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How to Catch a Mouse?

In this article, we will discuss ways to catch a mouse. Rats – perhaps they are one of the most hated animals in the world. Not only do they look ugly, but also tend to create a lot of ruckus in the house as soon as they come in and are one of the most difficult things to get rid of. Just one rat in the house is enough to give you headaches every day with its several acts. These rats tend to eat and feed on almost everything in your house – be it books, clothes, papers, wood, etc. And while there’s a rat in your house, you should always take a lot of precautions especially if there are pets or kids in the house.

If bitten by a rat, immediate attention is needed and it is important to visit a doctor immediately as a rat bite can prove to be dangerous. Almost everyone knows that in order to catch a mouse you need a lot of patience and determination, as these rats are not easy to get hold of. They run at a fast speed and are difficult to catch and get rid of them unless you get hold of the right methods.

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Mouse: Know More

Mouse or rat mainly comes through any open entry to your house like drainage pipes, holes, etc., and don’t go without turning everything into rubbish. For survival, rats require shelter, water, and food. The most commonly found species of rats are Norway rats and roof rats, which easily get attracted to garbage, food dropping, pet food, etc. These rats carry more than 20 diseases and therefore they can be very harmful. You can identify their presence in the house through rat droppings, and gnawing marks on furniture and walls.

Methods to Catch a Mouse:

Below are the best methods to catch a mouse and to get rid of them. All you need is grit on your end and total focus to eliminate these mouse completely from your house:

Keeping Human Hair

You think of it as a really weird remedy, but let me know tell you human hair work best to catch a mouse. What’s more? You don’t even need any money or any special effort to get human hair. All you need are your own hair, which you tend to lose from your head every time you comb your hair. These rats just can’t bear the sight of the hair.

You can simply place a roll of a few strands in the holes or any other areas where these rodents tend to hide. The rats will either go away completely or they will die as soon as they eat it. One of the most common remedies used by a lot of people, it is a sure shot way of keeping these rats away from your house.

Using Cat Urine

It may sound odd, but cat urine is one of the best things you can opt in to catch a mouse quickly. It may definitely be difficult to get but if you do have the guts to get it, you won’t regret its use at all in keeping the rats away. No wonder, why cats and mosque are always at loggerheads with each other.

These rats are just allergic to the smell of cat urine, they simply don’t like the smell of cat urine and it just makes them run away. You can simply pour cat urine in a bowl or a bottle and keep it in areas where the rodents hide. Keep it that way till you get rid of rats completely.

Getting Some Steel Wool Handy

Steel wool is easy and safe to use for catching a mouse. Many people use steel wool to prevent the entry of rats in their homes and also to make these rats go away from their house completely. These rats love holes, but they hate the steel wool. Make sure you put some steel wool in those holes and seal them off with a secure tape or something solid which the rats won’t be able to gnaw through. This will make the rats walk away completely from your house and they would never want to return back to your place. They simply don’t like steel wool at all.

Owls Feather

It may be difficult to procure an owl’s feather but it is a really good method to catch a mouse. These rats are really scared of the owl’s feather and it helps to keep them away. If you really want to prevent rats from entering your house, you should place these feathers in the holes where they tend to come from. The rats will tend to run away as soon as they see the owl’s feather and will never try to come near your house.

Another good way to catch a mouse is by placing plastic snakes in your garden or other areas. Rats get scared at the sight of these and think of them as real snakes, this works like magic in making them go away from your house in minutes. These are the safest remedies for eliminating these rodents from your house in the shortest time.

Keep Mothballs

Mothballs are easily available in everybody’s house and it an effective remedy to catch a mouse easily. However, you should take care to never allow your kids or pets to come near them. If they happen to eat the mothballs, it is going to be very dangerous. In order to benefit from moth balls, simply keep them in the areas where these rodents hide or place them in your basement and other dark corners where these rats tend to come.

The smell of the moth balls helps to make the rats go away and they will slowly and slowly vanishes from your house. However, while using these mothballs you should avoid touching them with naked fingers. Wear gloves or rather take a tissue to hold the balls and place them in the chosen areas.

Using Mashed Potatoes is a Good Idea

Mashed potatoes are a good way of catching a mouse and helping you to get rid of it. It is a really safe remedy to use as well and won’t even cost you much. Potatoes are one of the most common vegetables we all east and is readily available in everybody’s kitchen.

The potato flakes start expanding in the stomach of the rats as soon as they eat them. Even before the rats come to know what’s happening inside as soon as they eat these mashed potatoes. Just place a tray of mashed potatoes in the area where these rats tend to hide; you will see how these rodents go away completely from your house in a few days.

Baking Soda Comes Handy

This ingredient is easily available in our house and is one of the best things for catching a mouse effectively. From dandruff to rat infestation, apparently baking soda is the Omnipotent solution to all household problems. It is really easy to use as well and many people across the globe get hold of baking soda to get rid of rats.

Here simply sprinkle some baking soda at the entry points and other areas where these rodents tend to hide. It may be the smell or the caustic nature, but this agent drives away rats from the house overnight. Just make sure your pets don’t happen to lick the baking soda, it might be harmful to their health.

Bay Leaf is Good

Bay leaf is one of the most powerful spices that we use so many times while cooking recipes. This is easily available in everybody’s kitchen as well and is safe to use even with pets and children around. Many people use bay leaves to catch a mouse quickly and it is a popular remedy for eliminating rats.

To benefit from bay leaves, simply put some bay leaves in the area where these rats tend to breed. They will get attracted to the bay leaves and as soon as they eat it, it will kill them. Continue to use this method till you get rid of rats completely and there is not even one rat surviving in your house.

Peppermint Oil

One of the best ways to catch a mouse is by using peppermint oil. This essential oil is easily available as well and is a safe remedy to use as well. Peppermint oil has long been used to get rid of a lot of rodents as well and is really effective in keeping the rats away from your house. The rats cannot stand the smell of the peppermint oil and it helps them to run away.

You can simply soak a few cotton balls in some peppermint oil and keep these in the rat prone areas. Another useful way of getting rid of rats quickly is by placing some peppermint plants in your garden area and other strategic points. You can use citronella oil and castor oil from this method if you don’t have peppermint oil. Try this the next time rats tend to enter your house, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Onions are Excellent

Onions are really effective in catching a mouse and helping you to get rid of it. Moreover, onions are easily available in everybody’s kitchen and therefore it is a cheap remedy to use as well. You don’t have to worry about pets or children as well while using onions in your house.

Rats just hate the smell of the onions and it is this smell which helps to keep them away. To benefit from onions, just slice a few onions and keep them in areas where these rats tend to hide. Let them be there till you see these rodents go away from your house.

Cow Dung Irritates a Mouse

Cow dung is an effective remedy to catch a mouse though you many people tend to avoid using cow dung because they just can’t handle it. It is a really good way of killing the rats. Here just get some cow dung and place it in your garden or the holes where these rats tend to come from. As soon as the rats will eat it, they will die instantly as the cow dung expands in their stomach leaving them with no option but to die. This is a stinky process, but a really good way of keeping these rodents away. Use cow dung mostly outside the house as using them inside your house will cause your spaces to stink really badly.

Ammonia is Really Effective

Ammonia is another popular remedy for catching a mouse. However, you should take precautions here if there are children and pets around. Apart from being a very good cleaning agent, ammonia is a very good rodent repellent.

To benefit from ammonia, simply mix two cups of ammonia, 100 ml of water and two spoons of any detergent in a bowl and then place this bowl in the area where these rats tend to hide. Keep it over there and don’t remove till you don’t see them in reducing numbers. These rats don’t like the smell of this solution and it will help to drive them out of your house completely. It is a very effective remedy to get rid of rats and many people prefer it to any other remedy for using against the rats.

All the above methods will work really well to catch a mouse and get rid of it when it tends to send your house into a topsy-turvy. However, taking all kinds of precautions is really important here. Apart keeping all the holes and corners sealed in your house is another way of preventing these rats altogether in your house. Keeping your house clean at all times and never leaving any food items on the loose will also prevent these rats from coming into your house as all the garbage and the leftover food items tends to attract them. However, if nothing works here, calling the pest control services would be the best idea, these professional services are well-equipped and know how to catch a rat and get rid of them easily.