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How to Check for Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs – perhaps the most irritating and difficult species of the large variety of bugs that exist in our lives. These bed bugs tend to make our lives hell when they enter and infect our homes and all the things they come in contact with. What’s even worse is the fact that these bed bugs tend to multiply in numbers if nothing is done to get rid of them. Within no time you will find your entire house and even the adjoining houses being infested with them if the right methods are not opted for eliminating these bed bugs. It is really difficult to check for bed bugs because these are really tiny to be visible to the naked eye and it’s really difficult to check for them until and unless they have already bitten us. When you want to check for bed bugs in your house, you almost have to search every nook and corner and look into every possible item in your house as even a single bed bug can give you nightmares in a few days time. Getting hold of the right methods is important here.

to check for bed bugs

Bed Bugs: Know More

Hardy and prolific creatures, these bed bugs thrive in the temperatures and humidity levels favored by humans. It is astonishing to note here that in a year a female can produce three generations of offspring. Once they are born, they mature within a month. Each of these can survive up to a year without feeding so even a vacant dwelling should not be assumed to be bug-free.

Locations of Bed Bugs:

  • Inside cracks in walls or ceilings
  • Under beds and mattresses and in your clothing, closet or cupboards
  • Inside or under your furniture, behind electrical sockets or picture frames
  • On your curtains or hidden inside the darkest corners of your room and your house.

Their Effects:

They tend to feed on humans, literally every day if they get accustomed to your body and nothing is done to kill bedbugs.

If their bites are ignored, it can continue to create a mild to a severe allergic pattern which can be detrimental to a human.

Ways to Check for Bed Bugs:

Get hold of the below methods to check for bed bugs:

Checking a Bed for Bed Bugs

First and foremost, it is really important here to get hold of the right things if you want to check for bed bugs in your house or a hotel room. Secondly, get your clothing out of the places. So keep your luggage, etc. on a rolling luggage rack or move it away and keep in a bathtub so that your clothing is separated from the bed, walls, and floors where the bed bugs survive.Now get some things handy that will really help you while checking for bed bugs.

Things you will need:

Here, grab a flashlight with a strong beam,

A pair of gloves and

A credit or debit card for this purpose.

Steps to follow:

Now remove all the bedding and bed covers from the bed. All the pillows and the sheets must be taken off completely to check for bed bugs.В Put on the flashlight and use the credit card to press the against the mattress. Check for any kind of excrement or bloodstains which could be signs of these bed bugs.В

Don’t forget to move towards the seam of the mattress to check for bed bugs. Press the credit card against the surface of the seam and keep looking close towards the surface with the help of the flashlight. If there are bed bugs they would definitely be hiding in the seam, and you would find some skins here.

After this has been done, it’s time to lift the mattress. Make sure to check the mattress to the other side. В It is definitely a tedious process but it is really important to do this.В

Now it’s time to move towards the head of the bed. Remove the mattress from the headboard and push the bed away from the wall.  Check the entire back of the bed for any excrement or blood stains. You may only have to use your flashlight to check for bed bugs.

Examine the underside of the bed frame carefully. These bugs may be hiding in seams between pieces of the wood or in the holes.

Checking Furniture

Now it is time to check all the furniture in the house. This includes the upholstery, couches, sofas, or any other areas where people sleep such as fold out couches etc.

Start checking all the upholstery here the same way as you checked the mattress. Make sure you check against all the sides for the bed bugs.

Note: Don’t forget the cribs and bassinets also for this purpose.

Inspect the seams of decorative pillows as well check for bed bugs. These bed bugs might just be hiding there when you least think of it.


Check all the night stands and lampshades as well. Look inside and under all the objects in all the rooms such as lamps, radios, clocks, computers and so on. Take these items away from the wall and shake them well over a white sheet to check for any bed bugs.


Checking all the drawers is really important to check for any bed bugs here. Make sure the drawers are checked really thoroughly. Take all the items out of the drawers and using the flashlight and the credit card, check the seams and underside of the drawers. Dust the drawers out over a clean white sheet, looking for bugs, skins or excrement all throughout.


This is really not to be ignored all while you are checking for bed bugs. Take all the clothes out of the closet and shake them over a white sheet. Examine the seams of the clothing closely with the flashlight especially those of coats and under collars. Make sure you shine your flashlight over the walls of the closet as well. Move all the remaining items from the closet and inspect the walls with the help of your flashlight.

Toys and Dog Bed

It is really important to check all kinds of toys as well in your house while you are checking for bed bugs. Make sure to check the ones specially kept on the bed or close to it. Also check all the stuffed ones as well; bed bugs would really be hiding in these.

Checking Around the House

Now it is time to check all the remaining things in the house for any remaining bed bugs. You can start with one room and move slowly to the others to check for bed bugs.


It is really important to check all the wallpapers in the house. Theses bed bugs are sure to hide under it. They also love to crawl and move around any torn-up pieces of the wallpapers or the curved sides. Use your flashlight and look under the wallpapers if you have any torn or curved pieces on them or just check the top side of the wallpapers thoroughly. Check all the mirrors and picture frames as well. All this is imperative while checking for bed bugs in your house.


Check all the folds of the curtains and behind them as well. Checking curtains is  not easy but don’t be lazy or impatient here. Check all the corners and the top portions as well. Although you are more likely to find these bed bugs close to the ground but, this does not mean that you neglect the upper areas.

Rugs and Carpets

Whatever it is, if you ignore the rugs and carpets in the house, then you have almost not checked for bed bugs in your house. If there are bed bugs in your house, then more than half of them will be hidden in and under these rugs and carpets. And mostly all of us tend to have a lot of rugs and carpets in our house.

So look under throw rugs and around the edges of the carpets, this is another time where the flashlight and the credit card may come in handy. Move all the furniture away from the wall and check the back of it as well. If you can turn it over, then check the bottom as well. Your flashlight will come in handy for all this. Wherever you can, shake the lighter pieces in a clean white sheet to check any bed bugs or other excrement or skins.

Electrical Switches

It is time to move to all the electrical boards and switches in your house now. Don’t ignore these at all while you are checking for bed bugs in your house. Make sure you inspect behind light switches and outlets, baseboards, and moldings. You may need other tools for this purpose. Make sure to check the inside of all the switches as well, remove the outlet and switch covers and shine the flashlight on them.

Moldings and Baseboards

Run the credit card behind the moldings and baseboards if you don’t want to remove them. But be sure to do all of this. This is imperative while checking for bed bugs in your house.


Move all the appliances away from the wall in your house, now shine the flashlight on the wall and on the back of the appliance. Do this for each and every appliance to check for bed bugs. These bed bugs could just be anywhere, be it in/on the fridge, washing machine, dishwasher, toaster, mixer, TV etc. Sweep under light appliances like refrigerators, then get down and look under them with a flashlight.

Laundry Room

Pay a lot of attention to the laundry room. Inspect dirty clothes; look carefully at hampers and baskets, particularly wicker items. This should not be ignored at all while checking for bed bugs in your entire house.


Take the below precautions as well to check for bed bugs:

  • Once you know a place has issues with bed bugs, report them on a bedbug registry site.
  • Bedbugs do not attach themselves to humans. If a bug is attached to you, it’s probably a tick.
  • Bedbugs like to attach themselves to clothing if you are in an infested place. Also, movie theaters are known to have infestations.
  • Bedbugs can feed on pets, although they prefer humans. A pet bed or toy could, however, carry or contain bed bugs.
  • Make a bed bug trap if inspection fails, and you still think you have bed bugs.
  • If you or a family member has unexplained bites when waking up in the morning, it’s definitely a good idea to do an inspection.
  • If you check into a hotel room and find bed bugs there leave the room immediately and check into a different room or just opt for another hotel.