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How to Build Muscle?

Building muscle on your body is certainly the most desired and thought after issues for most men and even women today. When you build muscle you decrease the percentage of fat in your body and the muscle building process also makes your muscles healthy and strong. It is more of a target for men, though, as compared to women and they resort to the best of exercises and healthy foods in order to build muscle on their body. But there are a lot of precautions that need to be taken when you want to build muscle on your body. The first and foremost thing is to take expert guidance and to train yourself under a certified personal trainer in order to inherit the right guidance regarding diet, lifestyle and exercises you need to adopt to add muscle.

Muscle Building: Know More

Muscle building is not all about adding strength to your body; it is much more than that. Our body contains a lot of muscles which add mass and endurance to our structure. These muscles also help us to undertake heavier and harder tasks more easily. When you start training and start exercising in order to build muscle, it is important to understand that you train gradually towards building strength and start with lower weights first and then go on to adding more weights.

Keep patience and be consistent with your efforts while you train every day. Having adequate protein and fiber is one of the most important things to do when you want to build muscle to your body. It doesn’t matter how much you train, if you don’t have the desired level of protein or have a feeble diet, you would never be able to build muscle.

Having a lot of water is also one of the most imperative tasks when you are on the road to add muscle to your body. Water not only helps your muscle top breathe but keeps you properly hydrated throughout the tough regimen you would follow to add more muscle.

How to Build Muscle

Ways to Build Muscle:

The below ways are the most desired ways to build muscle:

Train Under an Hour

Don’t keep your workout regimen for more than an hour every day. Exercising or working out for more than an hour will only make you feel more tired than do any good to your body. It will only strain your muscles more and your will be more prone to injuries this way. Be sure that you are focusing on keeping the intensity high rather than making the workout drag on. There’s no proof and no strong evidence to prove that marathon working sessions are better for muscle growth or make you add more strength to your body. While working out on your muscles, always focus on keeping your rest periods strictly under a minute and not more than that while you do reps with each set.

Stop Relying on Supplements

Get away from all those heavy marketed supplements if you want to build muscle to your body. These supplements do no good and in fact, harm your body more. The name itself says it all, they are just supplements and don’t make any gain anywhere. Sometimes these supplements have also been known to do more harm to the body and have led to serious complications in the long run. Try to have natural foods which are best in protein and carbs to fill any kind of deficiency in your body. At the most you can add protein powder to your diet to build muscle, it does no harm and helps you to add more endurance to your muscles. It’s time you focus on your body and your core strength than getting influenced by what others are doing in order to build muscles fast.

Focus on Progression

The main thing to focus on while you are building muscle is that you are progressing more with every workout you do. It is important that you lay more emphasis to the number of reps and the intensity of your weights than the number of hours you put in towards your workout. As discussed before, adding more hours won’t do any good, while adding more intensity and focus definitely will. Putting more volume to your workouts won’t do the trick and it just won’t click. Your muscles and your body, when they get used to using a regime they will simply refuse to work, so the idea is to keep progressing so that they have something new to look forward to. That is how you build muscle to yourself.

Change Rep Range Every 3-4 Weeks

Unless you are making some awesome gains and progressing like nobody else, it is important that you change your rep range every 3-4 weeks to avoid the plateau phase. Your body also gets bored and stops responding to the same workout regime if you don’t give it a new inspiration to look forward to. Changing the rep range will make your body adapt to the new stress causing you to gain weight in the form of muscle. Keep growing and keep pushing yourself as you keep adding more intensity and more weight in your workouts. When you have something new to look forward to, your body and mind work with more enthusiasm and work in conjunction with each other.

Do Compound Exercises

You should know this – you don’t need to train a muscle directly for it to grow. There are some exercises and workouts that allow you to work on a particular muscle using more than one joint, which is far more effective if you want to build muscle faster. All such kinds of exercises are called compound exercises. These help you release big amounts of testosterone and help promote muscle growth more effectively. For e.g. Bench press, it is mainly to build your chest, but while you do this, your triceps and your hand muscles are worked out as well, so you are able to work on other muscle groups as you work on your chest.

Lift Barbells

It’s not just dumbbells that you should be opting for while building muscle to your body. Many of the world’s heavyweights didn’t opt for dumbbells in order to gain good muscle. Dumbbells don’t work for squats and dumbbells don’t work for progressive loading either. The point here is to build muscle and for that, you need to get stronger and to gain strength you need to lift heavy weights. It’s just so simple – more strength is more muscle. And you can add more weight with barbells than dumbbells. So hold no excuses, opt for the barbells, build muscle and notice the magic yourself.

Take Days Off

You should be working out all 7 days a week. There is no fitness journal which has ever mentioned that and neither will. Working out all 7 days a week will, on the other hand, push you away from your desired goal and make you feel tired and stressed out a lot soon. It is much better to build the habit of hitting the weights three times a week consistently no matter what. This is much more effective for building muscles as well because your muscles have more time to recover and grow. More isn’t better and more won’t do any good. Recovery is essential for building muscle and days off are part of that. Three times a week is plenty for building muscle fast and easy. Stick to this.

Eat Like a Horse

Having a good and well-balanced diet is what you need to look at for building muscle consistently. You need food in order to gain energy and in order to recover from hard workouts. For this eat whole, unprocessed foods like steaks, chicken breast, veggies, fruits, whole grain, etc. In addition to this get at least 200gms of protein every single day, eat a whole source of protein with every meal. Eggs at breakfast, meat at lunch, cottage cheese for snack, and poultry for dinner, all these will do the trick when you are looking at building muscle sooner.

Drinking a gallon of water a day is essential as well. Heavy lifting makes you sweat and makes you lose water. You need water for recovery and hydration. Headaches are the first sign that you are dehydrated, so drinking adequate water is imperative for building muscle naturally.

Don’t Say no to Carbs

You really need crabs in order to grow muscles. Carbohydrates are your source of calories and fat, which your body converts into energy and muscles. Choose a good variety of carbs like fruits and veggies, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds and tubers like sweet potatoes. It is very important to include these good carbs in your workout meals to make sure that your body gets enough of the essential nutrients which help in building muscles and help stimulate the recovery process as well. If you want to build muscles quickly, learn to say yes to carbs because it is the healthiest way to gain muscles and to gain strength as well.

Minimize Cardio Exercises

For a complete workout it is essential that you do the following – Warm up, cardio, weight training, flexibility exercises, cool down. However, if your focus is on building muscle fast, you need to forego cardio exercise and flexibility exercise and opt all the rest. Focus more on strength training here in order to build muscle steadily. The reason is – cardio exercise makes you lose calories and make you lose weight. You need these calories in order to build muscle and therefore heavy cardio need to be given up. You can just opt for running for 2-3 minutes for warm-up but not more than that.

Work Out Your Legs to Keep Your Body Balanced

There is one area in your body which you should never neglect which is your legs. Now there are two valid reasons for this particular thing. Imbalances in the muscles don’t look good; just imagine if you have too much muscle on the upper body but the legs of a chicken. On the other hand, lower body exercises have a positive impact on your overall muscle development. These recruit muscles facilitate the release of hormones which you will need to build size and strength. In order to build muscle faster, you need to go ahead and work on your legs. Take this as a much-needed step and include it in your workout regime without fail.

Protein Shake During Workout Matters

What you eat before and after your workout is essential in order to build muscle fast for skinny people. While there is one thing you should never forget – which is what you take in during your workout regime. Consuming something during your workout provides your body with enough calories and carbs which you can convert into muscles and energy. It certainly doesn’t mean that you start eating a burger in between your workouts. Just drinking a good protein shake with 20gms of proteins and 40gms of carbs is enough to assist you in your training regimen.

The above tricks and tips will go a long way when you are trying to build muscle healthily. Being consistent and regular with your workouts is the key here. Drinking adequate water, having at least 7-8 hours of sleep and taking a good dose of protein will do the needful for you. What you only need is regularity from your side and patience. Of course, training under an expert is the need of the hour as well. Focus on building strength to your body and being fit. That will make you healthy and make you gain muscles as well.