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How to Apply Bronzer all by Yourself?

In this article, we will learn ways to apply bronzer. Bronzer can have a powerful impact, whether in the dead of winter when we’re all feeling just a wee bit pale and pasty or any time we want to add a healthy glow to our cheeks. Applying bronzer is a great way to add a healthy glow to your face, especially on those days when your skin appears a little dull. However, it’s important to know that your face looks dirty or orange if you apply bronzer incorrectly.

When we apply bronzer and stare at our lackluster complexions in the mirror, we’re much happier knowing that a few quick strokes of this magical product can instantly transform our complexions to beach goddess status. It’s important to know that a bronzer is meant to create an illusion that you are tanner than you actually are and to do that, you have to recreate the effects of the sun. Here we’re talking about the pro-approved, multi-step routine to learn how to apply bronzer flawlessly every single time. Learning the right techniques and taking hold of the right brushes and the right bronzer is all equally important when you set out to apply bronzer.

how to apply bronzer

Applying Bronzer: Know More

Many people mistake bronzing and contouring. However, it’s important to know that Bronzing is different than contouring. When you’re simply adding a healthy sunkissed glow, you focus on the features that would be hit by the sun (the cheekbones, the forehead, the bridge of your nose, the chin). Contouring is a different exercise altogether. By pushing features back (the hollows of your cheeks) or adding shadows to make features look smaller or slimmer, you are adding depth or dimension. And this is where the two differ largely.

When you are all set to go to the party or simply want to flaunt that sun-kissed look during the day and need to look your best, make sure you learn to apply bronzer and practice it at least a few times in order to carry the desired look.

Techniques to Apply Bronzer all by Youself:

The below techniques will help a lot in applying bronzer the right way on your face. Go through these carefully:

It’s important to get the color right, so you have a natural glow.

Your bronzer will look a whole lot more artificial if you use a shade that’s more than two shades deeper than skin tone. Look for a bronzer with multiple shades. When it’s pre-blended for you, it comes across more natural as opposed to a one-dimensional shade.

Choose the Right Formula

Powders are the easiest to apply and provide the most natural finish. Too much sparkle can make your complexion look greasy, so be careful with shimmery bronzers while they add a glow. When you use a retractable brush, it makes the application easy at home. Too much shimmer can emphasize uneven skin texture while a little bit of shimmer can add a healthy glow and highlight your facial structure. Choose a product with fine shimmer particles and apply sparingly in order to avoid this.

For illuminating the skin and giving a sun-kissed glow a shimmer bronzer is a great choice, but it is not ideal for contour and shadow at all. This is really crucial to know before you set out to apply bronzer.

Darker isn’t Always Better

Swap your bronzer for a warm nude blush—something with a hint of peach or rose works best for a more natural looking bronze look on fair skin tones. Your skin receives a gorgeous kissed-by-the-sun flush that never looks muddy or artificial when you use warmer undertones. On medium and dark tones, touch a brick-toned blush over the T-zone and cheekbones. When you choose a red undertone of the blush, it simulates the natural flush that appears just after stepping off the beach. Too much blush can make you look sunburned, so always be cautious here. Use a large powder brush or fan brush to apply the perfect amount of product.

Choose the Right Brush

You should use the largest, softest brush you have to apply bronzer always. Avoid using a brush that is too dense, like a Kabuki brush. The color will come out stronger when the brush is dense. This can make you look dirty instead of just bronzed.

Aim Right

Never ever kiss your face with a bronzer where the sun hits your face; this is the biggest mistake you would make. Bronzer all over your face is like using a face powder 8 shades too dark. You look muddy and shabby so avoid this.

What Kind of Bronzer is Right for You?

Every person’s face shape is unique and bronzer should be used to shadow in any area that we would like to minimize, while warming up the skin at the same time to match the chest. One area where one should always apply bronzer is on the neck and under the chin. This gives the appearance as if one has had a neck lift! It also marries all the color from the cheek, neck, and face so you don’t have white face photos. In order to minimize, it can also be used on the chin, or along the hairline around the forehead through temples. Women with smaller foreheads should not apply bronzer in that area.

Knowing how to choose a bronzer that suits your skin lets you get a healthy, sun-kissed face, neck and body without the risks of sun exposure or the hassle of a self-tanner. Because bronzers are available in a full range of skin tones, you can find a natural-looking shade, whether you have fair, medium or dark skin.

More Instructions:

Consider Your Bronzer Style

To create an overall tanned appearance or just to highlight and sculpt facial features, a bronzer can be used more appropriately. It can be used on the face, neck and body, or it can simply replace blush makeup on cheekbones. Deciding what your bronzer style will be before buying can help you find the bronzer that will give you the best results.

Choose a Bronzer Formulation

Bronzers are available in a variety of types. Powder, cream, liquid, gel and spray bronzers are the most popular. Consider your skin type when comparing bronzer formulations and before you set out to apply bronzer on your face. Powder bronzers, for example, can help improve the appearance of oily skin, while cream bronzers can help hydrate dry skin. The formulation you select will also depend on your bronzer style.

A cream or gel bronzer, for example, works well for an overall tan, while powder is great for just a touch of tan. You will also need to choose between matte and shimmer bronzers. Matte bronzers tend to look more natural, yet shimmer bronzers create an overall glow and add radiance to the skin.

Choose a Bronzer Shade

Finding the right bronzer shade is important for a natural look. Generally, a bronzer that’s only one shade darker than your skin is a good option. Light skin looks great with peach or honey tones. Medium skin gets a healthy glow with golden or rose-toned bronzer. Dark skin shines with copper or cinnamon-toned bronzer. If you are having trouble choosing a bronzer shade, look in your makeup case. Your foundation and powder shades can help guide you in choosing a bronze hue.

Make the Most of Your Bronzer WithCareful Application

Bronzer can look unnatural if not applied correctly. Different types of bronzers require different application techniques. Powder bronzer can be applied with a large brush. Gather bronzer on the brush; then tap or blow on the brush to remove excess before applying. Liquid, gel and cream bronzers can be applied with cosmetics sponges or your fingers. Blend these bronzers carefully and thoroughly. The most important thing to remember when applying bronzer is to avoid over-bronzing. A touch of bronzer is really all you need for a perfect sun-kissed glow.

Ways to Apply Bronzer:

Some essential steps in order to set your face right when you most need it is to opt for these methods without fail:

Choose a Bronzer

Since the purpose of a bronzer is to darken the complexion subtly, the one you choose will depend on your skin tone as well as how dramatic a change you’re looking for. In order to get it right, it should only be two shades darker than your natural skin tone and this applies to everyone. Test a little on the clean skin of your face to make sure it warms your skin tone without making it look fake.

Look for a honey-colored bronzer if you have a fair skin. For a medium complexion, choose a rose-bronze or gold flecked bronzer; dark skin is best enhanced with an amber bronzer.

For both – the winter and summer months – Choose two separate bronzers as your skin will behave differently in both the seasons. This will keep your bronzer uniform year round, and this is one of the most important first steps before you are set to apply bronzer.

Get a Bronzer Brush

It is essential to choose a wide, fluffy powder brush with a rounded top for applying bronzer flawlessly. If your brush is too small and stiff, it will give blotchy results. Any large blush or foundation brush will work equally well; you shouldn’t have a problem here as there are a lot of varieties in the market today.

Apply Your Foundation

After your concealer and foundation have been applied, it is time for the bronzer to blend in. Apply all these evenly over your face to smooth out your complexion and create a blank canvas for your contouring, this is how you start with applying bronzer on your face. Be sure to blend the foundation down your neck slightly for a more natural look.

Swirl the Brush Evenly in the Bronzer

It is best to apply bronzer in light, even coats to build up color rather than adding a single dark layer at once. Tap off the excess onto the lid of the container after lightly coating the end of your brush in the powder.

Put on Your Bronzer

Make sure you apply bronzer to the areas of the face the sun would naturally hit; these are the most exposed areas. First apply the bronzer to the top of the forehead, the cheekbones, and down along your jawline using very light strokes. Your bronzer application will be in a “3” shape on either side of your face when you do it all correctly

Check the Bronzer in Daylight

Watching for streaks all the time, make sure your bronzer application is not too heavy and has an even appearance. Blend the bronzer down evenly with a cotton pad or apply a little more base powder if too much bronzer is applied.

Common Mistakes and Application Tips

While choosing the right color, many people end up choosing a colour that is too dark for their skin tone and definitely not the right one. Remember to start light here. You can always build your bronzer up, but often people apply too much bronzer. Lightly swipe your brush across your forehead, nose, chin, etc. wherever you feel like you need warmth if you want to build up your general skin tone.

When applying bronzer you want to focus on contouring the face. This means the hollows of your cheeks and your temples, as well as your jawline. Just work to contour your bone structure before considering your face shape. Strategically contour the places you think are necessary rather than applying bronzer all over your face. Avoid contouring too close to your mouth — this can create a very unnatural look.

It’s important to remember your neck and possibly chest. Your neck isn’t going to be the same color, which won’t appear natural if you bronze only your face. So make sure to bronze your neck as well as a light dusting on your chest if you deem necessary.

For powder use a fluffy bronzing brush, there are many good quality brushes today available in the market.В Use a large stiffing brush (some bristles are shorter than others) which allows for a really light application that’s build-able. If you use a cream you may want to use a contour brush or even your fingers for a smooth finish.


You can keep the same bronzer year round.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a bronzer that suits you year-round, although many people think you need to switch your bronzer up each season. It’s all about your application, really. In the winter, use a lighter hand and be a little less generous with your application, focusing mostly on contour areas. You don’t need to be as careful in the summers, however. Dust colour on all areas of the face where the sun would hit, like the nose, forehead and cheeks, as well as the contouring areas without any fear.

The best news is that today there are lots of new products out there that have a variety of different shades in them which you can use aptly. There are many kits which serve as a great palette filled with different shades of bronzers and highlighters. All this is important to know when you are applying bronzer like a pro without making a visit to a makeup expert.