleep.

Magnesium and Calcium

Taking adequate supplements of magnesium and calcium tablets can help you get rid of sleeplessness in a short time. Magnesium and calcium are both sleep boosters and become even more effective when combined and taken together. Take 200 milligrams of magnesium and 600 milligrams of calcium every night and fall asleep within minutes every day.

Wild Lettuce

Not the one to love lettuce? Well, you would not want to part away with lettuce supplements when you start taking it. Lettuce has great properties which reduce anxiety and help you calm down. It also helps release any muscle or joint pains and also removes leg cramps. Take 30-120 milligrams at night just before sleep and see how quickly you fall asleep every night.


Did you know? A hormone called Melatonin in our body is responsible for making us fall asleep every day. This hormone controls our sleep system and puts the body in a natural state of sleep. Even taking lower doses of Melatonin does wonders towards relaxing the body and putting it to sleep. Doctors recommend a daily dose of about 0.3 to 0.5 milligrams every night to induce sleep.

Yoga Or Meditation

Do yoga everyday, literally everyday if you want a good night sleep. Yoga does a great deal to your body. It relaxes the muscles, mind, and calms down the entire body and releases hormones which bring the body into a natural state of well-being. Studies and researches across the world have shown how people who practice yoga every day never suffer from insomnia all their life. Meditate early morning everyday, practice pranayama, welcome the sunrise and see how you get rid of sleeplessness within a short time. Yoga is an elixir for making you fall asleep most naturally.

Roll Your Eyes

When suffering from sleeplessness, start rolling over both your eyes instantly when you close them. This releases the sleepy hormone Melatonin and puts your body in a natural state of sleep. Roll over your eyes for at least 5 times and see how you fall asleep quickly after hitting the bed.

Inhale Through Left Nostril

This simple breathing technique will help calm you to a great extent and also reduces blood pressure. Simply lie down on your left side and use a finger to block your right nostril. Now start inhaling and exhaling through your left nostril and see how you fall asleep instantly. This technique is particularly effective when overheating or menopausal hot flushes prevent you from sleeping.

Squeeze and Relax

Relaxing all your muscles prepares your body to sleep. While lying down on the bed, take a deep breath and curl up your toes deep into your foot. Then, with the second breath, turn your feet back towards your knees. Continue doing this with each breath till you reach your belly, chest, arms and so on. Squeezing and relaxing the muscles one by one makes you fall asleep sooner than you think.

Wear Socks

Yes, it’s as simple as that. Wear socks to sleep and see how you fall asleep within minutes on your bed every day. Wearing socks make the body warm. And warm feet and hands are the best predictors of rapid sleep. It widens the blood vessels, increasing heat loss and helps induce melatonin (the sleep hormone). This shifts blood flow and cools down your body and puts you to sleep.


In acupressure, pressing certain points helps restore balance and regulate your mind, body, and spirit. Press these specific points and see how it releases tension from your nerves and helps you fall asleep instantly.

There is a small depression between your eyebrows at the same level. Apply pressure to that point for a minute.

Similarly, there is a depression between your first and second toe on the top of your foot. Apply pressure to that area till you feel a dull ache, it’s a simple technique to make you fall asleep.

Massage Both your Ears for a Minute

Even on your feet, the tip of the toe to the heel has several pressure points. Take one-third distance from the tip of your toe and press this point on the sole for several minutes. It helps release the tension tremendously.

 It’s important that we understand our lifestyle is responsible for half of the things we suffer from. Understand that when your body doesn’t respond to things means it is sending you certain signals. And ache, sprain, cramp or even sleeplessness is a sign that parts of your body have been worked up and need rest. When you suffer from insomnia, try to understand the reasons rather than just popping a sleep inducing medicine every day. Medications suppress the problem while understanding the real reasons behind it. Opting for natural methods to heal them is the best way for curing sleeplessness.

Exercise regularly, eat healthy, meditate and stay away from smoking and drinking. You will realize how your body starts giving birth to super hormones in the body which balance your entire system out and help you get rid of sleeplessness.