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How to Do Eyebrows by Yourself?

Almost every other girl craves for those perfect set of eyebrows which bring out the beauty of your eyes and enhance the features of your face in the most appropriate way. However, not everyone is blessed with thick, long and beautiful eyebrows, but the best part is you can always try and get those perfect pair of eyebrows with just a little bit of learning. In this article, we have shared amazing methods to do eyebrows by yourself.

While going to parlors is one option to get your eyebrows done, if time is not in your hand and you don’t trust even the best of salons, don’t be disappointed. You can do eyebrows at your own space in your own house and by just applying some simple techniques and learning a few things which will help to give you beautiful eyebrows. How to do eyebrows is not rocket science, it just involves a few things you need handy and a few minutes on your hand. There are just a few precautions you need to take and be assured in a just a little time; you would be able to give you a pair of eyebrows that will make others envy.

Eyebrows: Know More

Everybody has a different face and each person is born with a different shape of the face. Before starting to do eyebrows yourself, you should always know what kind of eyebrows will best suit your face. If your friend has a heart shaped face and you have an oval shaped face, then you need to have a different shape of eyebrows than hers. A square shaped, diamond shaped and a long face similarly needs a different shape of eyebrows.

What you also need to understand in order to do eyebrows is that you should be gentle with your hands and never apply too much with your hands on your forehead as that could tear your skin and make a cut there. Since the threads used for eyebrows are really sharp, if applied forcefully it will only do you more harm than any benefit.

how to do eyebrows by yourself

Methods to do eyebrows yourselfВ

  • Things You Need:
  • An Eyebrow brush
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • An Eyebrow scissors
  • Thread
  • Aloe Vera Gel or Ice Pack

Position Yourself in Front of a Mirror

The first and foremost thing you need to do here is to position yourself well in front of a mirror. Sit in a room which is well ventilated and has a lot of natural lighting. Spread out all the things you have gathered in front of you. Make sure first that you are able to see your eyebrows well when you sit in front of the mirror. If you are not able to view your hairs properly change your position. It is highly important that you see your eyebrows and its hair clearly when you set out to do eyebrows. Avoid using a magnifying glass here as that could lead to over threading. Just a good mirror and lot of natural lighting is good enough for this purpose.

Trim Your Eyebrows

Trim your eyebrows to do eyebrows by yourself. Here you need to brush both your eyebrows before trimming them. Use the brush you just gold hold of and then brush one section of the eyebrows towards the top. Hold it here in a place with the comb. Now use the small eyebrow scissors to trim a very small amount of the tail hairs that stick out from the comb. Now sweep your eyebrow hair downwards with the comb and hold it in place again. Take the scissors and cut off any long, standout hairs. This is an essential part when you set out to do eyebrows.

While doing this, make sure you do not cut the hairs too short or trim them to a large extent. You simply just want to remove the unwanted extra long hairs that look bad here and make it easy for you to thread your brows.

Do this on the other eyebrow also so that both the eyebrows have been trimmed. Comb the hair back in place when you are done trimming them. They should both appear more groomed and clean.

Draw Out the Desired Shape

Now is the second most crucial step when you set out to do eyebrows yourself. Keep the scissors down and take the pencil to draw out the desired shape of eyebrows you want on both the eyebrows. Make sure the desired shape is as close and similar as possible for both the eyes. If your goal is to have full, clean looking eyebrows, then you may want to draw out a thicker arch and a higher brow line then you can follow the outline when you thread. However, always make sure that you start from the inside of the eyebrow and draw outwards in a sweeping motion. Your hand movements should be swift and clean while doing this.

However, don’t go too overboard or try to change the shape of your eyebrow altogether. You should be realistic while doing this. Customize the outline based on your existing eyebrow shape. For example, if you have thin arches to your eyebrows, you may not draw a thinner arch outline. If you have a lot of extra hair growth around your eyebrow arches, you may draw a thinner arch outline so you can remove these extra hairs when you thread them.

The trick is to go along with the outline and enhance your existing eyebrows to give them the desired shape that will look best on your face and eyes. Don’t be artificial; just be natural while doing this. Make sure you see your eyebrows well while doing this because this is crucial while giving them a shape. Don’t ever compromise on that.

Threading Techniques

Form a Loop

Here it is all about forming a loop with both your hands. The right loop is the key when you set out to do eyebrows yourself. A tight loop is just what you need to do what you set your eyes on. Without a tight and form loop, you won’t be able to do anything to your eyebrows, forget about giving the desired shape. The loop is the key to making your eyebrows yourself. Hold the thread against your forearm and make sure it is long enough. Tie the tow ends together to form a loop. Make sure the thread is tightly knotted together. Trim off any loose ends so you have a clean loop of thread.

Twist the Loop

Here, hold one end of the loop with your thumb and forefinger. Let the other end hang motionless between your between your other thumb and forefinger. Now twist the loop four to five times while holding one end of the loop with your thumb and forefinger.

It is really important to understand the trick here as this is the key to using your loop. You should eventually have a twisted section in the middle of the loop with the loop taut between your thumb and forefinger of each hand. Make sure you look at some videos even if you are slightly confused about this. It should look like an hourglass or bow tie shape.

Practice Using both Hands

Here it is really essential to practice using both the hands to ensure the right technique for removing the hairs and doing eyebrows. It is really important to practice for a few minutes before you set out to do eyebrows. Understand the motion and understand the logic behind the motion to take out the hair. Here open one hand with your thumb and forefinger positioned in the loop. Then, close the other hand. The loop’s center twist should move back and forth. And this should happen as you the distance keeps changing between your thumbs and forefinger, increasing and decreasing at all times. This twisting motion will be what you will use to remove your eyebrow hairs.

Never set out to do eyebrows if you are still not sure about the motion as you will only end up doing something you are going to regret later on. If you are not able to control the loop, then it is better to make a new loop. Make sure this is short in length and easy to control. You may find that a shorter thread loop is easier to manipulate between your fingers.

Gaining control in the loop is what you need. You can also use your other fingers to gain control of the loop. Using your middle finger and ring finger of your dominant hand is imperative here. This should be in conjunction with your thumb and forefinger so that you can manipulate the twisted center.

Position the Twisted Center

Make sure you position the twisted center above your eyebrow. It should just be directly over the hairs you want to remove. Your fingers should be firmly positioned in the loop with your thumb and forefinger on one end and your thumb and forefinger on the other. The right position and the right movement will ensure that your hairs come out effortlessly without any pain at all.

Closing off Your Hand

As you do this, open your other hand. Here it is all about not hurting your skin and at the same time moving the thread in such a way that you remove all your hair most effectively. So slide the twisted finger against your skin slowly and firmly. The corners of the twisted center will grab your hairs and remove them as you open and close your hands.

When you set out to do eyebrows, you must learn to know how the hairs will come out with the right motion. Always thread your eyebrow hairs in the opposite direction of their growth. This is the best to make the hair come out from the roots and there is no risk of broken hairs apart from any hair being left out.

Do not tug too hard on your skin or press the twisted center too deep into your skin as this can lead to irritation and pain. You should glide the twisted center across your skin, that’s the trick.

After the hairs come out from a particular section, the idea is to remove the hair from the other sections. So place the twisted center back to the starting position and do another stroke, removing another section of hair. Make sure you also remove your hair between your eyebrows with the thread, always making sure you move the thread in the opposite direction of the hair’s growth.

The amount of hair you remove totally depends on how you move your hand. It is all about how quickly you glide the twisted center above your hair. You may want to start with a slow glide until you get the hang of the movements and can move more quickly.

Use Aloe Vera or Ice Pack on Your Eyebrow

After you have removed all the hairs it is essential to put an ice pack or Aloe Vera or a toner to soothe your skin. This is important every single time you set out to do eyebrows. After removing all the hairs, you will certainly notice some redness or irritation on your skin. In order to prevent them and bringing relief is essential that you use a cotton ball to apply any of these products on your skin. After this, the redness around your eyebrows should go away after about an hour.

If you don’t do this, it will further lead to small boils and mild allergy over the area.

Check for any leftover hairs after about an hour. If there are any hairs, you can easily pluck them out using a plucker or remove them all with the help of a thread. You can also fill in the gaps between your eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil to make them look fuller and uniform.

The above methods are the best way when you set to do eyebrows yourself at home. This is safe, easy, and all you need is just a few minutes on your hand. However, if you are still not sure and confident of yourself, it is best not to take the thread in your hands and visit a nearby salon to get your eyebrows done.