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How to Apply Eyeshadow Yourself?

Applying an eyeshadow on the eyes can be a task for people who don’t apply makeup often. While girls who are used to flaunting that perfect makeup on the face don’t take much time to apply eyeshadow the same can take hours for a girl who doesn’t understand the brushes and the techniques much. A lot goes in applying eyeshadow over the eyes, you need to see what type of eyes you have, what would look good, which eyeshadow to use and the techniques etc., that need to be applied. It is important to understand here that applying an eye shadow is not rocket science, a simple understanding of the brushes, eye shadows and application techniques will just help you to apply eyeshadow yourself.

Eye Shadow: Know More

Blending your eye shadow is without a doubt one of the most important things to learn to do properly. With many different shapes, sizes and angles you need to know which brush you would exactly require while applying that perfect eyeshadow to your eyes. However, care and precautions must be taken. Always make sure you are not using cheap quality brushes, eyeshadows, moisturizer, etc. near your eyes. Make sure you have cleaned your eyes nicely with a splash of water before applying eyeshadow and after you remove it.

Bring these handy – Moisturizer, eyeshadows, eye primer, a mascara, and eyeliner, a kohl pencil, eye makeup brushes, and eye cream before you start to apply eye shadow to your eyes. You most need these to make your eyes look flawless, clean, beautiful and at the same time to ensure hygiene while applying the eyeshadow.

How to Apply Eyeshadow Yourself

Techniques to Apply Eyeshadow Yourself:

Understand the below techniques to apply eyeshadow perfectly to your eyes, you don’t need to shell out money to learn these simple techniques. Just practice them and that’s enough:

Figure Out Your Eye Shape

Figuring out your eye shape is an essential step to start with the eye makeup. Understand the shape of your eyes and what would suit best to bring them out even more. The eye makeup which looks nice on someone else may not look good on your eyes. Stay unique and get to know your shape better in order to bring them out more and flaunt them the best way possible. There is a different kind of eye makeup to accentuate every kind of eye, as soon as you understand this; you would know what to do with your eyes.

Learn the Lingo

Understand what your eyes are made up of and how each part has its own story. Knowing about the Crease, lid, brow bone, outerV, lower lash line, inner corner, tear duct etc, will help you understand the makeup better. Some someone says accentuate you brow bone, you would exactly know which part of being referred to. There is a different technique to highlight each part of the eye and this is most needed when you want to apply eyeshadow which perfectly suits your eye.

Get to Know the Brushes

If you are struggling with blending, it’s essential to know the right kind of brushes available for you. There are many different kinds of brushes like Smudger brush, Angled liner brush, blending shadow brush, precision shadow brush, large shadow brush, blending tip brush etc. all of these serve different purposes. The MAC17 is one of the most buzzed about brushes today and is increasingly used by a number of women to apply that perfect eyeshadow to their eyes.

Choose the Eyeshadow Formula

Understanding the eye shadow formula to choose the best one for you is a crucial step. For e.g. Cream eyeshadows work best as a base color for powder eye shadow or for solid, single color coverage. Pressed eyeshadows are the most common type of shadow, because they blend easily without being too messy. You often find the most color pigment in the loose eyeshadows, but working around with it is not that easy as it sounds.

You Need the Primer

Using a primer in your eyes helps the eyeshadow from creasing or falling off as the day goes by.В Priming is really important to give that perfect, flawless touch to your eyes. For a long-lasting effect, this is really essential. It helps to give a certain kind of smoothness and helps to produce an even surface to the eye. If your primer is translucent, dusting a layer of light eyeshadow over it will help the colors to look brighter and closer to what you see on the palette.

Get the White Liner Handy

Applying white liner to the eye before applying that matte eyeshadow makes the colors come out alive and shine bright. There are many good brands available today for a white liner, use the matte shade always. A lot of people these days are holding on tight to the white liner for that perfect eye makeup that keeps shining brightly throughout the day.

Figure Out the Shades

Everything depends on how you want to shade and shape your eye but a few essentials would make your game easier. The lightest color, usually works well as a brow bone highlighter. The darkest color usually works best in your outer corner. The second darkest color usually works best in your crease. The second lightest color usually works best on your lid. Knowing these essential points will help you a lot while applying eyeshadow to your eyes.

Duos, Trios, Quads, and Quintets

These are the different kinds of eyeshadow colors in the makeup box. It is mostly recommended to use a particular kind for a particular area over the eye but remember you can apply the shadow colors wherever you did like. You can play and practice with them as that would give you a better understanding in a few days of what looks good in which part of your eye and helps accentuate them in the best way.

Patting and Dabbing

Patting and dabbing are one of the most crucial steps while applying eyeshadow to your eyes. It helps to give an added dimension to the eye and makes the eyes look brighter and nice. It also helps to give you a more pigmented, even layer of application than if you simply wipe the color over your eye. This also helps the makeup to look more natural and not like an artificial layer put over your eyes.

Understand Blending

Blending gently helps you avoid muddying up your colors. It helps to give a better shape to your eyes and this also helps the eyeshadow to look more natural. Blending is the way to go; it is the only way to apply a beautiful eye makeup because you are gradually combining the colors you can stop when they are just right. A good blending will help you achieve not just a long-lasting eye makeup but will give a nice depth to your eyes.

Use Windshield Wiper Motions

After applying color to your crease, use windshield wiper motions to soften any harsh lines. This kind of motion will help your eyeshadow to spread evenly and will also make your eyes look fuller. For this use a brush without any product on it at all, the idea is you are not adding any more color, just gently distributing what you already have on your skin. Make sure you are using a gentle brush for this purpose and keep it nude at all times.

A Defined Shape is Essential

Don’t be afraid to make a much-defined shape first, and then blend it so the edges fade away. Make sure you use these gentle blending motions so the shape you drew stays somewhat defined. Use a light hand over the defined shape so that it fades and at the same time blends all over your eye area. The idea is to make you make up look natural and not artificial if you don’t blend after giving a properly defined shape you won’t know what to do further to give that perfect look to your eyes.

Use the Eyeshadow Pencil if You Want

You can also use an eyeshadow pencil to draw a defined shape first and then gradually blend that out. You can use a slightly light color and use a gold glitter to give that perfect party look while for an everyday look you can simply use the lighter color and skip the gold color. This helps you to give your eyes that perfect blended look as well.В It is one of the best ways to apply eyeshadow to your eyes.

Tilt Your Head

What is the easiest way to find your crease and control the color? Well, when applying it just tilt your head up and look into the mirror. This is the easiest and the best way to apply eyeshadow to your eyes and to help you blend the shadow perfect over you entire eye. There is no other way to examine and look into your eyes and your makeup better than this.

Try Starting With a Hashtag Shape

If you have trouble drawing a neat outer V, then try starting with a hashtag shape. Here you can sue an eyeshadow pencil, eyeshadow on a stiffer-bristled brush or even eyeliner pencil to draw the hashtag. Then simply get hold of a blending brush and blend it out over the eye. If by chance you ended up using an eyeliner pencil and the brush isn’t helping much to move and blend it enough, just get hold of a cotton swab and try blending with it to give that perfect eyeshadow to your eyes. This is just the perfect way to when you are struggling to apply eyeshadow to your eyes.

Ways to Fix

Makeup fallout is inevitable, but there are definitely ways to fix it. Always do your eye makeup before applying the foundation and concealer. Master the drag powder trick: just make sure you tap colorless loose powder under your eyes. Now apply the eye makeup and brush off the fallout. Always use the right tools, eye remover swabs, remover pen and dusters from good brands work best for this purpose. Grab some tape as well, if all else fails or you don’t have any other tool in hand. Always make sure you try to test out the tape on any other part of your body before putting it under the eye so that it doesn’t hurt when you tap it on your delicate face skin.

Pick up a Shadow and Mascara

If you don’t want to sue a tape you can pick up a shadow and mascara shield to hold under your eye as you apply. This is one of the easiest methods to prevent your makeup from falling out and helping you when you apply eyeshadow to your eyes. This is commonly used as well by a lot of people as a precaution.

The Setting Spray

Keep all your hard work in place with a spritz of setting spray. This is not necessary but if you want that lasting eye makeup then these can help. Just spritz before applying the mascara, so your mascara doesn’t run out. This is an easy way of helping your makeup to stay for a long time.

Who said applying eyeshadow is a really hard task. At least with the above methods, it has just become easier. With this, even a person who has never done makeup before would know how to apply eyeshadow to her eyes. Just keep watching out and go with the flow to achieve it.